Thursday, March 14, 2013

Different Folks, Different Tastes

Anyone remember the hullabaloo when Director of Creative Insurgence, Aaghir Yadav, tried to organise Singapore's First Chapel Party at Chjimes on Saturday 7 April, eve of Easter Sunday? The controversy then was show casing young women (un)dressed in skimpy nun-like habits. Poor sod had to capitulate and apologise, "We would like to reiterate that we used no religious symbolism in any of our marketing and promotional materials and had no intention to cause any upset."

The Pangaea at Marina Bay Sands, an exclusive club that targets the super rich and famous, seems to have something lined up for eve of Saint Patrick's Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig, "the Day of the Festival of Patrick") which is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March.

The hoity-toity club was featured in Malaysia’s Bernama recently, in an article about Asia’s most expensive drink which can be imbibed for a whopping S$32,000. A concoction of gold-flecked Hennessey brandy, 1985 vintage Krug champagne and sugar, the cocktail is garnished with a Triple X 1-carat diamond from Switzerland-based jeweler Mouawad.

A garnish is an item or substance used as a decoration or embellishment accompanying a prepared food dish or drink. In many cases, it may give added or contrasting flavor. But what does diamond taste like? During a visit to the outskirts of Fukushima, a Japanese inn keeper who was last here when Singapore was Syonanto (昭南島) presented us a bottle of sake with gold flakes added, which is called Kinpaku-iri. We never got round to (dare) drinking it, kept it as a conversation piece. Just as well, apparently the sake used for this exorbitant practice is not usually top-grade alcoholic beverage.

What could pique our interest is how the organisers plan to verify the ladies' colour choice for the veiling of their nether regions. St Patrick's Day is all about wearing green. Will rumbustious lasses, alcohol fuelled,  resorting to colour dye or body paint pass muster?  Bluenoses demanding restraint should forget about Adam Lambert's stage antics, this is the real low-down on attention seeking in Sin City.



  2. Green panties.
    I like.
    Same as colour of money.

    Maybe that's what MIWs wear underneath their white uniform?

  3. Are they looking to hire bouncers for the night?

  4. Spend the revenues from the Casinos, $260 billions in foreign reserves, Rental, COE, ERP, GST, Sales of Properties & levies etc. to develop Singapore into the most creatives nation in the world for the locals, increase the birth rate, standard of living, engage worldwide consultants to develop and market the SME products worldwide, narrow the income gaps? Free educations till tertiary, training for the SME bosses and local workers? Engaged worldwide international recognised designers to design our products and increase our tourist and increase the yield of tourists?

    We now don't have the facilities and infrastructures to support 5.3 millions people and possibly 20 millions tourists, we want 6.9 millions people?

  5. Tax these buggers, who flaunt their obscene wealth, till it hurts. Pay the price for using Sin City for their excesses and debauchery, pushing the locals into penury. 20% GST for the $32K cocktail concoction or Ferrarri - and 0% GST for essentials? Remember what started the French Revolution and the Arab Spring. Can the deaf frogs hear, or are they also party to this hors d'oeuvre?

    1. tax the rich buggers?
      You think a PAP gahmen will do that?

      We'll be lucky if they don't tax us ordinary folk a tax levy for every rich person that flies into Singapore.

      In PAP Singapore, the poor must subsidize the rich.

    2. Taxing or getting them to pay will only send a signal that we can be bought.

      Are we prostitutes?


      In 2008: "Singapore abolished Estate Tax, which it had inherited during the British era. The move will encourage Singapore to become a attractive place for wealth to be invested and built up, whether by Singaporeans or foreigners."

      The rich come here not only to live it up, but to keep their wealth even when they die! Sin City is not only a tax haven, it is a tax heaven. This government has already prostituted us.

    4. Prostitute all....3/15/2013 10:46 AM

      Yes, indeed.

      "do you all want it up deep behind?"
      Yes! Yes! said the customers..(people)

      "well, we have such a service... just pay for it.
      And they did pay $92,000 just for the paper...

      "do you want it in your mouth too?"
      Yes! Yes! said the people..

      "well, you can have that if you pay for it"
      and they paid the GST every day... and with lots of satisfaction too!

  6. The deaf frogs are only too happy to inspect the undercarriage.

  7. Would our two Syonanto veterans have heard of this innkeeper?

  8. More than a few lawyers were pssing from their pants this week when they read the following revelation on US tax cheats "accidentally nabbed by US Tax folks IRS.

    By now folks here would be cynical whenever they read the word "accidental" when it comes to US tax cheats. More like all the "trusts" which are "vehicles" set up by lawyers to "invest" wealth of people who does not wish to be taxed, have finally been forced by IRS on threat of sanctions, to once again hand over the names of the 1400 newly minted billionaires since Lehman crisis (you read correctly, times are tough but money printing does generate wealth for some people).

    According to the special article on Offshore Vehicles in The Economist a few weeks back, Singapore is the largest trust centre in the world, No doubt, apart from Senator Baucus' meeting on Shane Todd's mysterious death, the foreign minister and entourage (all flying solitaire please) would be keen to learn first hand from the US IRS on the implications of the latest demise of the formely impregnable "Swiss trust" for "trusty" Singapore as a tax-"avoidance" centre for the rich and infamous. Hang on zillionaires, what uncle sam can do, France, Greece, all Europe, India and China would be able to replicate. Enjoy the scenic ride to the red dot while it lasted, the taxmen are coming after you!


      So many people are on the run. Looks like they will be drinking to each other as the institution made it as opaque as they possibly can.

    2. Used to be just bahasa indonesia one hears in those Orchard rd LV shops, now it's a tower of babel - "shanghainese", shandong, szechuanese and when people from backwater Anhui or Inner Mongolia turn up, you know some of those $500b fleeing the new PRC masters is on the move. Pity we are the ones furthest from the money, for surely those closest to the printing presses are living it up.

  9. Chimjes Chapel party is playground for the kindergartens.

    Pangaea club has seen world celebrities and royalties from Madonna, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bill Clinton, Jennifer Lo, Nicholas Cage, Prince Harry etc..

    If it's good enough for them, is good enough for our Millionaire Politicians so their dignity is not affected. You don't make it the hollywood "Insider" movie without being an insider to begin with.

  10. Facts speak for itself3/14/2013 7:54 PM

    Let's look at the stats tax contributions:-

    USA Top 10% contribute 45%
    OECD Top 10% contribute 31.6%

    SGP Top 11% contribute 80% of PIT
    SGP Top 1.5% contribute 38% of PIT

    This island is clear evidence that the rich are already dominating and demanding that you build more for them. First Sentosa island, then fancy clubs and cars, race tracks and casinos. What else have you not seen or got used yet?

    1. Are we better off now, with all these fat cats here and sky-rocketing prices, or were we better off 10 and more years ago?

    2. Good facts.

      We the 90% are not better off, but the ministers and top civil service and the 30 year old admin service scholars who table all the policy papers to cabinet, their salaries are pegged to the top 6 and top 25 taxpayers. They are having a good life, time to know the facts, and spread it to those speaking on 1 May at the gathering. The pity about this red dot is that people are lazy to think, and lazy to ask. But one cannot have one-man-one vote if the majority of voters only care about the $400 GST rebate to decide who to vote for.

  11. Looks like our leaders are prepared to close one eye if the corrupted ones from PRC, Indonesia or anywhere bring their ill-gotten wealth to the shores of SINgapore. These are the ones these clubs are trying to targetting.

    There are already signs that the MIW are dumping their white uniform. No need to be hypocrite anymore.

  12. Now Sin is infested with White Collar Crooks.

  13. It is so easy to rid china of corruption. Just plant a spy in those luxury shops or clubs and catch them. Maybe once you figure why they do not do it, you will know who these people are related to. Some many poor people dying of hunger in china yet so many rich ones here. When will they ever learn?

  14. "Singapore, he says, is another matter. This is where he says the rich feel, well, rich, and unusually secure. And where they seem to know only one common language, the language of excess—"-This is real sweet music to Pappies who tot that they were the greatest in creating this sin city,Peanuts King Goh would be proudly whispering to his sinful friends- we are the most clever and creative!