Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Make Him Angry, You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Angry

Singaporean lawyer M. Ravi had originally invited the local media to his humble office at People’s Park Centre on Tuesday, to clear up what he claimed were inaccuracies in the MSM reporting of his role and statements made in the ICA case of his former client, U.S citizen Kamari Kenyada Charlton. He was riled when the reporters pressed him to clarify that the issue of Kamari being wanted by the Interpol for an alleged phone scam was conveniently raised only after his visa case made the news.

But what supposedly turned him into an incredible hulk was when he sported a recording device that had been placed surreptitiously on the table. “I told reporters clearly that they could take notes, but they should not make recordings,” said Ravi. He was utterly pissed with their "crooked" journalistic procedure. The same "journalists" alleged  that he flung a glass onto his own table, shattering it (the glass, not the table). He did not reach across the table and slap anyone, only prima donna ministers in waiting do that. And no, he didn't turn green and grow 10 feet tall like the Marvel super hero, otherwise the table, and not the drinking glass, would have been smashed up. And the journalists would have made a mad rush run for the exit, instead of waiting for Ravi tell them to get the hell out of his office. Grandma always taught us that guests should never, never over stay their welcome.

Unfortunately for Ravi, as a practicing lawyer in Singapore, he is expected to behave like other lawyers in town, and grovel before the representatives of the official mouth piece.  Already, the President of the Law Society, Mr Wong Meng Meng, took immediate action, writing officially to him and the proprietor of the firm he works at, "to seek a full report, on an urgent basis, on what transpired.” You would have thought that Wong could render the professional courtesy of a simple phone call to a fellow solicitor and clear the air a bit, haze or no haze from Indonesian forest fires. Whatever happened to the courtesy campaign in Singapore?


  1. He did not reach across the table and slap anyone, only prima donna ministers in waiting do that.

    damned, nothing gets past you.

  2. people are waiting to nail him...and banish him.

  3. TSL spoke at a public forum that our Law Society became a dumb society ie. a society who never spoke about our laws.

    How come they never dared to write to the lawyer who must be the greatest bully of our times and who never behaved in a civilised manner reasonably expected from a professional lawyer ?