Monday, February 27, 2012

Truth Hurts

Baey Yam Keng famously declared "By the way, I am born in the year of the dog" when he dashed to the defence of PRC scholar Sun Xu. Latter was the target of much odium when he coined the other equally despicable phrase, “There are more dogs than people in Singapore.” PM Lee said being poor in Singapore is no fun, but is a dog's life any better?

The mainstream media went overboard on Sunday to paint a pretty picture of how dogs have it good in Singapore - all the abandoned animals photographed were in the pink of health. Law and Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam got into the act when he and his wife Seetha adopted a cute puppy on Saturday at the Animal Welfare Symposium at Chong Pang Community Club - lucky pooch, it will be residing in a millionaire's home. Non-canine observers were more keen to scrutinise the Minister's number two wife, the first time anyone ever got to see her in real life, and know of her name in print.

Dogs didn't get good press in George Orwell's book. There the dogs represent the military/police. Shortly after the last revolution, several pups were stolen from their mothers and groomed and trained to protect dictatorial Napoleon from a second potential by-election revolution, and help perpetuate his rule. It is not difficult to recognise similar characters in our socio-political stage. Other animals on our little red farm have their own battles to fight.

Lesser mortals working class like the baby boomers must empathise with Boxer the plodding horse, who ended up at the glue factory after a life-time of struggle. Always portrayed as a dedicated worker, but as possessing a less-than-average intelligence, hence the constant talking down to. Occasionally the spurs are dug in for a spurt of required productivity. The novel accurately describes the horses as being "most faithful disciples" and that they "absorbed everything that they were told [by the pigs], and passed it on to the next generation by "simple arguments".

The pig in the book is Squealer, representing the Russian media, who spreads Stalin's version of the truth to the masses. We all recognise the similarities in the MSM.


  1. Isn't it such a "comic conincidence" that we move into the "dogs season"?

    Not sure if anybody picked up the subtle PR (or might I say diplomatic moves) that our MP is trying to do here. Firstly the subject is the dog, but the object is really the Missus, exposed for the first time.

    Secondly, it was quoted and said "we are fostering (not adoption) for now, because we have 4 at home, and they just have to get along"

    If I'm the embasador of China whose scholarship citizen come crying foul for sympathy read that, i can definitely interpret that as "we are only fostering the stray outside dogs" not exactly adopting them (for now at least..")

    If I'm a taxpaying citizen whose children can't seem to get a place in local universities, I can only interpret that as "foreign stray or home dogs, you got to all just get along, period".

    A dog's life is not better than a pet master - I guess.

  2. Very sharp observation.

  3. Pls read this
    We are now living in a red farm! It is a fact whether you like it or not! There is the propaganda - the sheep and the secret police - the dogs etc
    I urge you all to read the above essay and think. That is why some schools drop literature? Really langgar!
    Thks for the sharp analysis.


    Pitbull Singaporeans are fighting back with our own version of Locust ad! And we clearly don't want to waste more money supporting the msm/sph! So

  5. Did anyone check if the lucky pooch is a chinese cross breed ?

  6. Never underestimate how senior Lee favors the migrant stocks and other crooked eugenic or anthropological views he is still having? How much of present day policies are still stemming from there? The deafening silence & opacity on our immigration policies speak volumes.

  7. Quite funny,suddenly a dog got attention from a Minister and got adopted, just after the dog talk.

    Every Dog Has Its Day!

  8. How can one can have two wives in Singapore. The law does not allow it. Tattler, was there a mistake on your part?

    1. Tattler didn't make any mistake. Someone else did...

    2. It's easy, just divorce the first one. Divorce in Singapore is not as painful financially as it is in USA or UK.

  9. Wow, if that is the case, why did they hit Yaw so hard? Does the same rule applies?

  10. The problem is probably if there had been no rumours at all, people may be wondering who is the actual secret wife by the way ?

    What would people think if they keep on reporting on AWOL MP's wife and not report on this one for even once, you see the point ?

  11. But that was his earlier portfolio you see - already relinquished meh.
    Now he has a different one - Foreign Affairs.
    Very high brown, strategically important, rubbing shoulders with big shots types of role. Especially now....gotta speak very fluent mandarin in order to be effective with very powerful rising partner you know.