Monday, December 22, 2014

Truth Will Tell

Burhan Gafoor, Singapore's High Commissioner to Australia, is the latest to join the league of revisionist historians. But apparently somebody else is guiding his penmanship. "We have put together an account using evidence from the British archives as well as CPM sources, which confirm that Mr Lee Kuan Yew told the truth," admitted prime minister Lee Hsien Loong in his Facebook post on Saturday (Dec 20).

Gafoor/Lee wrote:
"Chin Peng has confirmed that the Barisan was under the CPM’s influence. He cagily disagreed that the CPM “controlled” the Barisan, but admitted: “We certainly influenced them”. He did not elaborate on how the CPM “influenced” the Barisan or who were the CPM’s proxies in its Central Executive Committee, but he confirmed that communists were among those who joined the party."

You can have a heyday with the semantics over "control" and influence". But there's no uncertainty about collaboration with the enemy. The following paragraphs, in the original bold text, from pages 54 and 55 of "The Battle For Merger" book speak volumes about the duplicity of one character:
"YOU MAY ASK: If the Communists are such a danger to our society, why did we work with Lim and his Communist friends in one anti-colonial united front?"

"We came to the conclusion that we had better forget the differences between our ultimate objectives and work together for our immediate common objective, the destruction of the British. Whether you wanted a democratic Malaya or a Communist Malaya, you had first to get rid of the British."

"But we never forgot that once the British were out of the way, there would be trouble between us and the Communists as to what kind of Malaya we wanted to have in place of the old British colonial Malaya."

The man who saw no qualms about working for the Japanese invaders during the occupation of Singapore - transcribing Allied wire reports for the Japanese spying on Allied radio stations and writing down what they were reporting in the Hodobu office (報道部), a Japanese propaganda department - also had no compunction working side by side with the Communists when he saw personal benefit. Meanwhile, others had to go to jail for merely keeping company with the Reds.  It does make one wonder, in retrospect, if merger with Malaysia was really about the survival of Singapore, or just an over extended power play for Tungku Abdul Rahman's job. That could explain the crocodile tears, or warning journalists not to photograph him with a smile.

Colonel Jessup (played by Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men") may bellow "You Can't Handle The Truth”, but that was an old movie. In the internet age, only the deceitful fear the glare of the unvarnished facts.


  1. They, the self-proclaimed Truth, will not tell. But we know the truth don't we? It is strange that the PM claimed to have put together his version of the events, relying on British and CPM sources only. What about our own documents? That is what Professor Thum is asking to be released without any response from him. Should there not be an independent Commission of Inquiry look into this to settle the issues?

  2. Please do not harp on the Communist Connection. Sin is now VERY CLOSE FRIEND of China and Vietnam, anything wrong? Absolutely no.

    As for a Chinese and an Injian working for Japanese Imperial Army targetting ONLY Chinese for murder and torture, that's a different matter, BUT, Sinkies are fine with It.
    My Late Father despised and spitted at the Names, however, he is no more around.


  3. Truth cannot be denied. Time is a patient judge. People who fool themselves by denying historical truth are condemned to watch history repeating itself - next time they might be the victim. Karma is sweet.

  4. Remember present China is still a communist country is it ?

    So if the Communists are so scary, only one simple Question for our LKY's PM son : why are we still letting in so many PRC communists to become our citizens & PRs then ?

    It doesn't make any sense for him to defend his father on one hand but on the other hand it seems he is making himself look more like an idiot isn't it ?

  5. Tatler, I always like that line from Jack Nicholson in that movie, A Few Good Men. Wonder in our case, who cannot handle The Hard Truths? We or the ruling party? Or both? !

  6. The Commie/Barisan bashing continues apace, coming thick and fast, from all points of the compass - from the Hong Kong Consulate-General, and now the Australian Ambassador. Is Ah Loong bringing us one step back into the past to have a better grasp of his Vision of the future? Wonder why he avoids taking one further step back - the standard spiel always seems to start from 1948, disingenuously skipping the period of the Occupation. Working for the enemy and back-stabbing your colleague have the same name - treachery, the handiwork of traitors. This truth cannot be covered up by "strategic communication".

    "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."- Shakespeare

  7. betrayal seems an everyday kind of practice for one man. first he betrayed the brits by working for the japs.
    then he betrayed his ''commie'' buddies by getting them arrested.
    after that, he betrayed his long-time colleagues, the guys who did all the work getting us from there to here, by making them retire from the cabinet and politics, so only he had the powerwhile he clung to power and still does.
    then he sold out spore and sporeans, for his party and money....