Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sin In Singapore

The landline comes free with the internet access package, but we seldom bother to pick up the hefty the phone books from the collection centres. Now they deliver the Yellow Pages section to our door step. See what is listed under "Entertainment-Escort".

Whether it was such an ad that led to the downfall of the principal from Pei Chun Public School is any body's guess. What we do know is that prostitution is legal in Singapore. Officially, places like Geylang are DRAs - Designated Red-light Areas - where presumably, a female in financial straits may sell access to her private portals to pay off the utility bills, town council charges, or the HDB 30-year mortgage. Males, unhappily, do not have the recourse. What they have is 377A.

The tricky part is that the marketing of the goods falls foul of the law e.g. pimping of the services is illegal (as is public solicitation). Wikipedia defines a pimp as an agent for prostitutes who collects part of their earnings, which amount to 60 to 70 percent of the $70 - $200 charge for "basic services" in the current Singapore context. The pimp may receive this money in return for advertising services, physical protection, or for providing (or in some cases monopolizing) a location where she may entertain her clients - such as budget hotels in Geylang, Balestier or Joo Chiat. Now, if the pimp chose to advertise the said services with Yellow Pages, will the latter be consider part and parcel of the modus operandi? Maybe someone should ask Mah Bow Tan, who is now Chairman of Global Yellow Pages Ltd. For all we know, all those shady budget hotels were built during his tenure as Minister for National Development. Erected at a faster pace than public housing for the poor.

It is common knowledge that, in practice, the police unofficially tolerate the operation of, and monitor a limited number of brothels. The only requirement is that prostitutes at such establishments have to undergo periodic health checks and must carry a health card when the boys in blue come a calling. There's no law for the ladies in waiting to carry their passports with them at all times. Section 376B of the Penal Code stipulates that dalliances with anyone under 18 faces potential jail time for up to 7 years. Buyers beware - especially you guys in the education and uniformed service!


  1. In other words, next time when you try to steal chicken, remember to
    1) ask for legit business license
    2) your girls are indeed above 18yrs with passport or IC (fake or not who cares)

    Actually, better you book a holiday elsewhere and do it, even a love cruise on international water will be safer than the prying lanlines of the gahment. As for pornagraphy, too bad. You just have to say this is something that both you and your spouse enjoy watching very much together lor..

  2. Paying for sex is not a crime.
    Adultery is just frowned upon by the society.
    I guess the MIW just have to nip it in the bud before the circle of influence went beyond the educators and uniformed officers.
    Just the tip of the iceberg. A little fun distraction.
    A small spring cleaning before they face the electorate in 2016.

    He resigned in Dec, like the CNB/SCDF case. You have to wonder why these discoveries/news are only released after the whole salary debate is quickly approved and done with.

  3. From Sammyboy Forum:

    MHA Power Struggle, Conspiracy and Collateral Damage

    Why when no authority confirmed the involvement of woman, improper relationship and sex in the ongoing investigation of Peter Lim and Ng Boon Gay, the PAP-controlled MSM is so daring to keep reporting about it? MSM can provide a lot of details about this woman, and MSM even got hold of the personal information of the woman and her husband. Where did they get such private and personal information?

    This is a smoke screen. It's a cover up of an investigation gone wrong and heading no where. It's part of a bigger conspiracy from a prolonged power struggle within MHA, resulting in severe collateral damage.

    The current Director of CPIB, Eric Tan, was in ISD during the 1987 Marxist Conspiracy. As a relative of Monsignor Francis Lau, Eric played an important role between ISD/Singapore government and the Church. Since then, he earned the trust of the then Director ISD, Benny Lim, and has been backed by the latter till date.

    Eric is well known within MHA to be a hot-blooded rash person. For example, in GE 1991, when still in ISD, he was deployed to observe the crowd in a Potong Pasir rally. Instead of following the agreed rules of engagement (trailing and identifying trouble makers, and passing the leads to police for arrest), he identified himself as a police officer in a crowd of thousands and tried to arrest the trouble makers. That action of him nearly caused a major riot. He received a warning letter for his rash act. But he was backed by Benny Lim.

    Unfortunately he did not learn his lesson, and did a similar stunt in GE 1997 when he was still in ISD. But with backing by Benny, he enjoyed smooth career in MHA moving from ISD to SIR to CNB and to ICA. But his rash behaviour never changed. In 2005, Benny became the Perm Sec of MHA, and Eric's flag flew even higher.

    However, due to his weakness, he was never considered for the post of Commissioner of Police despite strong backing by Benny. This is especially true when he had a very strong contender - Lock Wai Han, who happens to have two very good drinking friends in the police force - Ng Boon Gay and Paul Lim.

    For some strange reason, Paul Lim at a private birthday dinner in Shangri-La was accused of molesting the Shang Palace waitress in 2009. The case was leaked to the press too. At that time, Director CID was Ng Boon Gay. But because of their closeness, Deputy Director CID Wong Choon Mann was appointed as the IO for Paul's case. Paul had his lucky break, his friend at the dinner happened to film the occasion and the said waitress was filmed teasing the guests including sitting on laps. Paul resigned before PSD initiated the internal disciplinary proceeding. During that time, Paul was avoided by many in MHA, but Boon Gay and Peter Lim believed in him and continued to meet him.

    A year later, 2010, Boon Gay and Wai Han were implicated in insider trading and investigated by CPIB. There were insufficient evidence. Wai Han resigned and he is now based in China. Boon Gay was posted as Director CNB. And the first thing he uncovered and went public was the years of wrong drug statistics before his time, when the Deputy Director CNB then was Ng Ser Song. Coincidentally, Ser Song was a young ISD officer with Eric in GE 1991. And, Ser Song now replaced Boon Gay as Director CNB.

    With no strong candidate, an unlikely officer, Ng Joo Hee, was selected as Commissioner of Police. He is the first CP without the major foundation postings - Director Ops and Director CID. He had his disciplinary cases in his younger days too, such as losing his Investigation Papers. But he did once work for Benny in ISD. Another ISD connection. As the CP now, he can't be bothered with policy, planning and management. He is only interested in outdoors. And with this new found fame, his IT headhunter wife, Joyce, has been telling her customers and candidates about her husband....

    1. BTW, Benny Lim is the brother of Raymond Lim, the ex-Minister of Transport!

    2. Just googled Ng Joo Hee and this is what the Police website (http://www.mha.gov.sg/news_details.aspx?nid=MTEyNQ%3D%3D-fDAmfjSWR5k%3D) says about him (circa

      Mr Ng Joo Hee

      Mr Ng Joo Hee, aged 41, was a Senior Police Officer who was absorbed into the Administrative Service in 1999. An Overseas Singapore Police Force Scholar, Mr Ng graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Engineering and Economics from the University of Oxford on a SPF Overseas Scholarship in 1988. He obtained a Masters in Business Administration (Accountancy) from the Nanyang Technological University in 1998 and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University in 2001.

      Mr Ng has served the Force since 1988. In the course of his career, he has held amongst others, the appointments of Commanding Officer of STAR Unit, Deputy Director (Resource Development) in MTI; Deputy Director (Operations Planning); Commander of Police ‘A’ Division; Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation Department, Director of Police Intelligence Department before being appointed as Senior Deputy Director of Prisons Department on 25 June 2007.

      What a charmed life! One promotion a year without fail, even while he is studying in the UK and USA at the tax payers' expense. What I can say is that he is another MIW! Watch out for him in 2016 GE; he will be parachuted in like MG CCS and BG TCJ.

  4. According to PSC report , immoral & inappropriate behavior have been the top 3 reasons for disciplinary action (TODAY).

    Proof that high salary cannot buy talent with integrity. They didn't rise because they are talented, but because they are harmless to the special interest group that runs the black-box operation called "the talented must be paid well to govern well'. All the empty suits.

  5. Now even pimpcipal get into the acts. Pay not enough, need to supplement. That was why they just up the Civil Service pay. No ?

    1. Is not about pay not enough. Is sex not enough.
      Porn, prostitution & adultery -- maybe time to revive the Obedient Wives Club? Otherwise, singapore is too oppressive, resulting in too many mental problems.

  6. Isn't that scary if what is alleged is true, selective persecution & prosecution ?

    The old man probably didn't want to admit it is a real hard truth that if you pay too much, power play will rear its ugly head ?

    Who knows maybe everything they do in PAP is under wraps ie pay them with more money or in kind to let the skeletons remain in the closet ?

  7. It will be interesting if the whole MIWs system becomes fully transparent to the public. Guess this may not come unless the unaccountable and opaque government is ousted in near future. Really, a can of worms is waiting for exposure.

    The police, ISD, MHA internal affairs here are much more interesting than the Hong Kong's film Internal Affairs (无间道). Why not take the information to make it a film? What is Jack Neo waiting for?

  8. Maybe a more sound warning and deterrant for immoral and/or inappropriate conducts like adultery would be enforced sentence of castration (for men) and pubic area torching or scorching (for female).

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  12. Talking about adultery, how about ex-MOE Principals who are married but still get involved with current MOE female school teachers who are divorced? He was the ex-principal of Bedok View Secondary School - a Mr Goh Lay Guan who is still apparently serving as a presenter-consultant with MOE. He is known to go around the schools telling the teachers about this illustrious (lust) career and even showing pictures of his $Million dollar$ house and his "happy wife" and adult kids, while picking out female "targets" amongst his raptured (rape) audience of teachers. As of last year his is believed to be involved with a teacher from Edgefield Primary School ( a divorcee with 2 teenaged boys whom his is supposed to be counselling). Well so much for the current Education's Minister's stand on imparting Moral Values - looks some internal house keeping on the Morality of the teachers is seriously needed first!