Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stuff Of Nightmares

It's difficult to fathom the motive behind former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's tongue lashing, but one postulate has it that both he and his punching bag, current Prime Minister Najib Razak, risk being exposed, tried and jailed if opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) were to come to power.

Mahathir thinks Najib has at least two skeletons that can't be locked up in the cupboard forever. Najib's Strategic investment firm 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) has amassed debts of around RM41.9 billion (S$15.5 billion). There is also the affiliation to the sensational murder of Mongolian national Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa, whose beautiful body parts were obliterated by military grade C-4 explosives at a deserted area in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

If misapplication of public funds is a jailable offence, some Singapore politicians, and those politically affiliated, may soon be having sleepness nights. Top of the list heading for the Changi accommodation has to be the profligate who blew S$300 million on some kiddy game event. And then there's the short runt who paid global branding company Interbrand S$400,000 to rename Marina Bay as Marina Bay. We don't know, and may never know, what is the running tab for hosting the F1 night race, but whoever is bankrolling Ecclestone's lifestyle will ultimately have to account for the numbers one day.

But nobody got killed, right? Wrong. The family of the late Private Dominique Sarron Lee is not about to forget that “if the Training Safety Regulations (TSR) had been complied with, Pte Lee and his platoon mates would not have been subjected to smoke that was as dense as that during the incident, and… for as long as they were during the incident”. They are now taking legal action against MINDEF. Changi quarters may soon require expansion if justice is served on this island.


  1. Amazing Lee aka Amazing Grace
    Amazing LEE
    How GREAT the MAN,
    That saved a DAFT like me.
    I once was RICH, but now am POOR,
    COULD SEE, but now am blind.

    T’was LEE that taught my heart to fear.
    How precious did that LEE appear
    The hour I first believed.

    1. Wonderful lyrics, Sir! You captured the essence of it all. And what a tune to accompany the Sad Truths!

    2. Wonderful lyrics, Sir! You captured the essence of it all. And what a tune to accompany the Sad Truths!

  2. When the opposition takes control of the Parliament, they should force every past MPs and all local board members and senior managers to fully declare their personal wealth. I think you will see multiple skeletons rather quickly. Or maybe not. Many *elected* PAP MPs will likely pack their bags and leave the country right after the "freak" election.

  3. There is no need to leave. The 'freak election' is a code to mobilise the armed forces and unions to restore power back to the rightful rulers and the secret police to detain the newly elected.

  4. Lao Lee got his son appointed somehow. If the wooden Minister had blocked his son's rising to the top, wouldn't Lao Lee be as furious as the Mad hatter now ?

    Got the hint ? They are all part of the game, the conning game I mean.

    Maybe Najib is blocking MM'son from rising to the top, hence the fury ? Of course

  5. The Old Man had it all planned.

    He knew what shall happen.

  6. If the opposition ever gains control of parliament, they will face tremendous resistance to declare anything. It will not happen.
    There will be never ending court challenges to the parliamentary process etc... and it will never be reported by ST or Mediacorp.

    Cannot nail them... I would jump for joy if more than 2 can be nailed.

    1. If another strongman shows up but in the opposition camp, you will definitely see house cleaning in the Chinese tradition... LOL.

  7. That's the thing about the Singapore Army, lack of adult supervision. My experience during NS was awful, active units led by 19teen yr old platoon leaders and NCOs eager to prove themselves, and battalion commanders looking to get promoted. Honestly, how can a someone younger than 25 be given so much power when he doesn't have the judgment know when to stop. There is often no adult with a balanced view thinking about safety and what ifs. At the end of the day, its a training mission, IS IT worth risking life and limb? And for all the prancing about, everyone outside Singapore thinks the SAF is a joke anyhow.

    1. It's all wayang.
      LKY die already.
      And still the PAPig wayang of honouring LKY continues unabated and unashamed.
      The latest drama being demolishing LKY's house.
      Honestly, how many real Singaporeans give a fark?

    2. Why did he want his house demolished? What dark secrets and skeletons are there hidden inside which is so shameful and can't be shared?
      Does the 3 months sabbatical leave have anything to do with clearing cobwebs and skeletons in the house?

  8. Too bad misapplication of public funds is not a jailable offence, and even incompetence is rewarded. In the PRC they face a firing squad. But under Ah Loong's Administration they are rotated like a deck of cards, or even promoted, because he doesn't want to rock his sampan. The only ones who can sack them are the voters, but with all the wayang and dafts, nothing will change. As for the SAF coommanded by Paper Generals whose aspirations after their stints are cushy jobs in GLCs or politics, what can I say. Singapore is ruled by a Dynasty with authoritarian controls, unlike Malaysia which at least has a semblance of rivalry and not afraid to expose the skeletons in each other's cupboards.