Monday, May 2, 2011

Food For Thought

"From where did you buy the food?"
"The RC guys gave it to us."
[ Stage left; exeunt the general ]
"Oh! So sorry...."
"Thank you all for coming!"
"How many bus...?"
"One bus."
"Please don't take my picture!"
"We're not from Ang Mo Kio, we're from Redhill."
"So who asked you to come all the way here to Yio Chu Kang Stadium?"
"The RC people brought us by chartered bus."


  1. And you thought this could only happen in other Countries/City-States !

  2. These are precisely the ignorant, greedy and selfish people that will allow themselves to be bribed by freebies and cause PAP to be re-elected again and again.

  3. They said CC not RC. It makes a difference. Many times, the roots of the 'grassroots' have been labelled unfairly

  4. Reply to anonymous at 10:16,

    I do not think that we should label them ignorant, greedy and selfish as these words are to a large extent condescending and fail to accept that the motivations behind the individual voter varies.

  5. It was ridiculous that in order to chalk up the numbers, they had to "bao"(pack) these people from the community centers and RCs so as to make it look as if they were still popular.

  6. The people who hop on the RC-chartered buses for free food and drinks and souvenirs are the same people who (1) go around telling others that their vote is not secret and one can be "marked" by the PAP if they vote for the opposition; or (2) simply succumb to the PAP threats simply because MM says that their property prices will drop if the opposition gets elected. The saddest part about it is that it seems that the people who fall within this group are not only lower-educated senior citizens, but it seems that there are many misguided younger folks who ought to know better.

    Either way, I feel really sad for Singapore. And we call ourselves a developed country.

  7. How long can the make-believe support last?

    How productive are these folks that go around
    doing the 'wayang'(staged act)?

    How do Singaporeans view the Party that make use of these folks who me thinks are just out to kill their boredoms?


    how does associating the Party with these elderly and unemployed folks as supporters bring any value to the Party and the State??

    Contrast the Alternative Political Parties attracting highly professional people voluntarily to join them(political parties) to give the people and the country a better tomorrow with the Party giving joy rides to the free(nothing to do) folks to project Its'(the Party) popularity and we know Its'(the Party) decline is inevitable.


  8. Actually, technically despite its developed infrastructure and all, Singapore has a Third World mindset. This applies to wages, the lack of a welfare system to care for the underprivileged and unprivileged(under the assumption that everyone can work their way to success....what about those who CANNOT?), the preference for cheaper labour so as to cut costs (even if it means employing uneducated and inexperienced workers), union rights and so on. When you tell a people long enough that they need you, the incumbent, whether or not it is true, they will eventually take it as truth, because they think that there are no alternatives. Hence, we need to break that mould of thought.

  9. In future elections...i'm going to register a company providing "supporters"....SURE MAKE $ unless those in their group who currently selling furneral blankets also want a piece of the pie

  10. Who has certified Singapore as a first world country? With a high GDP does not mean it is a first world country. Likewise, who has certified that Singapore has good governance? Just look at the UN definition on good governance and you know Singapore is far from that. Singapore is still very much a third world country or the most better third world country. It has been self-proclaimed first world country, shame! All first world countries have democracy and never an one-party parliament. Have highest paper qualifications does not mean a person is educated. Likewise, Singapore is just like a very rich uneducated, uncultured person. It is in fact illegal to provide transport to ferry voters to polling station. I hope PAP will not do it. It shows it is a very sick party.

  11. What does one expect of a party that has its insidious tentacles in every facets of our life? In the last 50 years, we have allowed them to infiltrate the civil service, the unions, the mass media and many other institutions...they are the supreme example of "do as I say, not as I do"!

  12. If one were to look at the video, at least the aunties were speaking the truth and didn't lie.

    But our very own Prime Minister, LKY's son and the ex-Army head has to resort to this kind of tricks to fool the voters at Ang Mo Kio GRC ?

    Not only bribing voters, they are also bribing supporters with free food and transport to fake support for PAP. Does the PAP has any integrity or credibility left ? Will you still trust what our PM has to say to us ?

  13. Wonder where the budget for free shuttle service, free food and drinks come from? And not forgetting the money to organize Getai during these two three months, inviting the MPs on stage to sing and dance.

  14. Taxpayers' money of course! Fancy all that talk about us the generation X, Y and Z people being a footloose who are the ones dancing?

  15. Yes. Dear opposition parties, if you get into parliament on 8th May, please immediately carry out a surpise audit check on the funds used to ferry the aunties to the political party function. If it turned out that RC or CC funds are used, i.e. taxpayers money, then i think a police report should be lodged. A political party should not use tax payers money to further its own cause.

  16. It goes to show how pathetic the PAP is, deceiving the elderly folks into attending their rallies. This is definitely a PR disaster for the PAP, more so, when the ex Chief of Army Chan CS was caught on camera. I recall seeing this general speaking and acting like a clown not too long ago, and now he has done it again!

    I really wish there was some way to reach out to those elderly folks taken for a ride by the telling them the truth about the deception, convince them it is ok to eat the food provided by PAP but vote OPP on 7th May.
    In other words, deception begets deception.

    ps: those elderly folks have every right to scold the general in cantonese, "you little bastard with a wicked heart" LOL

  17. And this ex army chief will soon be elevated to a ministerial position...and he became an mp, how? Via the back door by hanging onto LKY's coat-tail. He may look like a clown and act like a clown, but he'll still become your multi-millionaire $ minister. Hahaha! Farce of a democracy in Singapore!