Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Even Dogs Hate Him

Read all about it! Minister booted out (of condo)!

On campaigning Day 7, according to Lui Tuck Yew's Facebook wall, the dogs chewed him out.
"My election agent and I were both nipped by a couple of small dogs. Fortunately, nothing serious as they only made a couple of small holes in our pants. Our volunteers concluded that the two dogs were not pro-PAP".

That wasn't nice, referring to the opposition as dogs. Wait till the SPCA hears about this.

But then they ran into some really nasty customers:
"Then, there was also the most nasty moment of our campaign so far. One resident, who claimed to be an ardent opposition supporter and to be a member of the Management Committee, was threatening us, shouting vulgarities at our team of 10 for tresspassing and calling the PAP government, the worst (more vulgarities) government in the world. Our explanation to him that a resident invited us in cut no ice. He just wasn't interested in any explanation. I certainly hope that even our most ardent PAP supporter would not resort to such behaviour when he encounters the opposition. Just so that this episode would be placed on record, we alerted the Police. Hopefully, this will be the first and last of such encounters."

Donaldson Tan asked the obvious question: "Alerted the police? Where's your sense of compassion?" Hello, after Lim Hwee Hua's treatment of the mentally disadvantaged youth who was upset about the treatment dished out to his mother, which they are now denying like crazy, you should be thankful Lui didn't send in the S.W.A.T. team.


  1. Is there even a SWAT team in our police? Did not know about that. Maybe an ISD for calculated violence or dissent, since our ISA has not been revoked yet????

    But well, is this a case of a former MP(considering that parliament is now stopped and won't be in operation until the swearing in of the "new" government) reacting to people who do not take to their policies in his own way, seeing it differently from the way people aground see it?

    The way Cynthia Phua in Aljunied GRC had reacted to a boy with low IQ as a threat of violence against her, although he did not even directly attack her, seems to be something most people have talked about online and offline. In a legal situation, that boy might or might not have a motivation to hurt her, BUT he DID NOT hurt her. And neither was the action committed against her but against a door. So isn't it more like a minor case of just someone losing his temper and venting it at an inanimate object? My, it looks like these last few years have been the years when sentiments of dissatisfaction against incumbent PAP party members run aground more obviously! Seng Han Thong was another one, supposedly getting punched and then also getting burnt on separate occasions. The uncle who did the latter to him was also mentally disabled, but they still took legal action against him. Sigh.....I mean, surely these people will stop to reflect why people would want to do that , shouldn't they? Or at least try....

  2. Its ok...

    "currently not PM" LHL (Since there is supposely no more parliament...but the public funded body guards are hanging around...working for Singapore or ??) has already apologize twice for the "mistakes" for a number of their PAP driven policies....

    As to Lui...he is just a rear admirer of entering from the rear (PAP manipulation of voting location/areas = GRC...obvious as sin...and only real losers will do this BS)...don't forget he is so "afraid" of the flood he drove back also he is "never" seen porn as mentioned by him...and this "chap" is a ex-rear admiral in the Singapore Navy?

    I think LHL better set the boundaries of the play pen for some of his "out of control" and "mindless auto hit at anything" over-sensitive PAP super expensive talent party senior cadres before he has to apologize for their antics too!

    Not bad millions and still can get "i am sorry" mistakes...


  3. Full email message from condo resident written to 3in1kopitiam:


    I am the one who told porno Lui off.

    Here are the details. I suggest u leave out my details and condo name:

    Condo has only 19 units so we do not have security. However access is only by activating an intercom from the main direct to the resident u want to visit. The gate is than opened by the resident from a switch in his home after he satisfied that the person visiting him is bonafide. This is to keep non residents and unauthorised visitors out. We had some breakin and we are very security consoius since we don't have a guard or cameras.

    Yesterday don know how a whole bunch of about 15-20 PAP entourage walked into the compound of the condo unannounced like they own the place and started spreading apround and knocking on the doors of the residents annoying the residents.

    This was at about 1pm. I only know about this when 2-3 persons dressed in all white and carrying brochures strated shouting "hellO Hello thru my open door.

    I was shocked and asked who they were. They said they werer on PAP walkabout and wanted to talk to me.

    I am an MC member and got really mad and shouted at then " Who gave you permission to come in. I want to speak to your MP"

    They cld not answer me and started running away down the stairs. I followed them shouting who is your MP. I want to speak to him.

    I ran after them and caught up with them as they just about half way leaving the estate and still in the compound of the estate.

    I confronted the minister who acted very fierce with me. I asked who gave him permission to come .He said "resident' and could not tell me who. In any case it is not a license to go all over he estate. I shouted at him saying he was trespassing and he needed to have MC approval. That i was MC member and no one asked for approval.

    He repliled " i know you are not pappy with PAP government so no need to be like that and extended his hand to shake mine".

    I said I will not shake his hand and shouted to him to get out of the esatte . I followed up by saying this was the worst goverment and hoped he will be voted oput.

    He turned rund and his whole bunch of people quickly ran out of the estate. As he was leavung I heard hi say " Did nayone of you record down the conversation"

    I am not sure he called the police or not. No police have contacted me yet.

    Meanewhile the condo mgt corpoation is issuing a notice to all residnents not to allow any piolitcal parties to enter the compound and to remind them that they need to get MC approval.

    I want to refute a few things:

    a. I never made any threats, I pur[osely stood some distance and put my hands behind my back to ensure no accusations. i did repeatedly shout at them to get out as they were trespassing. I think they know that.

    b. The so called vulgaritries they refer to were words like "lousy", "useless", "bloody"

    c. I felt more threatened as there were 15 or so of them looking at me menacingly just cos their MP kene questioned vigorously.

  4. They interpreted the MC personnel's insistence on adherence to rules against trespassing without GIVEN permission as intentional political opposition......I don't even think that opposition party members are allowed to do that(in other words, to enter a private estate without given MC permission), and neither have they ever done that.

  5. Straits Times Thursday May 5 page A10

    PAP team for Aljunied GRC is plan to hand-delivered a letter to all the residents today.

  6. Will real dogs start chasing after them this time round?

  7. This case, the cynthia and han thong cases all go to show how the blood is boiling in the peoples' veins against the injustices and bullying of the elites. Hope their days are numbered and they can quickly retire in glee to count their millions under the beautiful tropical sun on the beach of some palm island. Aloysius

  8. Wow, even dogs love the rear of the admiral!

    In any event, dogs are always looking for a fight when they see other dogs, so no big issue lah!

    Just don't get another group of dogs involved! Then big problem.