Monday, February 13, 2012

Bedroom Secrets

Discovering that Santa Claus does not exist may have been traumatic for kids, but adults are not spared from disillusionment with the subject of their hero worship either.

Mahatma Gandhi's unusual practice of sleeping nude next to nubile, naked women - in some cases, his young relatives - to test his restraint is documented in biographer Jad Adams' "Gandhi: Naked Ambition" (Quercus, 2010) . "Abnormal and unnatural" was how the first Prime Minister of independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru, described Gandhi's advice to newlyweds to stay celibate for the sake of their souls.

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King engaged in extramarital affairs, Ralph David Abernathy acknowledged in his 1989 autobiography "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down"(Lawrence Hill Books, 2010). He wrote: "We all understood and believed in the biblical prohibition against sex outside marriage. It was just that he had a particularly difficult time with that temptation." The FBI did put together a tape of the indiscretions caught on camera and accidentally - some said deliberately - sent it to Martin's wife, Coretta.

John F Kennedy's legendary appetite for female companionship has now been updated with a memoir written by then 19-year-old intern cum mistress Mimi Alford, now 69 ("Once Upon a Secret; My Affair with President John F Kennedy and Its Aftermath", Random House Audio, 2012). Putting aside the graphic details about their liaison, some interesting revelations have surfaced. At the height of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy confided in his lover he was prepared to blink first: " I'd rather my children were red than dead." Even in bed, he was thinking of his country's future.

But when special prosecutor Kenneth Starr went after Clinton's affair with his intern, his infamous report became viral as a pornographic document on the Internet. He may have claimed that "it is unfortunate, but it is essential", that many details revealed highly personal information, many of which were sexually explicit, the end result is that the villain looked more victimised than his purported victim. In 2004, Starr expressed regret for ever having asked the Department of Justice to assign him to personally oversee the Lewinsky investigation, saying "the most fundamental thing that could have been done differently" would have been for somebody else to have investigated the matter.

Investigative reporters should take note, sometimes a better recourse is: "don't ask, don't tell." All that prying about the bedroom habits of high ranking civil servants and "allegations of serious personal misconduct" is now unearthing an online prostitution ring involving a handful of public servants, some say as many as 80, mostly from the education and uniformed services. Well, they do have lots of money to spend, thanks to the generous compensation packages crafted by the Public Service Division.


  1. It's a pity that private investigators are legally prevented from carrying out private investigations into Singapore politicians.

    Who knows what new skeletons will come out.

    If only investigations into Singapore politicians could be privatized.

  2. High salary will deter corruption, said Singapore. Well, looks like one feel will believe! No amount of money could stop corruption and greed contrary to believe.

  3. High pay does not guarantee good character. The principal in the vice case is as much human as anybody else, just unlucky to get caught in a flesh transaction. We taxpayers get scre**d and pay the "customer" at the same time, not an ideal transaction.

  4. They go and visit chicken and fuck around is not my business. But stopping telling us how much they sacrifice after they switch from private to public sector.

    Since They Have Money To Find Chickens, Means They're Not Under-Pay, Should Cut Their Pay Further!

  5. Goes to show - your marital status prove shit about your morality.
    People can cheat on the side or choose to pay for their pleasures - these are not crimes per se, and none of my (voters') interests. However, if they involve an exchange of services/goods for political expediency or benefits - that is corruption and should be expose.

    For MSM to dedicate one page on WP's YSL private affairs is just below the belt. Will they now do the same for these 80 people who are supposedly high ranking uniformed officers & educators of our generation? The rot within our SPF is openly clear to the citizens, and I expect more to come.

    To quote Mr Shanmugam on his recent circuit where he cited " PAP retains in power with 60% of votes & 93% of the seats" -- They are after all the MAJOR ruling party - so why aren't exposure focused on the RULING party, but the 7%? Get your priority right!

  6. Dear Tattler,

    We are petitioning that EP work permit passes be issued with a quota so that local Singaporeans will not be disadvantaged.

    We also want legislations in place to deter foreign employers from continuing employing their own kind - unfairly denying local Singaporeans from suitable positions.

    Singapore for Singaporeans!

    Petition organiser

    Gilbert Goh

  7. Well , with the increasing slant for SG INC to be the No 1 wealth center for the rich/famous, you can't help with that comes along the vices, right? When you start putting more CCTVs everywhere and smirking crime rates have gone done, the next thing you realize, you have basically pushed all the illegal activities such as sex trade underground, as predicted. Don't get too cocky SPF about your crime busting just have not discovered them yet.

    Why not start with cleaning your own house first. You are so quick in extraditing own Singaporeans to US for alleged crimes, but you can't extradite foreign thugs who are involved in local assaults?

  8. When the tummy is fulled,
    the spirit needs to be nourished.
    The nourishment comes in the form
    of car, jewellery/fashion ware,
    property, club membership and by
    far the most popular is sex.

    The man needs it and so the woman.
    Man says it is okay if they buy the
    pleasure; will he says it is fine
    whence his wife/partner buy similar
    pleasure or likely gets it free???

  9. The government has ring fenced itself so that no discretion of their part can be exposed. The home team is more concerned about protecting the interest of the men in white than protecting the citizens.

  10. If it is not illegal in Singapore for anyone to call chicken to fuck, then why school principal needs to resign in the 1st place?

    And if our Govt is of the view that profitting from online prostitution is illegal and therefore not allowed by our laws, then what about the 7% GST imposed on those Geylang hotel rooms rented out for prostitution ? Also what about our Govt profitting directly from from gambling revenue & entrance levies ?

    So if it is morally OK for our PAP Govt to accept such revenue gained from gambling & prostitution whether directly or indirectly, why is it then not morally acceptable for the school principal to remain in his job ? Hypocrisy at work again ?

  11. Morality is relative. There're no objective moral standards - merely an expression of the values of the particular person & cultures.

    Consider this - no one was harmed; paid sex is a perfectly normal exchange; what they do is entirely private (until busted that is..) - why should anyone be called to task for misconduct? Now consider this - the person is a School principal where your children go to school at, will this change? Do you find it morally less or more reprehensible? You can question his ability to provide leadership to the teachers/colleagues/students - but if this case was not exposed, would his leadership have come to be questioned? And if these women providing the sex trade were trafficked or underaged, would you view it any differently?

    What is seriously flawed is when people say they "look up to " such people (referring to politicians, high ranking civil servants, preachers/teachers) - you really have to ask why in the first place do people accord them the blind faith and expectations? Might that be the reasons why we are so easily conned to pay them high salaries which naturally follows that we have 'high or impossible' expectations that they set moral high standards and deliver high performances? And when they don't, we are disappointed?

  12. Singapore is still an immature society. Look at the Singaporeans talking about this commercial sex case. Sex is individual's private matters. So long as their sex acts have not affected any other people, it should not be talked about by other people. Has the school principal's sex act affected any student of his school? No evidence, right. So his resignation should be accepted because he has done so for not to affect his students in future. Why so great about prostitution? Prostitution is the oldest profession of human being. That is why it is not illegal in Singapore.

  13. To those who try to defend the school principal behavior, try telling a primary school children that her school principal regularly calling chicken habit is morally ok!

  14. For the school princopal, resignation is the correct move once his escapade is exposed. It is not about whether his action is morally correct or not. It is about his moral right to rule in an environment that requires uprightness to show our young the right from the wrong. If he is in a commercial environment, says a CEO of a trading company, I think there is no need for him to resign. It is merely a private matter.

  15. Its a deep shame that people defend the school principal for patronizing online sex services. It shows that people don't have respect and honour for teachers and school staff.

    Teachers and school staff are supposed to be a role mode to children. Do you want your kid to learn immoral habits from their teachers or be influenced by them?

  16. Singaporeans morals standards are really wanting.

  17. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many school staff in one of the first polytechnics in Singapore who chat online on emails, IM chat and chat rooms with women for extra marital affairs.

    How can our educators be allowed to set this sort of scumbag example for our children to mimic.

  18. got money go learn french cooking ganna zapped. now use money to call chicken also ganna zapped.

    $ too much is my conclusion. cut salary now!