Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Scholar, an Officer, and a Gentleman

When a parent once asked Dr Ong the difference between independent schools and ordinary ones, he told her former are allowed to charge fees independently of Ministry of Education guidelines, i.e. if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

PAP MP Denise Phua said on national TV, "I think Mrs Lee is a personification of what I thought was not possible in women - to have it all." Some would say Dr Ong Teck Chin, principal of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) for 16 years, would be the male equivalent. Honours degree in Chemistry from NUS, doctorate from Oxford University, chairman of the Publications Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, an elder at Bethesda Church in Frankel estate - what do you give a guy who has everything? Gasp, surely not a boy toy?

Mr Richard Seow, chairman of the ACS Board of Governors, who announced the appointment of Mrs Fanny Tan, deputy principal of ACS(I) as acting principal of ACS(I) on Tuesday, also said the Board is currently looking into a complaint that has been directed at Dr Ong.

Apparently a biology teacher in his 30s contacted The Straits Times last Thursday and alleged the principal had "behaved inappropriately" towards him. His claims are purportedly backed by e-mail, text messages and recordings. Dr Ong had reduced his teaching duties and created a new position as his de facto personal aide, jetting off together on overseas trips to recruit foreign scholars. Yes, the foreigners competing with your ward for a place in the school are proactively sought and groomed by the principal. With the blessings of MOE. Paid out of your income taxes.

Ong, who handed in his letter of resignation abruptly on Saturday, 4 weeks before the end of the school year, in the midst of the students' final-year examinations, told the press, "I have been wanting to step down for a while. Do you know I had a bypass? Two years ago. I have done a lot for ACS and I want to move on." Well, if you have to go, you have to go. Not everyone subscribes to the work till you die credo.

The school grapevine has it that teachers were caught unawares with the developments - which had percolated through the sprawling Dover Road campus (School's Vision Statement: A Scholar, an Officer, and a Gentleman) - and they were unclear about the reasons behind Mr Ong's sudden exit. All they knew was that Dr Ong bowed out after the school's board of governors concluded a meeting on Saturday morning.

A parent whose son is in Secondary 1 said: "He is an educator, and this is a boys' school. If there is inappropriate behaviour, clearly this cannot be accepted. I would definitely want the boards to investigate and for the findings to be made public." The investigation is still on, but good luck about the "findings to be made public" part.


  1. You are right about about "findings to be made public" part. Please! This is Singapore.

  2. the parent who wanted the findings of the board to be made public sounds like a foreigner.

  3. In the words of a person with similar interest, 'it's a god-given nature'.


    Good Riddance after overstaying his welcome by 16 years.He was never liked since his first moment in ACS and his eldest son Marcus was caught with pornographic materials while he was studying in ACS .
    Ong Teck Chin also profited immensely from his position as the residential warden in ACS's Boarding School my moving his entire family into the special 2-foor unit where all rent and utilities are covered for him.He rented out his private house and within 4 years, his old Mercedes C Class was upgraded first to a Mercedes E Class and finally to a Mercedes S Class in the 90s.
    Now this BioChemistry Rhodes Scholar is caught with his pants down developing a chemistry with a male Bioloogy teacher.
    Ong Teck Chin has always been a proud & extremely superficial character and is known among the students in the 1990s to have swept many naughty scandals under the carpet during his first 8-10 years there.Glad that one of his personal scandal has caught up with him and most past ACSians are most glad to see the back of this unscrupulous hypocrite who insults Christianity each week during his 16 years in ACS with his shady leaning to homosexuality.We all knew something was wrong with this bloke but it took 16 years for the rest of Singapore to be alerted to the naked truth. Ong Teck Chin's day of reckoning is finally here and justice must be served by jailing this homosexual hypocrite and not by sweeping this scandalous affair underneath the carpet yet again.Good Riddance!

  5. What TT Durai is to NKF, Ong is to ACS(I). They should check the bathroom fittings in his Boarding School accommodation. But Durai was backed by that "peanuts woman" Mrs Goh, who is the "kajang puteh" behind Ong? Sigh, this is so typical of Singapore meritocracy at work.

  6. Ong Teck Chin must be punished for the inappropriate behaviour with his subordinate if that is proven to be true. However, he must not be punished for being a homosexual even if that is proven to be true. That is his own private affair for him to deal with his wife.

  7. When you attend church, remember, it is God you must worship. There are equal number of dirty people in the church as in the street.

    Hope your memory serves you well, an 'elder" of another mega-church was caught patronizing under-aged girl.

  8. There is no "kacang puteh" man backing Dr Ong but an entire "kacang puteh" syndicate backing him...namely the ACS Board of Governors!
    These people on the board are not there to serve the school or look out for the best interest for the boys. They do not listen to or react to what's happening in the schools and cannot be bothered about the boys'/teachers' points of views.
    A lot of things are covered up in the ACS schools...First, Dr Ong/ACS(I), then lesbo activities in ACJC... someone should check out ACS(Junior), the woman principal at the helm there is all about cronyism. In time, the entire school there will be taken over by her "own people"... No wonder one particular travel agent is awarded the tenders for most of the school's overseas trips!

  9. I guess u must be the old travel agent who was not awarded the contract!

  10. I met Teck Chin years ago when my sister attended his church and he was my temp teacher at RI before leaving for his Rhodes scholarship in Oxford. Seems like an earnest man but was definitely different when I met him at ACS(i) years later. Strangely enough he was sword of honour in his officer cadet class and I grow up with the wife and her brothers in the same neigbourhood and church. I can vouched for them(wife and brothers, great people). In fact one of my friends and I were talking about their youngest brother who is living in New Zealand and is pastor of a church there. Pretty sad if true. I guess people change with time.

  11. It is heard that he still continues with his evil ways of controlling, victimizing, threatening his staff with the words 'I will sack you if...' without knowing that every employee also has his/her own rights to stay or leave. This old man is too proud of his past achievement and thought that everyone must kowtow to him. Guess why he still employable in China is because all these blogs, comments are blocked and nobody could know about his misdeeds therefore he can continue to rule as he pleased.

  12. A friend of mine who works at his new school in China mentioned to me that he is cohabiting with a toy boy,whom he claims to be his god-son and "personal secretary". Some male teachers have also spoken about being victimised by his "inappropriate behaviours" (which are too obscene to be posted here) either at work or during his travel with them while sharing the same hotel room. I guess he continues his old ways albeit in a different location.

    1. Yes, there are also such problems in Bangkok.

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