Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Put It To Rest, Please

Eugenics: his social philosophy
Dr Lee Wei Ling should really stop telling tales. She may not realise it, her frank candor could unravel the intricate tapestry of pagan worship being crafted by the state propaganda machinery (TODAY Special Issue, 5 Apr 2015, "Farewell Papa, I Will Miss You").

On the plus side, the victims of Operation Cold Store and Spectrum gets to be consoled that their wretched tormentor was suffering miserably during his last five years as dictator. We now know he developed Parkinson's disease 3 years ago, which limited his mobility, but not accessibility to his full MP allowance. Too proud to be sighted in a wheelchair, he misused his security officers (SOs, pronounced ass-holes) as human walking sticks. Perennially plagued by bouts of hiccups, he could swallow solids and liquids only with great difficulty. Rest of us had to swallow his insults and castigations for decades.

The once vaunted thinking prowess must have been adversely affected too. His internet research led to use of rabbit skin and chicken feathers to induce sneezing, surely an unorthodox therapy for curing hiccups. He entertained other weird theories too, like excessive food intake precipitates an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm and respiratory organs. And you thought stop-at-two was bad enough.

And we get to know the daughter was also technically challenged - papa once revealed that he doesn't do SMS because he "can't find the keys". To remove a SIM card from her BlackBerry, she had to call in the services of the expensive SOs, with the rank and pay scale of ASPs. And if she had problems sleeping, they get to keep her company too. Makes you wonder what else is in their job description.

The most awful revelation has to be this:
"Also, you have inherited my traits, but in such an exaggerated way that they are a disadvantage to you."

Suddenly it makes sense why the sissified image - some likened it to a caricature of Kuan Yin, the Godess of Compassion - captured by Mahathir's son-in-law, photographer Tara Sosrowardoyo, was so surreal. The same Mahathir who is calling Our Dear Leader kiasu (“Kuan Yew resigned but he was still there as senior minister and minister mentor..."), forever postponing the day of reckoning when hard truths will finally be unveiled. Doubtless, some will be calling it Mahathir's revenge.


  1. Her father admitted that someone once wanted to marry his daughter but did not say whether her daughter wanted to marry the man or not. What is the use of telling us someone wanted to marry her if she herself is not interested in marrying the man ?

    That is how father and daughter play with words as far as public sentiment is concerned.

  2. Haha....

    'Farewell Papa' should be private between child and dad.
    Why the Need to have it published?
    Without the Publicity, there's no bond between them? Or a show off of filial piety?


  3. We dont have royalty here.
    It makes good gossip to help SPH's revenue.

    Reminds me of Mick Jaegger

    1. I am grateful that she keeps to her writing words all these time. Imagine if she were to be public speaking, it will be very hard to watch. But alas, yes, she can put him to rest, for the good of the nation hor.

    2. What you meant was "hard to listen to". This is what she sounds like

    3. Yup, she should not be watched or heard.
      Just read in words will do.

  4. Why don't the Yew family keep their Singapore Fairy Tales to themselves.
    I'm sick & tired of their Yew-topia.

  5. Stop the hangover. Even the new liquor law is already in place!

    She needs to get a life and move on like she said.

    #simi-lky-day, lky card, lky airport, lky road, lky flower/tree,lky temple ....blah blah blah...we have enough. 50 years is a very loooong time and we want it to be a good riddance in our psyche.

    1. They even named a baby in Tamil Nadyew Jeyaprakash Lee Kuan Yew. Looks like they are treating him like a deity over there, can you believe it? Maybe because of the CECA lah, and you know how that screwed up our PMEs. Perhaps Leeyewprakash sound more Indian.

  6. What else is their job description? How about fetching hot towels for the sore limbs of that old autocrat?(As recounted by Tom Plate)

  7. Now it makes sense why Tara's pictures of LKY were selected. Just making sure his enemesis Dr M will be kinder in his eulogy lah. All these are part of indirect foreign relationship management. While Dr M could help to take a gentle jibe, it could have been worse.

  8. {{To remove a SIM card from her BlackBerry, she had to call in the services of the expensive SOs, with the rank and pay scale of ASPs. And if she had problems sleeping, they get to keep her company too. Makes you wonder what else is in their job description.}}

    How degrading could that be when those SOs were already dutifully watching/holding the ass of our Floundering Father to ensure that he didn't fall during a photo op session?

    Examples: LKY tree planting, LKY book launch at Istana, LKY at NDP 2014, LKY at PAP60 convention.

    The photos are out there in the public domain. See for yourself.

  9. Anymore of this and a few people will be driven to suicide. Please stop this myth making. He ain't Mandela or Gandhi

  10. HE is just an extremely shrewd and cunning traitor who betrays his political friends to get where he is today.

    Why is there no historical facts about what exactly did he translate for the Japanese during the war? Did he have to betray and indrectly cause deaths and killings of chinese people who were bravely fighting against Japanese soldiers?

  11. Whence Singapore becomes like a used condom, Singaporeans will then know what it is like.
    A new condom shall be needed.
    That's the Fate of the People in a fully utililized tiny rock.

  12. Just how many of us had our father live with us until 91 ripe and fortunate years? She's very fortunate and I believe she knows it. The media and the family should just quit flooding us (tru FB posts or paper articles) with more reminiscent stories before it gets too overly obvious they were using them to milk sympathy votes leading up to the next GE.