Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where In The World Is The Polling Card

Polling is just two days away, but where on earth is the polling card? The notification over the radio tells you to call their hot line (1800-2221808) or check with the election website (
The nice lady at the receiving end of the hotline was kind to inform that lots of people have yet to receive their polling cards via slow mail. She did a quick check, and confirmed the details in the Register of Electors. If the polling card does not arrive by Saturday, she suggested to simply show up at the Polling Station with your identity card.

One alternative is to visit your community centre and obtain a Poll Card as shown hereunder.

Now, exactly why the Elections Department is tardy in sending out the polling cards is the mystery here. Do they want us to cast our vote, or do they just want another excuse for an apology?


  1. Another reason to wake them up by voting opposition.

    In which constituency are you in, by the way?
    I live in Hougang and got my card a few days back. They must be thinking of snaring my vote by giving me such 'fast' mail.


  2. Tattler,
    blame it on the gerrymandering. the admin staff in the elections dept are confused themselves.
    a system that promotes cheating is not viable in the long run.

    maybe an E-voting system in the future when PAP becomes the minority.

  3. Yeah, when they become the minority.

    But please, not when they are the majority. The risk is too great.

  4. It appeared that the Prime Minister Office can't get things done correctly. It's two days to the polling day and there are residents who have yet to receive polling cards???

    Vote for PAP for an inefficient or ineffective government, I say!

  5. anon@8:56 PM:
    Holland-Bukit Timah. Michelle Lee swung by 2 days ago. This morning, still no sign of polling card.

  6. Red flag! Red flag! The Elections Department is telling nursing homes that their residents need not vote! This is an outrage!

  7. "The Elections Department is telling nursing homes that their residents need not vote!"

    If your information is real, then must inform the Opposition Parties. That's not Fair and Square.