Saturday, May 23, 2015

Please Let Them Go

It has to be clearest signal to date that the rare sighting of a member of parliament walking in your neighborhood is imminent. Health Minister and Minister-in-charge of Ageing Issues Gan Kim Yong announced yesterday (Friday 22 May) that more than 700,000 senior Singaporeans will receive a SG50 Seniors Package.

In line with party philosophy that trampolines are preferred to safety nets, even Ah Kong strickened with dementia has to solve the Cheryl type mathematical problem to earn the freebies.
  • Complimentary admission to Gardens By The Bay is good only from June to August;
  • Complementary admission to Jurong Bird Park good only for month of June;
  • Discount for selected performances at the Esplanade good only from August to November.
  • When will the General Elections be held?

Last night Lea Salonga performed beautifully to a sell out crowd. Mostly filipino fans. Even if you were one of the outnumbered Singaporeans lost in the spectacular sneak preview of People Power - it was as if the Esplanade was teleported to the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) - you are unlikely to enjoy a discount for the two night engagement.

Unless Salonga comes back again - in August to November window - to sing what she called the "ubiquitous song of 2014". She invited the rapturous audience to join in an impromptu karaoke session. The lyrics of the Frozen princess sing-a-long are all too familiar, but we thought it sounded awfully like:

Let them go, let them go
Can't tahan them anymore

Let them go, let them go
Turn away and slam the door
We don't care
what they're going to say
Enough of the wayang already.
We're determined to VTO anyway

with apologies to Lea


  1. JOKE:
    PAPig #1: Salonga? Lea?
    PAPig #2: None of your business.

  2. Lol..and so the discount and freebies are good only in election year 2015?

    1. no, not exactly, only good from now till day before cooling off period :), which will likely be just before the year-end school holiday begins. Cannot have GE during school holidays right? (because all the pappies supporters and civil servants and uniform wearers have so much bonuses they will be gone on thrice annual holidays to bahamas)

  3. Why not offer free hospital bed up to 3 days In December as I recall they inferred that demand are usually up during festive period when children "dump" their elderly for holidays? That truly is in the spirits of trampoline , no ?

  4. Imagine Ah Kong doing the trampoline - that's what they want the seniors to do for the freebies?

  5. I wonder what's next after all these cheapo giveaways? Maybe something more solid like "Funeral Package"? At least, it will help those who survive the PG.

    1. Do you want the following for next five years?
      -$100K car COEs,
      -$10K motorbike COEs
      -$6 Ban Mians, $2 kopi and teh
      -$1M HDBs
      -Forced to put even more money in the worthless CPF.
      -Stagnant salaries

      Or you do you want free admission tickets to some boring local attractions?

      Man, what a tough choice. :)

  6. Lets see how Sinkies take the Baits.

    Will they take the Hook, Sinker and Line, maybe even the Rod?

    Some are easily bought, some are naive and some are simply greedy of freebies.


    1. -Some are easily bought-
      thats about 20%

      --Some are naive-
      thats another 20%

      -Some simply greedy for freebies-
      -thats 20%

      Hey!.. they have the 60% already!
      Easy as pie.

  7. KNN you enforced medishield and raise premiums from the people so to pay the PG benefits. Then come and claim credit is PAPs goodwill? You must think we are really stupid. WTF are they doing with the piles of invisible monies in SWF!!?

    1. If we are lucky to still have SWFs lying around in the black. I won't be remotely surprised if the entire CPF is effectively bankrupt by this point thanks to zero accountability.

  8. I like your version of Let It Go!
    Great theme song to adopt for GE2015. Haha.

  9. Are Singaporeans Suffering the Same fate as Greeks?

    Foreign investment is of course common around the world and is generally seen as a good thing.
    Americans mostly like it, for instance, when Japanese investors bid up shares of US companies or Chinese expats pay above asking price for Manhattan apartments.
    With only a few exceptions we take the money and don’t look back.

    But there must be a limit, a point where foreign interests own so much of a country that they call the shots and the locals become in effect their serfs.
    Greece might be the test case that shows us where that point is, while helping to answer three other questions:

    How much of what’s happening today is part of a larger process in which less-developed countries are in effect tricked into borrowing unmanageable amounts of money and then looted by their creditors?

    Will Italy, Spain and Portugal suffer the same fate after Greece is fully looted?

    Are middle-class US families becoming Greece in microcosm, tricked into borrowing for college tuition, cars and houses and then forever obligated to send huge chunks of future earnings to their creditors?

    That the same dynamic is operating on both national and individual scales — and that the beneficiaries in each case are the same big banks — is curious indeed.


  10. If you were to look closely, what are the freebies?

    Except for a pitance of $50 cash, there rest are actually




    This is an official SCAM to help some PAPIG Linked Businessmen to make money out of the OLD FOLKS.

    1. Hard to believe.
      But there are stupid Singaporean parents & grandparents willing to sell their children into a lifetime of HDB flat mortgage/debt in exchange for these "discounts".

    2. Gardens By The Bay and Jurong Bird Park are mostly frequented by Tourists, and not packed to the rafters by locals. That's why they are called freebies.....because these complimentary admissions won't cost them a cent.

    3. Yup... I rather leave town and enjoy some cool temperatures up north in Japland.

      No GST
      No service charge
      Polite service
      Table service
      Very reasonable prices for quality ramen etc

      Yes, bring ah kong & ah ma too.

  11. As if taxing 5% GST is not enough, they want to tax your purchases when you spend yr money overseas upon return?! WTF are they thinking!! What rights do they have ? I paid air fare doe holidays etc and you want a cut of my goods? who ask you to be the most expensive city in the world?! Wake up lah PAP.

    1. It's the Vampire Tax.
      Because Singaporeans voted for it when we vote PAP.

    2. 5%. I wish it were 5% still lar. Give them one more round they'll up it to 20%. Must be like first world right. Except no need to spend on the public. Even larger budget surplus, what's wrong with collecting more money!?

  12. I served NS Can I also have a SAF funeral package also?

  13. Actually PAP should stop worrying about those who rant openly on the internet....PAP should worry about the quiet very angry ones who keep to themselves and daily the anger reaching volcanic levels....think about it PAPigs.