Friday, February 3, 2012

Drivers For Motivation

Barely one year in office, and Education Minister Heng Swee Keat has picked up the nasty habit of sliming Singaporeans in public, the demeaning trait of Goh ("quitter") Chok Tong and Lee ("daft") Kuan Yew. He is telling everybody that young Singaporeans need more drive.

Well, at least some young guns are motivated enough to refute the Minister,
"I feel it's a sweeping statement to say that Singaporean students lack drive," (2nd year Ngee Ann Polytechnic student, 23);
"I feel that Singaporeans students have drive. .. towards choosing well-paying jobs as has been ingrained into them from a young age," (2nd year NUS student, 20);
"I am driven by my desire for happiness, which comprises a stable income and job I'm happy with," (Film and media studies student, 18).
Surprise, surprise - the one who disagrees most with Heng is a foreign visitor from Australia, "I feel that the students here have enormous drive. They are highly motivated to do well.  It surprises me, really. They are more motivated compared with Australian students." Good on ya, mate, thanks for the ringing endorsement!

The European CEO Heng quoted was reportedly shocked by the alleged Singaporean response, "What if I fail? Will I still have a job? Is there a support system and do I get retrenchment benefits?" Doesn't that sound remarkably like the lines used to justify the million dollar ministerial salaries? That money will take care of the uncertainties of the political arena? Maybe that CEO should have talked to real lesser mortal Singaporeans instead of the typical invitees to the Istana tea session. Or some of his own countrymen caught up in the throes of the European sovereign debt crisis.

It beggars to ask, is there such a thing as "noble" motivation or drive? Don't embarrass our local sportsmen and women with that question. Theirs is a carrot dangling in front of the goal post - real gold to strive for at the SEA games ($10,000), Commonwealth Games ($80,000) and Olympics ($1,000,000).

Heng didn't spell out for his listeners what actually drives him and his comrades. The following table with numbers from the Andrea Ong article ("What price a minister? 42 years of controversy") may provide the clue for the source of their motivation and drive.
(* where monthly figures are not available, reported annual pay is divided by 12 months - who can keep up with all those bamboozling bonuses?)
Monthly SalariesMinister PayPM Pay


  1. To say that younger Singaporeans have no drive? Wait till one day,they will drive PAP out of power! By that time, they will regret what they said.

    Do Remember What They Said Before You Vote Next Time, Especially Our Fellow Young Citizens

  2. Incidentally if one is already paid a couple of million dollars as the Head of State, why is there still a need to appoint one's own wife or father to other posts and be paid an additional couple of million dollars from public coffers ?

    In the name of public duty, do they even know what is conflict of interests ?

    1. Agreed with this comment Alan.Let me share with you,1.If a young men have some idea of business and inform thier dept head and when the business start to progress they in their cohort will rob it from you.2.They will make trouble for you that you may got into litigation and even rob you of your prime time and they got awy with the business and claim they hv foresight to bring this core business to next level.
      How can you be safe guard of what you wanted to do and be look after by them.
      This has all happen to individual like me and am sharing with you. \Many other like myself are in same scenario.Am waiting for the right moment and will expose the candidate as they are now holding key position in GLC,ie President and above.

    2. Your case is not just limited to business. In higher education, robbing other's research grant and project by all dirty means exists like robbing your business idea or startup business. It is strange that those far exceeding retirement age and yet with little output are still in employment just because their loyalty or association with MIWs. Only insiders will know how rotten is the whole system today. MIWs should be ousted for good for the country.

  3. aw, to say our young has no drive, this is steep coming from the mouth of our highly-paid elites who has gone through a sheltered and cloistered life. Yeah, right.

  4. It is rather a reflection of our system, be it in the education or the overall learning environment that contributes to the so called lack of drive. Employers only wants to maximise profits n lower cost, so their feedback has to be liken to those of loan sharks. Time to stop blaming S'poreans and look at the overall system in place. Is it working??

  5. If our politicians have so much drive, they should abolish the GRC system and go 1-1 with their local rivals. If they have drive, they should tag part of salary to the bottom 20% and work to improve the lot. If they have so much drive, MPs should be working full-time and not part time etc etc..

    Let those without sins cast the first stone.

  6. You notice that with GE and Presidential Election over, the condescending statements about ordinary Singaporeans and the glorification of their achievements are growing louder by the day.

  7. Isn't this another rehash of 'cheaper better faster' but with new buzzword, and targets at the new entry professionals now?

  8. Ng Eng Hou, I see you are trying to promote your site by embedding the links into text again... Fail!!!

  9. We need more co-drivers to slap the PAP. Wake UP!

  10. //Ng Eng Hou, I see you are trying to promote your site by embedding the links into text again... Fail!!!//
    Very annoying. Go sell your porn elsewhere.

  11. When you are 3rd in the world after China & UAE to have the greatest trust in your leaders telling the truth..that says a lot about unthinking singaporeans. Add to that, the spin apparently say we trust our media too - with 6-12% increase if you believe that too! So whatever Heng Swee Keat say, singaporeans also believe lah. Future of singapore looks ever more bright!

  12. When the elites have all the "upsides" but none of the 'downsides' is very easy for them to tell people to have more hunger and drive.

    Nassim Taleb or Mike Krieger would say - It's the Leadership, Stupid".

  13. Just another excuse for them to give scholarship to foreigner ! SHAME !

  14. Young Singaporeans!
    Don't take this insult lying down!

    Join the Opposition and run the Party Against People out of Singapore.

    Vote Opposition for a better Singapore

  15. In this age of 'instant', not only do we have instant noodles and photos, Singapore can also pride itself to have 'instant' minister. When things are prefixed with the word 'instant', quality is rarely a matter of concern.

    'Instant' Minister Heng was not espousing something new. He was just reiterating PAP's longstanding fetish with foreign students. Haven't we been told repeatedly they have more drive than local students and only they can help the PAP government punch above its weight. As for the local students (elites excluded), they need spurs to be stuck deeper into their hinds.

    I like to see how tigers fall off the cliff and be bullied by dogs if they are still walking around with their eyes looking up and not down.

  16. Looking at the table of minister's and MP's salary, why is the PM's pay more than double the minister's? No wonder huge income gap exists between the top 5% and the bottom 5%. It is amusing Singapore Inc follows US corporation so closely. Be warned of "Occupy Wall Street" on this rock.

  17. Compare with Malaysia's top politicians' monthly salaries:
    1. Prime minister - RM22,826 (S$9,427)
    2. Deputy prime minister - RM18,168 (S$7,504)
    3. Cabinet ministers - RM14,907 (S$6,157).
    4. Political secretary - RM5,709 (S$2,358)

  18. Notice the students say "..choosing well paying jobs." ...stable income & job..."
    And when the aussie mate said they are driven..he was probably referring to their competitiveness to ace exams, with homework, tuition, assessment books etc..".

    So ask again, where is the "i want to do a start up" ...I want to be an activist for poverty'..I want to invent this......I want to play football for my country....." etc etc ? Is all so ingrained into "study hard, get degree, find a good paying job, marry, settle down -- good life" that's the idea we have imparted into our children. Where are the square pegs? Where are the dreamers? Where are the adventurers? Where are the artists?

    All these years we under cultivate our local talents in so many ways, after decades of negligence, we say singaporeans can't do or don't want the jobs. That's because we demean these professions as not being serious or glamourous. You don't pay for talents SG Inc will finish = If you don't pay me enough money = means i'm not a good talent = means why bother to take risk and try - a starving artist, a struggling entrepreneur etc. better join MIW and earn millions of salary and guaranteed fast train to power, influence, wealth and fame under GLC umbrella. No transparency no accountability no one ka-chiau me. Ka-ching all the way.

  19. @ ANON:Feb 3, 2012 08:41 PM

    Well said.
    You re-confirm my conviction that we have to protect Singapore against the MIWs.

    A Vote for the Opposition is a Vote for Singapore.

    Do you think you will ever get back your CPF money?

    1. High time the public should demand their right to have their CPF back when they reach 55.Not as and when the goverment like by incresing the age level.The government has use your money to invest for their cronies and return you the minimum interest compare to the interest you can derive in neigbouring countries.High time to stand up and need be go public on a mass without violent.How many can they jail for speaking freely then showing thier corrupt practise.Is time they change or we change them.No more waiting for years to come.The time is right and is only we have to be out there.See the number of failure and corruption and yet increasing the cost of food and utilies and blame on high cost where they buy in bulk at fix price for long term,ie LNG.Do we want to wait???I want to protect what is mine and ours and ready to face them.Are you?

    2. Yes. Let's make CPF money an election issue in GE 2016.

      Full CPF withdrawal at age 55 without any strings attached.

  20. Its been proven that young Singaporeans have an abundance of a certain type of drive - SEX drive.

    From teacher who seek young school underaged students for sex, molestation and extra marital affairs as well as hanky panky activities conducted during business hours, the numerous sex offences committed like upskirt filming, raping, molesting as well as obsession on porn online and numerous sex chatters who hunt chatlimes fpr sex partners we know for sure Singaporeans don't lack sex drive.

  21. If our national median income is $40,000 per year, then to an ordinary Singaporean,

    $100,000 (2.5 x 40,000) is good pay
    $160,000 (4 x ) is very good pay
    $200,000 (5 x ) is high pay
    $400,000 (10 x ) is very high
    $600,000 (15 x ) is sky high
    $800,000 (20 x ) is extremely high
    $1 million (25 x ) is exorbitant
    $1.2 million (30 x ) is outrageous
    $1.4 million (35 x ) is #%&$@!

    If we wish to pay our ministers from sky high to exorbitant pay, then our ministers’ pay should be about 15 to 25 times the median income (those who demand for more than 25 times are not suitable to be a minister). This would be about $600,000 to $1 million annually.

    The new ministers’ pay of $1.1 million to $1.76 million (grade MR4 to MR1) is about 27.5 to 44 times the national median income. They are overpaid by more than 80% if we compare the entry pay of $600,000 and $1.1million (1,100,000/600,000 = 183.3%).

  22. No wonder your Ah Kong LKY wants to bring in more of such talents...all the cookie cutter you can find there and here are no different - equally disillusioned.

    Then you listen to the arrogant tirades made by the Chinese Professor against Singaporeans - who he called "inferior sluts", you have to wonder why they are still our guests here, and our leaders are such sluts.

  23. Funny how young people today like to insult PAP and show the world how good we are by hating our leaders, writing bitchy comment about them and think its interesting.

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