Thursday, January 23, 2014

Much Ado About Anton

There Is Always A Choice
Writing in his new book "Selalu Ada Pilihan" (There Is Always A Choice), President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono recalls the shock of being told he could only achieve one third of what he set out to do for his country. "When I heard this, I was taken aback. I momentarily thought: Why is this friend of Indonesia inclined to think less of his abilities and of the government I lead?"

True to character, it was Lee Kuan Yew who volunteered his unsolicited opinion, "But remember, the problems that need to be overcome are very complex. Even if you put in your best effort, in these five years, you will probably be able to resolve about 30 to 40 per cent only." Makes you wonder what advice he gave his own son when the Dragon Prince ascended the throne in 2004. He has had double the time afforded to Dr Yudhoyono, and has the cheek to want to be around for another 20 years. Thanks to his cultivation of the high net worth individuals, we have the Anton problem.

“In fact, if I can get another 10 billionaires to move to Singapore and set up their base here, my Gini coefficient will get worse but I think Singaporeans will be better off, because they will bring in business, bring in opportunities, open new doors and create new jobs, and I think that is the attitude with which we must approach this problem.” (Lee Hsien Loong at the inaugural DBS Asia Leadership Dialogue, 5 July 2013).

Singapore has one of the world's highest annual GDP per capita incomes with official data showing it stood at $65,048 in 2012. And Anton Casey is merely fulfilling the prime minister's master plans to pack in the billionaires. So what if "my Gini coefficient will get worse"? There's always the ioniser in the Porsche to neutralise the stench from the public transportation system.

Instead of blowing $387 million on the Youth Olympic Games - which Vivian Balakrishnan threatened to do all over again - to put Singapore on the world map, Casey achieved much more with less expenditure. The publicity generated exceed even the F-1 night race fever, with free coverage in:
Daily Mail
The Independent
London Evening Standard
The Times
The Telegraph
The Australian
AU News
Gulf Times
Arab News
The UAE National
South Africa Independent Online
The Times of India
South China Morning Post
HK Standard

Don't be surprised if a National Day Award is already lined up, and wife and kid will be featured at the National Day Rally speech. Then again, you may beg to differ with the PM's attitude with which we must approach the Anton contribution. In that case, remember the Indonesian president's book title - "Selalu Ada Pilihan".


  1. hullo, anton is no billionaire, as your piece implies. if he is a B, then he's playing it very low-key, with a Cheapo fast car, his Porsche, and just ONE car. note that he had to - omigod - take public transport. he didn't drag out the lambo, the lexus, not even a cherry, to get around while the porsche was in the workshop.

    actually it's time to get back to the attitudes of old, where boasting about or showing off your wealth was totally Not On, and indicated you were uncouth and uneducated.

  2. Now that PAP is now widely perceived as the worst that we ever had especially from the point of excessive greed, just wonder what % had they managed to resolve?

    Is it even worse than that 30~40% predicted for the Indonesian President with so many of our problems remaining not only unresolved but getting much worse and worse ?

    If the old man is really that good, we should not really end up in such a sorry state of affairs, isn't it? CPF cannot take out, housing having to go back to building 1-room & 2-room flats, medical treatment long queue, shortage of hospital beds, trains frequent breakdown, etc, etc, as if we are one of those backward undeveloped countries.

    1. Grass Mud Horse1/23/2014 2:39 PM

      That's why Singaporeans workers are the unhappiest in Asia lah. Everybody wants to quit because they are working for nothing while squillion of dollars are spent on 'financially ail' and stinking transportation companies.


  3. Every singaporeans should go down to Dakota station and drink the $12 pint from Tuckshop, in solidarity with all poor singaporeans.

    Now, will the real wanker, Anton Stasey please go claim for your pint for $120? Premiums specially reserved for super wankers that our PM Lee so openly welcomed.

    1. Not so poor real Singaporeans drink at the neighbourhood coffeeshop, where a bottle (more than a pint) is about half the price.

      Poor Singaporeans, thanks to V Bala, can still drink from the tap if the utility bill is paid.


  4. Didn't that Forbes economist also agreed with our PM Lee that SG aren't doing enough to attract HNWI ? But strangely, our Govt mouthpiece only disagreed with him on our slippery slide to Iceland status.

  5. Ya, "Selalu Ada Pilihan" di 2016. Selamat siang.

  6. Why do we serve NS to deter foreign threats and yet import such foreign shit to insult us in the face? The problem is with the government of the day who tolerates such behaviour. A word or action from the right person would have stopped such boorish attitude long ago. No sane foreigner in Dubai would have dared to even think about it.

  7. Where is the sincerity in engaging a PR firm to issue apology for you? What 'exactly' was he thinking when he said what he said about poor sinkies and stinking MRT train rides? What is his explanation? Just giving out blanket statement is no sign of a real apology that is just fanning and prolonging the anger.

  8. Singapore - the 21st Century version of Shanghai's exclusive foreign concessions a.k.a Shanghai International Settlement.

  9. The netizens have given negative opinions & anger on Pinky's management. I have yet to hear what old man has to say about Pinky.

    1. Line from a top official is; 'We, Singaporeans, can be bigger than that'. So there, and all previously prosecuted transgressors and 'defamers' will be forgiven and money fully refunded.
      All is well in the world.

    2. 'We, Singaporeans, can be bigger than that'.

      If only these same Ministers had the balls to give this advice to the old man & his son or even walk their talk, I'm sure our Singapore would have been a much better place for all of us.

      Open & inclusive, my foot. Hypocrites!

  10. Since all our problems stem from overpopulation, reduce the number of foreigners, starting with this wuss. The delusory retards that rule this red dot think they have a boundless land mass equal to their humongous ambition.

    With a "friend of Indonesia" like LKY, who is arming this tiny rock to the teeth against it's northern and southern neighbours, SBY doesn't need any enemy. Notice how free the father and son are at giving advice and belittling others, but when the boot is on the other foot, they are quick to get their ire and moral indignation up.

  11. In today's enlightened world no leader of any country would embrace trickle down economics except the PM. Even the Chinese leaders are concerned about the disastrous effects of inequality. Read Joseph Stiglitz's book, The Price Of Inequality.( The irony of the government's decision to increase our contribution to the World Bank to alleviate world poverty is not lost.) As Stiglitz said, trickle down economics does not work, trickle up economics may. We cannot afford to have leaders who still believe that billionaires will create jobs. Time for change.

  12. “In fact, if I can get another 10 billionaires to move to Singapore and set up their base here, my Gini coefficient will get worse but I think Singaporeans will be better off, because they will bring in business, bring in opportunities, open new doors and create new jobs, and I think that is the attitude with which we must approach this problem.” (Lee Hsien Loong at the inaugural DBS Asia Leadership Dialogue, 5 July 2013).

    1. Is this true?
    The salaries of LHL and his Millionaire Ministers are tied to the top earners in Singapore.
    More billionaires in Singapore.
    Higher salaries for all the PAP Millionaire Ministers.

    2. Is this true?
    LHL has yet to provide any proof that all these new billionaires-in-Singapore "bring in business, bring in opportunities, open new doors and create new jobs."

    3. Is this true?
    The salaries of LHL and his PAP Millionaire Ministers guarantee go up.
    But no proof yet of any benefits for Singaporeans.

  13. What do you call a Chinese guy working for the Japanese Imperial Army in World War Two?
    Do you call him a Chinese Traitor?

    Would you want to trust a political party founded by a Chinese Traitor?

    Do you think you will treated better than a Foreigner by this political party that was founded by a Chinese Traitor?

    1. Wonder if he can still recite the Chinese National Anthem - as a kind of redemption song.

    2. Let the CCP and the KMT deal with that.

  14. Going be results, this man needs to take over stb

    1. There is only one thing worst than bad publicity - and that is, no publicity. Win win all round. Cool.

  15. "Casey achieved much more with less expenditure"

    Sigh.. how true, our local talent Baey's created publicity is nothing compare to this foreign talent

  16. Funny how is it that it was Mr Shan who came out and get 'offended' by Mr Casey's remarks?

    Shouldn't it be Mr Kishore who come out to retort him that Singapore has no dead poor ?! Why the wuss now?

  17. hmmm...

    an observant internet warrior spotted (kind of obvious when you think over it a bit)...the kid in the wuss youtube background of anton making the typical "chinky" "chinese" facial expressions (squeezy small eyes & etc)...he also noted in previous other pictures/images anton's son face/facial expression is normal...except in this wuss youtbe...

    Did Anton in this specific case put to the son to make that facial expressions on that youtube of his stating everyone else is a wuss except him? If you look at it has a racist slant to it...

    I wonder....for the past 11 years...and "i don't understand this people" and that wuss youtube....surely the gov't can't tolerate such bigots in Singapore or it really can?

    If the gov't is a very sad day for singapore.

    1. hmm...

      So the little boy is not so "innocent" after all.
      They do say, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    2. The antics reflect more on the values and upbringing of Anton and Bernice. Surely the 5-year old cannot be the one posting those facebook entries. And even if he did, shouldn't the parents tell him off or stop him? Instead of going along with it.

      I hope the family bought one-way tickets to Perth.

      No thanks, we don't want you back to do community service. Oh, maybe, you can be a conductor inside the train every morning peak hour to smell the arm pits of commuters. For every week day of your living in Singapore.