Friday, May 20, 2011

Too Despicable For Words

A simple "No" would have sufficed as an answer.


  1. well if we are to go down a true transparency and no-conflict-of-interest (some might say meritocracy) path, then it would serve singaporeans well if politicians state clearly whether rumors of DPM teo (a cousin) and WKS (relatives of the Kwa) plus many more were all true...will we ever get to see the day? I mean, PM kept saying he has problem finding good talents who want to serve (or be on this MIW team) not sure if that is to portend that by 2016, another son of the heir is going to be another "no choice" for singaporeans?

  2. If he was there as Army Chief, then isn't he in uniform as a MG? Someone from the army please enlighten moi. Thanks.

  3. "I didn't answer an earlier post on this because I don't think we shld be disrespectful by politicising a funeral."

    Is he daft? This is no ordinary funeral and it was politicised and milked for all its worth by the state media.

  4. Now it explains why he was parachuted into TP GRC. To hitch a ride into parliament on oldfart's coattail!
    Have to ask this clown to "kee chiu" if he agrees with me.

    *slowly but surely, the oldfart's system of selection is beginning to unravel*

  5. This is so sick.
    Reminds me of the insurance salesmen who drop in on funerals without invitation.

  6. He has had quite a bit of bad rep from that youtube video of him talking to the old auntie at the stadium, while the auntie was trying really hard to ignore him and to focus on her packet of beehoon and free food. As for the whole thing about being part of the entourage, he set himself up, or was set up either way, for that kind of further bad rep from the public for being 'related'. Honestly, such things about the possibility of cronyism in our country's politics have already been drifting around. Clarifications though are hard to come by, and we are still waiting to hear about it as citizens on the streets.

  7. Not even sworn in yet, less than two weeks in politics and this shit hole talks like he's sooooooo clever. Good luck to the civil servants in his two ministries. All he does is to meant to fuel further confirmation that he IS related. All we wanted to hear, Shit Hote, is a YES or a NO.

  8. He was talking about building a "family culture" today on the news, and I was like, "Don't we already have it here to begin with?" What is the point of restating the obvious, which does not even technically contribute anything much?

  9. So was it more of surrounding himself with trusted loyals rather real talented ones, such as those Kate Spade species.

    Some people say in politics, such loyals are a must to serve as your eyes and ears at every level in case someone somehow tries to be funny.

    That is probably why when that Kate Spade species mentioned about tears in Parliament is worse than anything else, maybe she was referring to LBH's tears rather than that of Nicole Seah.

  10. Trebuchet

    This disproves your above conspiracy theories and just put icing on your tabloid potential

    Newspapers - Thanks, Mum
    Thanks, Mum Chan Chun Sing, 19, one of four top scorers from Raffles Junior College, who had six distinctions, a distinction for the Mathematics S-Paper and a merit for the Economics S-Paper: "My mother is a machine-operator. I do not stay with my father became my parents are divorced.


  11. Debunking an urban legend5/24/2011 7:47 PM

    I second Trebuchet; Maj Gen kee chiu is not related in any way to the Lee Family. I think the confusion arose because one of LKY's nephews has a name similar to CCS. It is just a coincidence. I think that if CCS was actually related, he would have been appointed Singapore's 1st 5-Star General already at age 42! LOL..