Thursday, February 23, 2012

Of Dogs And Men

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education Sim Ann disclosed in Parliament that about 800 pre-tertiary and 900 undergraduate students from non-Asean countries are awarded scholarships to study here each year, awards costing Singapore taxpayers $14,000 for pre-tertiary students and between $18,000 and $25,000 for undergraduates. This is on top of the 150 scholarships Education Minister Heng Swee Keat earlier confirmed are given out gratis to students from ASEAN countries at the pre-tertiary level and another 170 at the undergraduate level. One of the recipients is Sun Xu from Suzhou, Chiangsu, China.

Sun Xu (孙旭) posted the following on China's microblog "Weibo" on Saturday, 18 Feb 2012.
His rant was basically about accidentally bumping into senior Singapore citizens, and ended up being the subject of angry stares and muted mutterings. Which led him to conclude, "There are more dogs than humans in Singapore.”

MP of Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng has now shown us where he stands on the dastardly aliens in our midst, "We need to reflect, are we the way that they described?"

And what exactly is that, Mr Baey? That our senior citizens are deserving of the derogative descriptive “瘪三” ? Or that Singaporeans are a "bunch of 挫逼"? Maybe he is simply in agreement with the PRC scholar that, "There are more dogs than humans in Singapore”, alluding to the 60.1% of running dogs that put him into office. Sadly, someone else also used the same pejorative on us Singaporeans.
"Mine is a very matter-of-fact approach to the problem. If you can select a population and they're educated and they're properly brought up, then you don't have to use too much of the stick because they would already have been trained. It's like with dogs. You train it in a proper way from small. It will know that it's got to leave, go outside to pee and to defecate. No, we are not that kind of society. We had to train adult dogs who even today deliberately urinate in the lifts." - Lee Kuan Yew, 1997

It is easy to see why these foreign nationals are emboldened to openly attack us, biting the very hand that feeds them. And we thought only animals are capable of such behavior.



    Watch clip esp @5.55m on Singapore.

    The arrogance of rising noveau-rich chinese are everywhere to be seen. When hongkongers are being called 'bastards' & 'running dogs' by the Confucius descendant, Kong Professor who is responsible to educate the elites in Beijing U,
    you have to know where they get their brainwashing ideas from. And according to him, Singaporeans are inferior dogs for the precise reasons we need to be whipped thanks to LKY's speech.

    Now, are the bastard dogbreeders reflecting here?

  2. I remembered during the 80s when Taiwan became rich due to its IT might, Taiwanese are very arrogant. Now the mainland Chinese are doing the same. This reflect their fundamentory farmer mentality. Riches can be acquired within a generation but culture will take much longer.

  3. Why are foreigners so brazen? It is because our leaders are still sucking up to them. If these incidents happened in Dubai or other ME countries, foreigners will face some tough police action before they have a chance to defend themselves. Cannot blame S'poreans for being xenophobic, we are forced into it.

  4. When mainland women swarmed hkg natal-hospitals to compete for local resources to deliver their new born babies to gain right-of-abode, many hkg mothers were pushed out of their queues, having to wait in corridors. They came up with full page Locust ad and protested widely to put a stop to such discrimination.

    Singaporeans students were pushed out of their places in Universities, and what did we do? We have Sim Ann & PAP coming up to justify why they are superior locusts and should continue to stay. Then we run out of hospital beds, mrt seats, hdb houses and you will see the same defence from our MIW. Next in line - watch out for your kindergartens seats.

    And what can Singaporeans do exactly?

    SIN city is becoming a dog-eat-dog world.

  5. IMHO, a pack of cunning foxes or wolves in sheep's clothing would be most appropriate to describe most politicians in any part of this world.

    I honestly think ours is no exception either unless ours really belong to that almost distinct rare breed who does not like power, money & sex, not necessarily in that order of priority.

  6. who lets the dog out...
    somebody pls leash up this mad dog called baey
    i ain't nobody's bitch! he can woof for himself.

  7. I wonder whether anyone has given thought to what "scholar" Sun has also directly/indirectly done...

    By implication that local singaporeans in the main are dogs...

    He has made a seditious many muslim singaporeans had their faith Islam been insulted...

    Human kind as based on different religion and faths are shaped in the image of God or created by God...

    By insulting human beings as an means God and his works and the faith in him is insulted...

    And this PAP "Scholar" Sun believes he can get away with it with the help of NUS and PAP is it...

    We shall see...

    Good is Great!

  8. This ELECTED representative who romped in by the bare margin and whom Sun garbaged as another dog in one fell swoop in this country which has literally gone to the dogs, has already made known his politically unacceptable views.

    He should also know that come 2016, I will remember what he said in 2012.

    There is nothing to reflect or improve. We are who we are and since we fed and pampered the dogs who came here at our expense, the big question is why we should reflect and change to accommodate these dogs rather than the other way round?

    Those Singapore senior citizens who stared at this dog are probably people whose children are at risk of losing their jobs or some basic simple want such as cheap housing and in this animal, they probably saw their Nemesis. Since there is not a darn thing that they can do, starring at some arrogant and smug looking PRC twerp bumping unceremoniously into you is probably the lightest touch of righting a wrong. Looking at his pic, you can tell that the prick is as PRC as they come.

    So why is this mad dog barking so loudly and obnoxiously to his countrymen, complaining about us for?

  9. According to chinese wiki, the meaning means beggars or gangsters. I think this scholar has been hanging around too much in geylang. Maybe he needs to tell our PM that our poor is not better off in Singapore instead. And when was the last time he been to his own countryside in china?



    Dear Bloggers
    Your mission if you choose to accept;
    Is to convert just ONE PAP voter into a voter for the Opposition;
    before GE 2016.

    Hit them where it hurts.
    At the ballot box in GE 2016.

  11. I wonder how many taxpayers wake up this morning asking questions about why $174,000 goes to sponsoring an outside scholar of this caliber, and how much more $36m and 25% is going to go further, at expense of my fellow singaporeans?

    Like the population ponzi game, is MOE going to come clean on this?

  12. just overhead what josephine teo over the radio - MIW is funding the 1.1 billion to the bus company because singaporean can NOT wait !

    ??? What does cannot wait got to do with funding a private co ? bids me ?

    Over the radio: there seems to be a propaganda to condition people' minds that over crowding in public transport is due to inconsiderate Singaporean who do not move to the rear or away from the exist and entrance.

    I do agree that that could further aggravate the situation but the root of the problem is still the sudden ballooning of our population.

    Please be fair to the native Singaporeans.

    Why the pigs like to put all blame on the people ? Sad !

  13. Wow, with this type of comment and emotion, I bet there will not be a by-election in Hougang!

  14. The reason why these foreign students don't appreciate is because the government is sort of begging them to come here to study by paying for their school fees and living expenses here. Our government just give like a Santa Claus but these students didn't ask for it. They're invited so they sort of feeling they're quite superior.

    We have university school fees increasing every year and I'm quite sure a lot of parents are having problems funding their chiildren's education expenses. It's time the government should spend more on subsidising local students. Not to say that we should be anti-foreign, but obviously what we have seen in recent years is that this favorable treatment is going too far and quite demoralizing to many locals.

    It's Either MIW Do Something To Correct This Or We Do Something To Correct MIW!

    1. or maybe the foreign students dont appreciate because sg really has more dogs than people

  15. Go back!!!!