Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fuel For Thought

K Shanmugam's "All are equal before the law" speech at the Rule of Law Symposium yesterday touched on corruption. Although he did not refer to any specific case, everyone in the audience knew the latter was about the two top civil servants hogging the headlines, subject of which Teo Chee Hean is steadfastly maintaining in parliament that there was "no delay" in releasing news of the CPIB coup to the information starved public. But when Teo said, "It was necessary to give CPIB time to gather evidence, seize documents, conduct interviews, etc", you bet there will be lots of speculation on the internet whether the extra time given to the CPIB will constitute "delay." As Bill Clinton will put it, "define delay".

Speculation on whether all is equal before the mainstream media brewed up another storm. A blogger wondered aloud about the MSM treatment of  the rumours concerning opposition MP Yaw Shin Leong. He got screwed because of some nutty posting by a "Scroobal". Shanmugam actually instructed Allen and Gledhill lawyers to trace and sue the pants off that character, but as the legal eagles put it, "the internet being what it is, Scroobal has been untraceable so far". All these publicity means there will be lots of speculation on the internet about what the fuss is really all about.

Apparently all the Scroobal postings have been erased. The blogger who received the lawyer's letter of advice also duly removed the comments from his website. What remains as fuel for speculation is the stuff printed by the Straits Times:
"Mr Au said that there had been "relative silence when it came to allegations swirling around K Shanmugam and Foo Mee Har at various points in the recent past.
That there were rumours is widely known, though as in the Yaw Shin Leong case, no one can point to any proof."

Man, that really takes the cake. We are told if we read it in the Straits Times, it has to be true, but K. Shanmugam and Foo Mee Har in a same story? Anyone with an imagination that wild surely deserves an Oscar for creative script writing. I think there's enough speculation even for the most avid of internet addicts. It looks like Yaw was wise to say, "We do not comment on rumours".

What the lawyers say is not okay to say


  1. Intersesting pronouncement by the Law Minister again.
    As usual, you can be forgiven if you believe that the Minister meant that ALL are equal under Singapore Law.
    I believe he again reminded us that we are but a "city-state", and made no mention of foreigners being treated equally under our city-state laws. Lest I forget, he is also the Foriegn Minister.....

  2. Isn't it plain and clear for everyone to see that the word 'allegations' was used? Like that also cannot say, and have to pull out the LKY's gun again.
    On hindsight, WP's "No comments" is so much wiser than a summon leh.

    One thing is FACT - that the tracing, monitoring & spying have started on the internet. Wonder how much that constitute a chunk of the defense budget!

  3. Alex Au: "needless to say, NO COMMENTS to this post will be necessary." LOL

    1. LOL..that was pretty funny. Wry acceptance.


    Monkey See, Monkey Do.

  5. Where can I find the "scroobal" comments? Wow, everyone is anonymous here. Funny.

  6. The mainstream media is controlled by them. So,it is not surprised to see them engage in selectively reporting. To jump on any slightest opportunities if there're any bad news on opposition camp and to clamp down on potentially negative news about themselves.

    Their Way Of Doing This Is Old Fashion, Even China Has Problems Clamping Down Negative News!

  7. WP heard rumors, take action.
    PAP heard rumors, send lawyer's letter.

    WP talked accountability, do expulsion.
    PAP talked accountability, do suspension and reassignment.

  8. Remember how initially TT Durai also sent lawyer's letter to sue the whistle blower into silence before the NKF scandal broke out ? I suppose he would have bullied his way through had he not met a more powerful opponent.

    It is a fact that bullies are only good at targetting those who are weak or defenceless.

  9. LOL..why would Khaw Boon Wan ask a silly question like "Why the sudden U-turn?".

    Why don't he answers to the public - Why the sudden U-Turn by HDB after a long 'supply' issue from his predecessor, MBT ? And the electorate still don't know why HDB pricing is so high...something PAP will never U-turn on ANY policies even though they know they're wrong.

    Come on, you have nothing better to challenge ? Just set a date, name your candidate and see you in the battlefield lah..

  10. PM said WP let hougang down?
    Alamak, this man cannot see the forest for the trees?
    It is the MP that has let Hougang down.
    WP has lived up their Transparency + Accountability and RESPECT.
    WP knows the Party is bigger than the Man.
    Does PAP know that Singapore is bigger than the Party, or LKY for that matter?

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