Friday, October 8, 2010

He Spoke The Truth After All

The funeral at Mandai Crematorium was supposed to be a private affair, and it should have been conducted as originally planned. Let's just say some of the revelations may not have the effect intended.

Minister Mentor said these in his eulogy:
"She warned me that I could not trust my new-found associates, the left wing trade unionists led by Lim Chin Siong" - who else did she disapprove of, who ended up incarcerated, without due legal process?
"She was furious that he never sent their high school student helpers to canvass for me at Tanjong Pagar" - who and how were the objects of her fury "fixed"?
"She would sometimes warn me to be careful of certain persons" - by corollary, who in present day high office benefitted from her seal of approval?
""She told me that we will not succeed because the Umno Malay leaders had such different lifestyles and because their politics were communally based, on race and religion" - so will Goh Keng Swee finally be spared being the scapegoat for the separation from Malaysia?

As one of the "troublemakers" runned out of the country, Francis Seow's determination that "Behind all this grand scheme of things is the ... the Dragon Lady" could be easily dismissed as the vendetta of an embittered adversary or the obfuscation of a geriatic mind. It turns out that the man who was nearly passed over as Solicitor General because, as LKY told him, "You have been seen walking across High Street, hand in hand, with a woman who is not your wife," is as sharp as ever. As good as his choice of female companionship. Thanks to the human foible of procastination, the well thumbed copies of "To Catch A Tartar" and "The Media Enthralled" were not despatched to the Salvation Army donation bin. That would have been a double tragedy.

One question remains. Francis Seow: "She has been the one advising Lee Kuan Yew what to do, how to do it, etc." Juxtaposed against Lee's "Without her, I would be a different man, with a different life," does that mean he may finally "lighten up and smell the flowers", to borrow the words Li Xiuqi used for her post-stroke grandmother? There must be many of us who would rather treasure a softer, kinder image of the man.


  1. Somebody's else love may not be as fortunate as his.

    It has often been said in whispers that GKS was snubbed and passed over for many years because of GKS's profound love for a lady that just happen to be too young for his age and image at that time.

    It was quite unbelievable that for a man of GKS's stature and standing, there seems to be a complete blackout of his news for quite a no. of decades. It seems many people had the mistaken belief that GKS had died a long time ago and was quite suprised when the actual news broke out. I just wonder whether they had remained as comrades or friends til his dying days.

    Talking of true love, just imagine GKS must have given up and sacrificed a lot to be able to be close to the lady that he loves truly. It seems for some privileged people, they are not shy to tell the whole world about it whereas for others it is such a taboo subject that the main press does not even dare to utter a single word only until towards the end.

    What an unkind world it can be !

  2. How was GKS passed over? Thought he was Deputy Prime Minister what...

  3. There seems to be a blackout on news about Dr Toh Chin Chye too. Wonder why.

  4. The One to pass on later shall have a chance to deliver an eulogy to the Other. At the least, bid a farewell.
    History may have to be corrected, amended to make it(history) more factual as these important folks become ashes and dusts.