Friday, October 29, 2010

Do As We Say, Not As We Do

They may share the same surnames and political party affiliation, but each seems to have a different idea about the right age to stop work.

Speaking to reporters in Finland, Minister-in-charge of issues of ageing Lim Boon Heng, 63, is suggesting that the Singapore re-employment period to be extended to age 67. He said: "People are healthier and living longer, so they need more money so as to relieve the burden on their children and the Government." To support his thesis, he quotes Germany is increasing its statutory retirement age from 65 to 67 between 2012 and 2029, and Britain will raise state pension age to 66 in 2024 and eventually to 68 in 2044. However, countries do provide for their senior citizen's needs in the twilight years, such as free healthcare and welfare assistance sufficient for 3 meals in a hawker center, food court or restaurant. Just don't count on it in Singapore. For logistics manager Michael Loh, 59, he feels compelled to keep working "until the official retirement age", whatever that is, and accept whatever scraps offered piecemeal to him. Member of Parliament Charles Chong explains why: "we don't have much choice ... because if people are living longer, they won't have enough savings to last for 15 years if they retire when they are just 62 or 65". Longevity is reserved only for the rich.

Meanwhile in Singapore, Lim Swee Say, 56, is announcing plans to make it compulsory for top union leaders to "step down" at age 62. One of the 12 former union leaders who "gave up their post voluntarily" was general treasurer of Union of Power and Gas Employees Mohammed Salleh Kassim, 63, who had to fall in line, rationalising, "It's not wise to hold on to the post till the last day." Not for him the privilege of working longer even if his health permits. If he needs extra income, he'll just have to collect tin cans and cardboard boxes like the rest of the silver haired generation.

One Lim is born in 1954, and the other in 1947. Is it mere coincidence that both are advocating policy changes that are favorable to his own age grouping?


  1. Lim Sia Sway is borned 1954, meaning he is 56 year old.

  2. These 2 Lims aren't even talking to "each other" how to come out the same act or similar synergized policies...what the fish!!??

    Why are we paying these 2 kuku birds with their heads heads up their asses in the millions per annum again? One who seems to be getting literally fatter and fatter every year [too much good "living" and at whose expense again?] and the other who fantasized he is some frog who can't hear or coming out with self-palmed quotes and even worse wearing "zorro constumes to show he is some "hero of the people"....what the hell...these are called ministers of a country...more like mini-stars or wannebe actors or whatever others perceive them to be...

    I really give up.

    If GE don't change the way Singapore is heading...guess i have to leave then. Can't stay in a place where we have these kinds of "people-in-charge" whose past education / allowances / benefits / pension / rice bowls are paid with tax payers monies and the various other regressive taxes in singapore...and these people in charge are still talking thru their asses again and again...and only showing "salient" figures/facts to support whatever self serving BS policies many times have they done is too many...and way over-board..

    How many years can a people of a country tolerate this...well...if the people can continue to tolerate...i suppose then for me i got to leave...why stay in a country where you are not valued as a human being...where is the conscience?...

    i had enough of all these shitty nonsense and self serving craps. Really enough is enough.

    It is very sad to how and where this is going.

    For the infinite...they are too willing to sacrifice the infinite...

    Rather then taking the longer road not taken, they always take the easy and known shorter roads...

    No vison, no originality, no creativity and no true passion to serve the people and the country...just nothing...just empty spaces.

    To the final deteriment and permanent expense/damage of the whole in the end.

  3. If sinkies want to be led by the noses to their very own downfalls, let it be.
    They deserve to face the consequences of their own doings.

  4. "Meanwhile in Singapore, Lim Swee Say, 56, is announcing plans to make it compulsory for top union leaders to "step down" at age 62."

    Why top union leaders but not senior (should it be spelt "senile") politicians like LKY & GCT ? Looks like our ex-PMs will have permanent S$M contracts until the day they actually kick their buckets !

    By the way, how come the retirement age of our union leaders can be determined by a PAP politician like our zorro impostor ? Has the feet of our PAP Ministers grown too big for their shoes ?