Friday, December 26, 2014

Indelible Images of 2014


  1. I like the photo of the TweedleDee and TweedleDum twins.

  2. They are not incredible photos. They expose the lack of credibility of the administration, not only in 2014, but over the last 10 years or more.

    1. These are shocking photos from a First World Country. Increadible!!!

    2. They are credible because the rulers has turned the people into credulous sheeple.

    3. indelible ɪnˈdɛlɪb(ə)

      - not able to be forgotten.

      "the story made an indelible impression on me"

      ineradicable, inerasable, ineffaceable, unexpungeable, indestructible, permanent, lasting, persisting, enduring, stubborn, ingrained, unfading, imperishable;

  3. Great album for the upcoming GE. LOL.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. 1. Triage in a tent
    2. Cheap get-away fares
    3. A sailing, a sailing….
    4. It's a riot!
    5. Mabuhay
    6. WP is sooo funny.
    7. Protests carried too high
    8. What a yawn….
    9. Last tango in Singapore
    10. A tale of a fishball stick
    11. Hecklegate
    12. From China with love
    13. The grass was always greener
    14. Petty Ministers
    15. Of mice and men

    1. #7
      "Protests not sooo funny"

    2. 14. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Goh

      Season's Greetings!

    3. #6
      Dumb and Dumber

    4. 1 Healthcare fail
      2 Foreign talent fail
      3 Foreign relations fail
      4 Wayang inquiry fail
      5 People power fail
      6 GRC candidates fail
      7 Whitewash fail
      8 Pioneer generation fail
      9 Censorship fail
      10 Accountability fail
      11 Special needs fail
      12 Integration champion fail
      13 Grassroots fail
      14 Triad fail
      15 Clean & green city fail

  5. Hahahaha…what a year!

    Makes way for a sweeter ground for election leh.

  6. Cirque du Macabre.
    When a pack of clowns rule.

  7. The best greeting must be the one for PAP at the rooftop of Toa Payoh. So meaningful until Wan Bao dared not even publish for the readers to choose as the most outstanding news of the year.

    ..... even when our PM says his skin is thick enough.

    1. The writing is definitely on the wall!

  8. Example Of Singapore's Smart Nation Technology
    1) LTA's Taxi app.
    Can see the taxi but cannot call for the taxi.

    2) CPF Money.
    Can see the money but cannot touch the money.

    3) PAP Millionaire Ministers.
    Can see our tax money going into their salary but cannot see what is our benefit for paying the salary.
    Seems like we pay them million dollar salary so that we can hear them tell us we have a subsidy mentality when we approach them for help.

    4) HDB flats.
    Can see the flat but cannot see the affordability.

    How again does voting PAP benefit Singaporeans?
    What more can I lose by voting Opposition that I have not already lost voting PAP?

  9. Well said. Hope the peoples chose wisely this coming election. Good luck to those who still dont know who to vote for.