Friday, March 8, 2013

Better Than Bollywood

If you never watched a Tamil program on TV before, this is one video you must not miss. This is Singapore core at its best, and our Indian brothers and sisters who spoke from their hearts deserve the applause.

Episode 7 of this Series 2 Idhayam Pesugirathu talk show really lived up to its credo, invoking passion and pulling the heartstrings of the participants, and audience. The temperature was raised further when the policies behind the nefarious Population White Paper were - deservedly - trashed. Let the screen shots speak for themselves.

How's that to kickstart the National Conversation?
Debunking the official spin by MSM
Once upon a time Singapore was built by Singaporeans
Ain't that the bitter truth?
Something the planners forgot to factor in.
They even advise their kids to skip PR to avoid NS
Bowing down to demands of  the foreigners
This gentleman was shaking his head in disbelief
If you repeat a lie often enough...
How do you say "Amen to that" in Tamil?


  1. Replies
    1. Chinese Singaporean3/08/2013 8:50 AM

      Jai Ho, Jai Ho, Jai Ho !!!

  2. It's a pity some or many of the 200K of the population got to leave Singapore because they can't take out the CPF money, they should be able to decide themselves, they are old enough to take care their money as they had many years of experiences in investments, whether at 55, they able to take out themselves or put inside the CPF for 3 percents interest, it a wastes of talents if those highly educated got to leave because of this?

    With the revenue from 2 $16 billions casinos, COE, ERP, GST, Levies, Rental & Propreties Sales, Profits from the $260 billions of foreign reserves, should be more then enough to fund many things, and return the CPF to those who able to manage their money well and get good returns?

    1. Where is all the money?

    2. Money's in China and with famiLee. Oh don't forget Thaksin and his french haircut and breakfast at tiffany.

  3. The Hard Truth, from Vasantham. 3 cheers for our Indian comrades (not pseudo high caste dirt from India), true blue S'poreans!!!!

  4. Singaporean Tamil3/08/2013 9:34 AM

    I am a Singaporean Tamil did my 2.5 years NS and 13 year ICT now with three children not sure of the future of my kids....this program was fantastic ....the minister got more than he asked for...........the Indians that come over to Singapore now are never going to integrate with us because they think too highly of themselves especially the f&*(^%$ head shaking north Indians who flood mustafaa with their trolleys of beans and vegetables.......

  5. Vote Opposition to protect your CPF.
    Vote Opposition for your children's future jobs.
    Vote Opposition to continue the Population Debate in Parliament in 2016.

  6. When I see lots of Indians shopping at Mustaffa and the many Indian foodstalls catering to the increasing Indian Immigrants, I wish that more India Indians cud come to live in Sin. Botih the Oversea and Local Indians get to orientate in many ways to open up each others' minds to be better people. Sin is doing a great job in enlightening them.
    Mainland Indians shud come stay in Sin at least for a few years, give business to the locala and learn to live in peace with other races(for the Mainland Indians). Let us welcome them to learn from our great Sin Culture of mutual respect and integration.

  7. There is 2 schools of thoughts?

    One school of thought, we should get cheaper and cheaper foreign workers to improve our margins and profits?

    Another school of thought we should model our country to South Korea, Israel, Sweden and Denmark etc., to develops our local SME help them to expand to oversea, make better and improve their products and services, help them to market their products and services ourseas, appoint international consultant to train the SME bosses and their local workers, to less rely on foreign companies, so that local worker can get better wages to close the income gaps?

    Many small countries can run their economy better then large countries as above, small size is easier to manage then big size?

  8. Why do you think this show is not choreographed?

    1. Because the troika - LHL, TCH and KBW - never watch the Tamil channel?

    2. Highest ranking Indian in the PAP (Tharman) is visibly unwilling to support PAP bullshit (except for the $1k/mth can buy flat fiasco). Notice how as a DPM he doesn't come out during by-elections to talk rubbish like our other DPM TCH and this KBW?

      Inderjit also got conscience.

      Only Shame-mugam is a complete PAP toady.

    3. Technically the sham guy should be disqualified from being a minister, since he is divorced. Lee Kuan Yew used to insist that no divorced persons be in the cabinet, but who listens to him nowadays.?

  9. Help the local SME to market the products and services overseas, and build a brand like the Rolex, Ikea, Apple, or Samsung etc.?

    1. How to help local business?

      Don't let GLCs and other quasi-governmental entities like NTUC dominate local markets using cosy relationships with government (subsidies, contracts, etc). South Korea's chaebols also have this dampening effect on their SMEs, but at least their chaebols achieve international success, unlike our GLCs. (Why? Good question... I am asking too. What's fundamentally different between Samsung, Hyundai, LG and Singtel, Singapore Technologies, SMRT, etc?)

      Have more social safety nets to encourage innovation? centralcatchment has some insightful comments on a local music forum about the link between safety nets and music. ...

      Look closely at drivers and dampeners of innovation in Singapore.

      1. Profit incentives - low taxes on business, low capital gains tax (Singapore got)

      2. Laws which allow protection of intellectual property (Singapore got)

      3. Reduce returns on rent-seeking behaviour so that business investment is more attractive than securing rentier rights (Singapore fail)

      4. Reduce speculative investment (e.g. housing), zero sum stock market trading etc, to make productive business investment relatively more attractive (Singapore fail)

      5. Improve safety nets so people feel safer becoming entrepreneuers and taking business risks (Singapore fail)

      6. Stop subsidizing (in various direct and indirect ways) gov't-related economic activity, so that private firms can compete on a level playing field (Singapore fail)

      7. Stop subsidizing labour cost (no labour intensive startup is going to make it big), so that tech-intensive business models can compete against labour-intensive business models (Singapore fail)

      These failures are IMHO why Singapore doesn't produce strong SMEs. The environment isn't conducive to their emergence.

  10. The tight labour markets mean lot of cheap foreigners markets?

  11. Nothing is ever what it seems...believe me! Great invisible powers and invisible forces are at play always. Media is a very powerful tool! All powers want to control media (and minds) as much as they can since beginning of time.

  12. Used the profits from the massive profits the casinos & $260 billions foreign reserves and indirect taxes, to market the local SME worldwide?

    Engage international marketing/medias experts for branding our local SME, so as to less rely on the 2 millions cheap foreign workers in Singapore?

    So that local workers can enljoy higher wages and to reduce the wages gaps and work life balance?

  13. Sorry to throw cold water folks, I think the PAPIGS want us to protest very loud so they can blame the people when the economic collapse arrive, which is probably less than 2 years away, maybe in 2014. Singapore's credit bubble is where USA was in 2006 - at the edge of precipice and the PAPIGS knows it so they try to elicit a strong pushback to their "FT and other pro-business policies". We all know what came after 2006, I have repeated enough that "big and bankers money" has been charging out of Singapore GOvernment Bonds while the MAS keep buying back to support - since Dec 2012. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    Anyone doubting Singapore is in the last stage of a credit bubble only need to contemplate Singapore vs CHina: in 2012, China's bank debt grew 17% vs GDP growth of 7.8%; for red dot, the bank debt grew 16% for GDP growth of just 1.5%. Just think about how red dot compares to the bubbliest of big countries and you will not hesistate to get out of all Sing dollar securities asap.

    imagine in 2011, credit grew 30% while nominal GDP grew less than 10%; in 2012 credot still grew 16% while nominal GDP grew less than 5%. For comparison, China;s credit grew 17% in 2012, but their nominal GDP grew 12%.

    1. Very interesting bro. Where can I go on the internet to find info/analysis on Singapore like this? Can intro?

  14. This is probably what happened when the Papigs did not share enough of their pie with our Indian comrades hence the noise. Just look at the countable handful of Indian CEOs & directors in our GLCs.

    No money no honey. It happened in Malaysia. Singapore not really that much different.

  15. Nordic countries with very well run economy reasonably paid ministers, which is around ten percents of our ministers' pay?

    They have free education till graduate, retrenchment benefits, work life balance, little foreign workers, heavily subsidised health care system, good old age benefits, low wages gap, high standard of living, high birth rates?

      The more money we pay our Millionaire Ministers;
      The more lousy our lives become?

  16. They signed the CECA with India, amongst other things, to facilitate Singapore companies to expand into India ("providing a good destination for Singaporean investors"), and allow Indian companies and workers to flood into this red dot ("a large base of skilled, English speaking workers in IT and other professions - both through outsourcing processes and emigration").

    That's why there are 200,000 Indian PMETs here, in IT, banking etc, and counting. Does this benefit the ordinary joe here, or businesses? What do you think?

  17. come on ...... this is part of the big wayang of the pap using the msm

    THESE ARE NOT LIVE BROADCAST .... using prepared scripts wich are already vetted and approved for dafts audience

    nice try lee hsien loong .... more please

  18. Should our ministers pays follow the Swiss, Finnish, Danish, Swedish & New Zealander ministers pays to reduce the income gaps and model against their social programs, to raise our standard of living? To develop our own economy?

  19. Since civil servants are paid a pension.
    Maybe gahmen should charge erp and COE on civil servants who live beyond 10 years after retirement.

  20. Must be "good" for tatler. The comments occupy 2/3 of the page.

  21. How come only Singapore have these types of problems, cheap foreign workers not available, companies will close down, move away lead to job losses.

    We thought the locals can take over and have better paying jobs? How come other countries don't have this types of problems only Singapore have? Other advanced countries usually employ local workers?

    We thought if cheap workers move away, companies can employ high value local workers, train them to be mulit-skills and develop them?