Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Damsels In Distress

Class 95 FM plays old songs like "Papa Don't Preach" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Whether you listen to Madonna or Cyndi Lauper, you can get into trouble with the law. Even if you wear a skirt.

Amy Cheong was driven bonkers by the ruckus in the void deck. If she had bitched about the decibel level in another country, she could have earned herself a fatwa. But in multi-racial Singapore, she was castigated in one single day in October 2012 by the likes of Tan Chuan-Jin (1.30 pm), Tharman (4.30 pm), Shanmugam (5.30 pm) and Lee Hsien Loong (6.30 pm). When "Zorro" Lim Swee Say personally sacked the NTUC Assistant Director of Membership, Singapore permanent resident Amy decided to take refuge in quieter Perth. Long after apple polisher Lionel de Souza, secretary of the Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle made a police report, Cheong was issued a "stern warning" via long distance and the case was closed. Time for the wheel of justice to turn: approx 5 months.

Ms Lo, a.k.a. "Sticker Lady", ran afoul of the law when she spray painted "My Grandfather Road" on a section between Robinson Road and Maxwell Road in May 2012. And she tickled the funny bones of many with circular stickers captioned with Singapore truisms like "Anyhow Press Police Catch" and "Anyhow Paste Kena Fine".  She will be charged in court, after about 9 months, for 15 counts of mischief. She was originally arrested for vandalism on June 3, which implied caning as potential punishment, except she's a girl, unlike poor Michael Faye. Whether the intervention by Law Minister K Shanmugam changed the course of events is unconfirmed. His ex-wife Jothie Rajah, writing in her book "Authorian Rule of Law", opines that justice here tends to be politically motivated, citing examples like:
- Vandalism Act was aimed at Barisan Socialis’ street messaging;
- Newspaper and Printing Presses Act 1974 was aimed at securing control of the print media;
- Legal Profession (Amendment) Act was aimed at the Law Society’s criticism of the government’s attempt to extend controls to foreign media;
- Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act 1991 was aimed at the 1987/1988 detentions of social justice activists who supposedly had the support of the Catholic Church;
- Public Order Act 2009 was aimed at the pesky streetside protests of opposition leader Chee Soon Juan, who was fast gaining (foreign) media attention.

Lynn Lee, who left The Straits Times in October 2011 after 8 long years, was named in a Wikileaks release. It quoted her exchange with a political officer of the US Embassy in 2008, saying she would “never write about racially-sensitive issues”. What she did say was she would not want to write articles containing racially-charged remarks that could incite hatred or create rifts within society. Her filmed interview about SMRT bus drivers' complaints (alleged police quote:“Do you know I can dig a hole and bury you? No one will be able to find you.”) has landed her in hot soup. In February the plainclothes policemen who attempted to confiscate her phone, laptop and iMac in search of footage of the interviews could not tell her which section of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) authorised them to effect the seizure of private property. The Ministry of Home Affairs has said the authorities are investigating and taking a serious view of the allegations of police brutality. But pressed for explanation in parliament, Senior Minister of State for Law Indranee Rajah would only mouth, “So the intention is not to not give an answer". Male or female, the high handedness is much in evidence.


  1. Yo, Mr.Tattler, loved your commentaries all this while.

    Just take note the pic of Amy Cheong is not the right one, the one you have is of a local actress, Amy Cheng, if I'm not mistaken.

  2. I second Anon at 1.25 pm. Tattler, please remove Amy Cheng's picture before you get into hot soup with her!

    1. Phew! That was close!

    2. Luckily you didn't use Amy K--r's photo by mistake, otherwise, all hell would have broken loose!

    3. Tattler was merely testing his readers to see if they were perceptive enough. :)

  3. Wow, looks like bar-top dancing was as far as they would go, but occasional distractions such as the "immoral vs corrupt" philosophical debates or that that UBS clown who pleaded amnesia about changing condoms in thousand dollar trysts (twice with the same whore in 6 star hotels, if you don't mind me remind you! even sexually impotent old farts would remember right?). On the other hand, murderer-turned-Romanian diplomats, nose-breaking kiwi traders and "construction-worker attacking frog-leg eaters receive .... well so much for rule by law. But the other prof, Linda Lim is correct, policies economic or legal, are what we shud focus on, not the FTs, on the other hand hor.....

  4. The only reason why Ms Cheng got scot-free is because she's holding an australian passport.

    The only reasons for Ms Lee and Ms Lo is facing different treatments and outcomes is because they hold a singaporean passport.

    This is My Grandfather's laws.

  5. Stupid guys who play their balls (oops marbles) right, continue to draw 6-digit salaries as consultants long after their retirements. Ha ha ha.

  6. I am actually quite confused about the powers of our Law Minister. Is it more of his responsiblity to make sure we do not have ambiguous laws in our country ? Or is it also his responsiblity to step in to decide pre-maturely whether any accused person can be prosecuted or not ? If it is indeed his responsibility, do we still need the police & the judges ?

    So is it not a conflict of interest for the Sticker Lady's friend to approach the Law Minister because he happens to be his friend ? This is the impression I got from reading from the ST.

    If what is reported is true, then it must be really worthwhile to count the Law Minister as a personal friend, isn't it ?

  7. You want to befriend the Law Minister?

    He is oso the Foreign Minister with top foreign dignitaries to court. If he has time for his spouse and children, it is oredi a wonder.

    How to give time to one looking for guangxi(connection)?

  8. I am adding him as a fiend on FB...............does that count:)

  9. What' s so difficult!
    Just volunteer to do grassroot service for him, be his pet and stay by his side during MPS.

    Easy does it.

    1. JOKE
      The difficult part is dropping your pants & bending over.
      Not allowed to use KY jelly you know.