Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Finger Pointing

While our hearts go out to those whose loved ones were onboard the ill fated AirAsia QZ8501, those capitalising on the media frenzy to promote themselves deserve utter scorn. Keechiu, if you concur.

In Indonesia, someone is holding the country's Transport Ministry accountable for the disaster. Perhaps it has to do with the refusal for the plane to ascend to a higher altitude - pilot had asked permission to climb to 38,000ft (11,000m) to avoid thick storm clouds. Whatever, opposition politician Syafullah Tamliha put the blame squarely on Transport Minister Ignasius Jonan, "The Ministry of Transport is responsible." If President Joko Widodo weren't still in his honeymoon phase, he'd probably get a tight slap from the co-driver too.

Here at home, Environment Minister Vivian Balakrishnan is not held responsible for the rat infestation at Bukit Batok. Not a squeak from him, the loquacious debater with a propensity for pointing fingers at the ceiling.

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew is not held responsible for the latest incident at the Circle Line. Affected commuter fumed : "We were distressed, trapped in a smoke-filled train and had no knowledge of what had happened or what to do."

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan is not held responsible for maintaining inflated public housing prices, writing in his blog, "The shift is not yet complete and 2015 should see greater stability."

Home Affairs Minister Teo Chee Hean is not held responsible for the PR gaffe of policemen cuffing a subdued child. Not a single individual was handcuffed during the night of the Little India riot.

That's the difference between Indonesia and Singapore.


  1. One other difference. President Widodo travelled economy on his private visit to Singapore. How about our 35% President now on his private visit? Accountabilty is just another word you find in the dictionary here.

    1. Accountability, transparency, credibility and honesty only apply to opposition party not PAP. PAP is exempted for all those characteristics because PAP insists so.

  2. http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/2qneik/someone_in_china_warned_of_a_airaisa_disaster_13/

  3. /// Not a squeak from him, the loquacious debater with a propensity for pointing fingers at the ceiling. ///

    He should be pointing fingers at the ground in Bukit Batok. And if he alternates fast enough between pointing at the ceiling and at the ground, he out outdo John Travolta in the Saturday Night Fever.

    1. If he takes his duty as Min of Env seriously, and not as a partisan politician, he should have take to task those responsible for the rats infestation.
      Yes, not a squeak from him.
      Bukit Batok's case definitely more serious than that of the APHETC food centre's

  4. They get older staff to answer phones, to respond to queries, requests about rats, dogs, cats, litter, smoke, flooding, fighting, spitting, shitting...et al.

    These staff are very senior. They are redeployed because they accepted new employment terms when they are 55 years old ( and above ). Where else could they go?

    As far as meeting MoM requirement to reemploy older staff, its all legal.

    So these senior souls, have to face the onslaught of phone calls... a natural barrier to the ones accountable.

    This is what they mean by a "smart" nation.

  5. The rat infestation in Bukit Batok is not an isolated incident, its a perennial problem in the estate and everyone knows that. The rats in Bukit Batok are so huge the scare the shit out of the rats. Just take a walk late at night and you will know. It was so convenient to blame the stray dog feeders in the hill but who the freak are you going to blame for the other areas..the overfeed white pigs

  6. If only our opposition parties are as brave as their counterparts in Indonesia and start to point fingers, then our ministers will be more forthcoming.

    1. The WP is doing it... just that it takes a longer route via the courthouse.

      Allowing the enemy to DIY is best and allowing the court of public opinion is delightful.
      The WP just sits and waits.

      The PAP will self implode.

  7. Have not came across any parliamentarian held themselves responsible for any mistake, lapse and shortcoming.

    Are they really that competent and flawless? Are they in tune with the market, whence fuel price dropped by 50% and electricity cost remains at its' highest level. The Government allows the Power Supplier taking advantage of the People but spent time chastising Sinkies for anti foreigner, low productivity and what not. There are nothing good in Sinkies in the Rulers' eyes?


  8. These MPs and Ministers who constantly blaming others by finger pointing failed to realise that when you point a finger at someone, four are pointing back at yourself. Of course this will not happen if these people had their other digits chopped.

  9. Khaja N Abdil12/30/2014 10:34 PM

    hello in Singapore our Mini stars are gods and untouchables

    we love them and only wish our children become mini stars some day...

    responsibility, shame, morality and conscious are for fools like you and me.

  10. As usual, the emperor and his men - hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Well, we shall see, when the emperor falls:

    All the emperor's horses and all the emperor's men
    Couldn't put Mai Hum together again

    Which reminds me, to get rid of the rats, shouldn't we call for the help of the Pied Piper of Hum land? LOL.