Thursday, February 9, 2012

Selfish Reasons

Seriously, I don't know what to say about this.

Following the footsteps of the Woodlands group who objected to the building of an elder-care centre at the void deck of their HDB blocks, residents at Toh Yi estate were protesting last evening against similar intentions for a plot of land at the junction of Toh Yi Road and Toh Yi Drive. Plans for the construction of 130 studio apartments were announced last month, before heckles were raised at Woodlands. Designed to be fitted with senior citizen friendly grab bars and anti-slip tiles, these apartments are open for application only to those aged 55 and older. To many, it brought back haunting images of the notorious death houses at Sago Lane.

Said retiree Loh, 66, "These old people are living there alone. It's almost as if they are sent there to just wait to die."

To appease the objectors, HDB explained that the block will have a playground and exercise corner on the second floor, which will be open to all residents in the estate. The facility will have a place for the young and the old. Cringing before the loud noises raised, MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC Sim Ann made the token support argument, "every existing amenity is precious to our residents." She was referring to the $120,000 spent by the town council to build the jogging track and garden at the same plot of land just last year. Another instance of what the right hand of the government not knowing what the left hand is doing. She added, "I fully understand why some residents may be reluctant to see these go - in fact, having invested effort and resources in the site, we in the grassroots feel exactly the same way."

Lest you think the Toh Yi crowd has a genuine supporter in their ranks, here's what Chua Chu Kang GRC MP Zaqy Mohammed really feel: "Some think that the Government will try to appease residents who didn't vote for them. But it will be dangerous if the Government gives in to populists demands." The brigadier general also made some pleasant sounding remarks about Bukit Brown, but the bull dozers are still moving in.
No Country For Old Men


  1. I most cases, I would support the people views but this time round I think they went too far. Look, there is a need to build houses for elderly as we all know Singapore is greying. These flats need to be located somewhere, certainly not in a remote island. These people who oppose the building will also grow old one day and I am sure there also want to stay near friends and relatives in their old age.

    Whether it is unfortunate or fortunate depends greatly on your age at this point of time.

  2. Funny why such facilities for the ageing are not found or proposed at ares like Bt Timah, Holland Village or Serangoon Gdns. I certainly hope a cheap nursing home will be built at my place cause I may need it in time to come. My query is why are certain facilities like FW dorms, nursing homes etc not found in "prime" areas.

    1. There is a workers dorm at Serangoon Gardens

  3. One day
    An HDB flat located next to elderly care facilities will command a price premium.

    Just as an HDB flat or condo located next to an MRT station commands a premium.

    30 years ago, condos were considered "low class" if they were located within an HDB estate.
    Now such a condo will command a premium.

  4. Hey, I think the only solution is to make HDB flats cheap. As long as HDB flat is not viewed as an investment asset, people will stop complaining.

  5. I think government should just go ahead and build in any State land it deems fit. People should not object to the project just because they may affect their house value. When HDB sell them the apartments, they did not promise their flats will appreciate in time. What right does these people have? Think just trouble makers.

  6. That particular jogging track and playground was completed just before the 2011 general election. You can draw your own conclusions.

  7. maybe should also built an elder care and rehab centre at the void deck. These will create jobs for polytechnic graduates (Singaporeans) and mid career switch Singaporeans to apply.

    Positions: Operations Executives, centre manager, physiotherapist, physiotherapy assistance, nursing manager, staff nurse, nursing assistant, healthcare assistants, kitchen helper/cook, ambulance drivers, janitor, etc...

    these are good jobs for Singaporeans.

  8. oh, and give preference of employment for the above positions who live nearby. If they can allocate school placement by distance why not job opportunities. Work life balance - the part-time staff can walk home and tend to their children and/or older folks...

  9. There you are. These are the potential benefits the government should propose to the residents there. It may be a win-win situation for all.

  10. I think instead of building elder daycare center at certain places. Make this a standard feature in every major housing estate, so that there is no such thing as building such a daycare center will depress housing prices nearby.

    Let's Face It! Our Population Is Aging! We Need These Facilities!

  11. Now you know why PAP still in power. Sinkies are self-centred and selfish. They will not sacrifice in order to make the country better for overall citizens. PAP knows this and exploits this Sinkie attitude every GE to retain power. Frankly Sinkies deserve whatever they get from govt.

  12. Say 'YES' to elderly services! I think it's only fair that people who needs the services has a voice too!!!

  13. Let's give credit where credit is due. It's all because of your past great leaders who like to link your property values to the ego of what 'success' means

    - you will repent when your property value goes down by voting Opposition
    - we will have a cheaper place for old age houses in JB - not to be seen and heard
    - Single old people will be paired to share rooms but live in urinated corridor, dirty apt that lack hygiene and mosquitoes infected rooms.

    What do you expect in the long run, the impression and social values that singaporeans have ingrained in their mind? Dignified?! My foot.

    Monkey see, Monkey Do!

  14. All living things have to get sick, aged and die in the end. It is definitely selfish to not build homes for the aged and even child care centres in residential areas just because its brings down the value of the property. As long as its not a graveyard, it should not be an issue.

  15. There is a large death house for an octogenarian at Oxley Rise. If the government were to acquire it and the surrounding areas under Urban Renewal, thousands of studio apartments can be built on the prime land there to benefit many elders.


  16. I suggest that HDB incorporate all new BTO with studio apartments. This will prevent protest and at the same time educate everybody to live with each other in harmony and peace regardless of age. Some people are just being too selfish and forgot that they will grow old too !