Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Singapore Police Brutality

We were house hunting for the company's branch office in Manila, when the Chinese Filipino agent told us to contact the condominium security in event of need for assistance - never, never call the police. Years ago, a friend of his who was kidnapped and released after the ransom was paid went to make a report. Imagine the horror when he saw one of his kidnappers in uniform at the station. Since then, the trust in the authorities had never been the same.

When Iskandar Bin Rahmat, a senior staff sergeant attached to Bedok Police Division, was charged with the brutal murders of Tan Boon Sin and his son Tan Chee Heong at their Hillside Drive home, then Police Commissioner Ng Joo Hee had said: "The public’s trust in the Police is the only reason why we are able to keep Singapore as safe as it is. This trust is hard-earned and must never be broken."

Iskandar was the police officer attending to elder victim Tan Boon Sin when latter had earlier made a police report in November 2012 over the theft of a safety deposit box at  CISCO.

Businessman Mr Lim was visibly shaken in his faith in the law when a gang of about 8 plainclothes police officers gatecrashed his drinking session with a group of friends at a nightclub in Hotel Rendzeous. He has the evidence of the roughhousing to prove it too: a broken nose that requires follow up treatment in a hospital for plastic surgery. The physical abuse stopped only when someone shouted, “bleeding already!” Unfortunately Dinesh Rahman did not have third party intervention, else he would be still alive today to bear witness of police brutality.

Lee Hsien Loong just happened to be boasting about our "tech-savvy" police when he wrote "No more 'I say/you say' dispute over what happened". He was referring to the new body cameras for front-line police officers he saw at the opening of the Police Operations Command Centre (POCC).

Obviously the thugs that took down an innocent Singaporean was not equipped with the all seeing device. Heck, they even flipped their identity tags over so they can hide in plain sight. And what did they say of the incident? - "disorderly behavior by speaking loud in the general public and assault on police officer for tugging at the lanyard of the officer". Does that mean that, in addition to the ubiquitous breath analyser test, we will all soon have to pass a decibel meter check?


  1. Policemen. What the heck happen to you guys? You behave like the people you are supposed to catch.

  2. Everything also banned here why do they need bodycams ? In hk their police force have them only after series of protests. Is LHL allowing more peaceful assembly other than hlp ? From 3to 4to5m population and not even an inch is given. Pffffft

  3. The police can hurt, demoralise and extract information that you never knew you had.

    And they can achieve this in as many ways... with absolute impunity. Try it or ask anyone who has spent more than kopi time with them.

    That is why people like Francis, Tang , Tan all ran away.
    Its a fate you will want to avoid... trust me.

  4. There have been many recent examples of police brutality in the USA too. It makes you wonder how many young men join the police force and related services not because of a desire to contribute to society, but because they're maladjusted and angry, and seek a job that gives them authority to make up for their inherent insecurities.

    To any policemen reading this: remember, your duty is to serve the public. Repeat, SERVE THE PUBLIC. Never forget this.

    If you joined the force because you wanted to exert control over or physically dominate people, you're in the wrong profession. Maybe you could consider a career in martial arts or something. Truly, you may want to consider seeking professional help too.

  5. Singapore is policing its people into oblivion.
    All that amount of cctvs around hdbs , car parks, public places , schools, even taxis conversations !
    I once found out a very old harmless looking Ah pek cycling in his bike following some foreign workers who are off duty on Sunday,just to spy on their activities in East coast. He admitted he was part of the RC eyes on the ground as volunteer.
    If these doesn't send chills to your spine what an Orwellian. State this has become, the Singaporeans truly deserved to be oppressed till Kingdom come.

  6. I have many Police friends and I believe they would not do such things. Perhaps these are newly joined who want to prove that they are capable or as Annon 12:26 said perhaps to use the Police Force for personal gains like exerting control over others.

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    Q: Why did Calvin Cheng cross the road?
    A: To get to the "correct" side.

    1. ha Ha!
      better would be:

      Q: What do you get when you cross an elephant with a sycophant?
      A: Calvin Cheng

    2. Calvin Cheng is not a yes-man.
      When his boss says "no", Calvin Cheng also says "no".

    3. Calvin Cheng should be given an award for being our best National Shoe Polisher. Even before the old man is declared officially dead, his facebook pic already declared black.

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    1. ha! ha! ha!
      dats a good 1!!

      thanx... made my day!

  9. Akin to cars installing in-vehicle camera to capture collisions, do we now need to mount Gopro cameras on our heads just in case we are faced with attacks from ....police or anyone ?

  10. Maybe like the Thaipusam procession case - somebody "wound the feelings of a police officer".

  11. Soon we will have our own Robocops. And the corresponding corrupt company that deploys them.
    Will Sci-fi become real life?


    Where is the money going to come from?
    And who are the suppliers?
    Will $2 companies be allowed to bid for the project?
    Why not make the information available to our personal smartphones instead?
    How does this benefit Singaporeans?

  13. I know there is strength in numbers, but 8 against 1, the same odds faced by Dinesh Rahman? Talk about overwhelming force. Now I know why we need 2000 more police officers.