Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Question Of Morals

Horikoshi (not his real name) liked to complain that he was dumped in Singapore, robbed of the opportunities to hob-nob with the corporate elites at head quarters in Tokyo. His cardinal sin, as he imagines it, was having spent two years working with a gaijin outfit in America. Has he stayed faithful to the careerist route of graduation through retirement, he would not have lost out in the mad race ascending the corporate ladder.

Once Hori had to play host to Takagi - another fictitious name to protect the guilty conscious - a top dog from HQ sent to inspect the regional offices. After making the rounds of Bangkok's notorious night scene, Takagi wanted a lady for the rest of the evening. Hori discreetly left his boss at the Royal Orchid Sheraton foyer. Unfortunately for Hori, Takagi was stopped cold at the lift doors - hotel security was strict about female companions allowed access to guests' rooms.

Presumably the faux pas would not have happened in Singapore. Our under aged hooker seems to experience no problems sashaying into the hallways of the best-of-the-best hotels in town - Shangri-La, Mandarin Oriental, St Regis, etc - to chalk up another mission accomplished. And she has the envelopes to prove it too, envelopes which the UBS executive stuffed dollar bills into to pay for services rendered, even if not remembered in open court.

Islamic morality police in Malaysia arrested more than 80 Muslims in an operation to stop them celebrating this year's Valentine's Day, which the government-run Department of Islamic Development says is "synonymous with vice activities" and that it contravened Islamic teachings.

Well, our very own Commissioner of Police has set a higher standard, equating dalliances outside of marriage as tantamount to corruption, "reprehensible acts" which "tainted the whole police force". One is reminded of Lee Kuan Yew's own strict morality benchmark, which was intolerant of divorce among cabinet members, causing much grief to Goh Keng Swee's personal affairs. So will the top cop be gunning for Michael Palmer next, and - gasp, gasp - the Minister of Law K Shanmugam?


  1. His wife Jothie Raja should write a book exposing the affairs. Oops, ex-wife I mean.

  2. Tattler, be prepared to receive a lawyer's letter for this. By the way, what's your email address? Hehehee...

  3. Shanmugam's ex-wife wrote a book which argued that the penal laws used in Singapore against illegal assembly and so on were often directed at political opponents a way, that actually makes her susceptible for libel and defamation suits if the PAP government wants to pursue it.

    1. The ex-wife can make things more interesting by being an opposition candidate in 2016......and even go on to create the ultimate excitement for Shanmugam by contesting in his ward...

  4. So our Ministers cannot anyhow fuck any other lady other than than their lawfully wedded wifes ?

    How to tahan for a man especially when there is extra dollars in the pocket ?

    1. Prostitution is legal in Australia & New Zealand.
      Also in 8 rural counties in state of Nevada in USA. Including Las Vegas.

      Prostitution is also legal in Singapore.
      Buy I guess Ministers afraid to be recognized.

  5. LKY's idea of morality was all along defined by mdm Kwa....although the penis physically belongs to the man, it is the wife who decides how it should be used...

    LKY when he was PM would never have condoned the likes of SHAMmugam, HornyPalmer, FookMeeHard, etc.
    However, it was ok to fix opponents, promote nepotism, manipulate state institutions, etc.

  6. Well, what about the little son that no one wants? His affairs are well known since the days in army, from Bangcock massage joints to OZ OLs, on passing via comcentre. Have you ever wonder they bought taksin's assets and then opt in OZ land? Genghis Khan would have been proud of his record, why didn't the father stop his seed sowing if he was so strict with others?

  7. " news reports said Italian politician Pier Luigi Bersani, the head of a center-left alliance, ruled out forming a coalition government and quoted him as saying that only an “insane person” would want to govern Italy. "

    You see lah!
    That's why Italy also must pay million dollar salary to politicians.

    But of course, Italy is many thousand times larger than Singapore.
    So it's easier to govern Italy.
    So Italian politician salary must still be a discount to PAP gahmen's salaries.

    1. bersani is a bankers' puppet, what do you expect from such a "centre-left ex-commie"? grillo is the real deal. and italy cannot tax whenever there are budget holes, they cannot suka suka close people up in jail with no trial, the press in italy is free to expose scandals like the siena bank MPS, they cannot (not yet) force posb to bailout some big fat bankers' holes from the last super housing bubble that ended in 1998, and which is repeating itself ten times worse today. and they cannot buy f35 with all the "advantages" without parliament approval, they have no aim to support good class bungalows, however they do have solid bunga bunga girls, which your red dot politicians (at least on the surface) cannot touch! bunch of hypocrites!

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