Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stand Your Ground

The shameful cul-de-sac encounter
Ken Kwek will always have a place in our hearts for refusing to divulge the names and standing his ground as a journalist to protect his sources. Lee Kuan Yew (then Minister Mentor) had insisted in the Why-My-Vote-Matters dialogue session of 12 April 2006 that Ken had to disclose, on live national tv, the names of literally hundreds of people he interviewed on the street, to justify his claim that people are afraid to vote against the ruling regime. Which led to the nauseating repartee from the brass knuckles specialist bully, "I allow my grandchildren to speak back to me, but from time to time, when they are out of bounds, I put them down."

Well, you can't really put a good man down so easily.

His "Unlucky Plaza" was selected for the Toronto International Film Festival premiere in September which played to sold out screenings. And will be the first local film to open the Singapore Film Festival in 25 years. True to form, Ken continues to tell the unblemished truth - that Singapore society is becoming more open and yet more intolerant, richer and yet, in many ways, poorer. Wonder what the old coot who can't even stand on his own two feet unassisted will say to that.

Ken says that a lot of (local) film-makers have grown up with the idea that only Jack Neo can thrive at the box office. Forget about that, focus on the mission of changing the mindset of those who are still seduced by empty promises and a Chesire Cat type grin. He's always grinning because he's getting rich at our expense.


  1. Ken's most memorable and hardtruth-worthy quote is

    "Actually not many MPs have the mandate from the voters. Only 7 out of 20+ MPs got voted in."

  2. Out of Sin, truth and reality prevail.

    Sinkies live with propaganda and lie because they are brainwashed.

    Anyway, all Dynasty ends, it is how it ended that counts.

    How would Sin ends?

  3. Thanks for posting this, good to know that he is doing quite ok since!

  4. After 50 years.
    Still the same old story.
    The Gospel according to LKY.
    PAP is looking very old and tired.

    1. Yes, a new story.
      And maybe a new suit and shoes too.

  5. Nah, all tyrants and bullies are not so tough without their enforcers. "Alone they were just bullies, but together... they were lethaI" - quote from movie "The Ghost And The Darkness". The curmudgeon said it himself:

    "Look, Jeyaretnam can't win the infighting. I'll tell you why. WE are in charge. Every government ministry and department is under our control. And in the infighting, he will go down for the count every time......"

    1. Hmmm…politicisation of all organs of state, straight from the horse's mouth. Some are behaving like thugs or goons at the behest of their master. So the cul-de-sac brass knuckle or hatchet challenge was what...sheer bravado? Would that such bravery had been shown during the Occupation. And his shadow's Churchillian declaration to fight at every street corner, every cyberspace corner, is real...or a stooge's mimicry of his mentor?

      Good for Ken Kwek. He stood up to the old sourpuss and has shown that you do not need to be a sycophant to be successful.

  6. One Power Walnut sex pill.
    For an erection that will last 50 years.

  7. New Smart Nation Technology.
    Same 50 year old ideology and leaders.

  8. “The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”
    -George Orwell

  9. At least the old boxer will put on his knuckle duster and face up to his challenger. The current one can only shadow box and chase ghosts.