Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Height Of Fabrication

"Town council dispute not political, says MND" is the new standard set of fabrications now foisted on us as gospel truth by the mainstream media. In like vein, a website has been shut down not because it has been accused of inciting anti-foreigner sentiments, but because "they chose to take their site offline". If that's not the height of ridicule, the subject of a Protection Order lodged by a certain pink blogger is joining in the chorus, "This wasn't a politically motivated action. We see it as a signal by the MDA to get online media to practice responsible journalism." This coming from the "satirical" group who published, "Dear XX, if you have high fever, will your plastic nose melt?"

The double standard gets more devious. On Thursday the court will deliberate on whether a child made offensive remarks against religion and circulated obscene images. Never mind if the world press knows better, that the real transgression was fleshing out the true horror story. As for the obscene image, singular, it was just vivid imagery of Margaret Thatcher's own wet dream, the lady who unashamedly declared, "He was never wrong," lying back and thinking of England Singapore. Compare that to a more wicked photoshop fail circulating online, a recognisable chap in a judge's wig buggering an under aged child. That's more than SG50 shades of undermining the judicial system, alleged pedophilia, and blemish of a cult figure in one go.

Before the advent of the internet, the former editor-in-chief of the The Straits Times (ST) Cheong Yip Seng had already faced the challenge of fabrications. In "OB Markers: My Straits Times Story" he defines "Out of Bounds" markers as the shifting line between which issues are 'sensitive' and which are not. "I will break your neck," Cheong describes Lee as telling him when a rookie reporter tried to make a case for not imposing an embargo on a nasty speech the Prime Minister had made. Now that the news is in the iClouds, watch out for falling bones.


  1. "So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."
    Padme Amadala/Natalie Portman, Star Wars Episode 3


  2. It's about politics when the GRC was conquered by oppies. Sales of financial accounting software to AIM (no one in their right mind will sell away their financial accounting software ever if it is obsolete), spaces taken up by PA, etc.

  3. Alex still says it best.

    //The PAP almost surely concluded after the jolt of the 2011 General Election results that they cannot be sanguine about their future political prospects unless they took greater control of the playing field. They first began by trying to inject their points of view into social media and online discussion – remember the party’s Internet Brigade? – but that failed miserably, and in the last three years, they’ve resorted to old-school licensing restrictions, bans and court action (including against me).

    Now, it doesn’t always have to be so. Plenty of political leaders in other countries, even when their election chances get parlous, would not dream of restricting liberties just to stay in power. They would go out to try harder to win more voters over.

    It seems to be fundamentally different here. Almost surely, the PAP knows they suck at winning votes (unless they really are delusional). They have no clue how to win hearts and minds, they have no confidence that they can succeed if the playing field is truly level. The PAP brand is really quite toxic. So they resort to tilting the field, to shutting down opposing voices, and resurrecting the politics of fear.//


  4. Bogus or not, why not shut down TRS when GE is near the corner. One less adversary to deal with.

    Leegit or not, why not take AHPETC to court when GE is near the corner. That way by the time case closes, the incident will be fresh on people's mind. One less contender to fix. If can't fix them, tarnish their image & credibility.

    Warrant or not, why not shut off those citizen critics by Roy, Amos and sundry. One less "troublemakers" to deal with better chances we have.

    From Media to Opposition to Citizens Critics, if people are still blind to the patterns they never fail to chook, they are truly the blind sheeple that needs to be herded for lambchops.

    There is absolutely nothing new you cannot anticipate from this crop of PAP 20th century style of prosecution. They just make everything more nuancedly legal and with sophistry.

  5. sophistry???? what sophistry?!?
    they are uncouth, and obviously so.
    the arguments put forward by their
    IB are so bad, only a fool would be
    taken in by them. u need a LOT of
    water to swallow even what their
    ministers say. even then, u gag.

  6. If that cartoon can also be regarded as obscene, then it must be true also they have never masturbated in their entire lives like how a certain Minister who unashamedly declared how he has never viewed pornography ever before in his whole life. You see if you believe him, then he must be the most pure person in this world.

    They still haven't learnt their lesson in their bullying of other people weaker them them, have they ? Just wondering WTF fuck did the Clown Prince ever apologise for if we were to believe all those fantasy wonders done by the father ?

  7. Which reminds me, if the certain pink lady blogger can put up serial protection orders "Pursuant to Chapter 6, Sect. 56, Paragraph 4 ... of an offence under section 10 of the Protection from Harassment Act 2014" (???), why can't Pinky (not the lady) apply the Protection Order against the 16 year old child first, instead of dragging him to Court? I thought the knuckle duster was buried over a month ago. Prosecuting children like adult criminals or terrorists for harmless rants .... someone must be going bananas. What will the whole world think of such a grotesque farce! I guess insecurity can make you do strange things.

    1. Barbie pink blogger fired the first salvo to help her master set a successful precedent for frivolous harrassment act. Once that is achieved, the next weapon is to shut down contentious website like TRS using the filmsy internet code of practice.

      Is all about setting precedents for frivolous acts/laws that the govt of the day can use -- all conveniently before the GE. Instilling more fear and censorships because they simply can't handle the truth, or don't even know how.

      Banning, censoring and jailing through such acts just make their job easier and make it go away, arbitrarily. Thats why this PM simply don't GET it.
      He thinks the 'software' he is trying to improve on is about software for smart nation..IT enabled. But people are talking about the quality and software of the society's and its people - the intangible values..like freedom of expression, civic engagement , union and workers rights etc..
      He can't give us What a Good Life is defined as in this first world nation like how the Swedish or Swiss can define what a Good Life and practitioner of its values. LHL's and Chan's definition of good life is the material aspects...job/salary/house/slavery...sama sama.

  8. If charging Amos is to clamp down on dissent, then I think it will backfire, because they are creating unnecessary controversies. Notice that the touch is not soft, but getting harder now. They are going after websites that are critical of them, having learnt in the last GE and By-elections how the internet can be decisive in the results. Even kids are internet savy and have their bones to pick now, garnered from the iCloud - forget the mainstream ass-licker media which is losing readership because of it's double standards and lack of credibility in "responsible journalism".

    Amos even as a child has shown principles (sadly lacking in many quarters)...and is unafraid to let a hundred flowers bloom, and a hundred schools of thought contend. Mayhaps we are seeing an Orchid Spring ......

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