Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Legacy Of SM Goh

At Hainan, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong was asked by China's CCTV if he had inherited his legacy from his predecessor Lee Kuan Yew, just as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong inherited his. Goh Chok Tong said LKY never talked about his legacy and "I never talk about my legacy". But his own goal, when he took over as PM in 1990, was "to keep Singapore going and going". Well, people like Seet Ai Mee may remember differently: "He scored his own goal".

On the eve of announcement of the Polling Day, Goh declared "Ground may not be sweet for GE". In a nutshell he admitted that the government has failed to address the rising cost of living, despite all the talk about keeping the Singapore dollar high to fight off imported inflation.

He even criticised his own party's manifesto unveiled on Sunday, which was painted with such broad strokes that it spelled out no clear solutions for our country's ills. "I frankly would like an elaboration on the challenges facing Singapore, because I do believe we are going into a period of uncertainties." He was quick to highlight that the manifesto, the strategy, the new media campaign, messages "are all done by PM and his team," neatly absolving himself responsibility for the end result.

He washed his hands again in saying that the choice of PAP's "rather lightweight character" (his descriptive) was due to the "process the ruling party employs in selecting candidates." Summing up his assessment, Goh said "Will she be an asset or liability? I won't know until the results are out." Not exactly the ringing endorsement you expect from the leader of the GRC team she's being field in. Worse, he claims "the opposition is going to find the weakest link". Netizens may have critiqued her fashion fetishes, but they never stooped to call her weak.

On the issue of importing foreign talent, Goh confirmed how the policy was kept secret from the public, "So this trade-off (number of foreigners versus Singaporeans being squeezed out of good jobs) is made, but people won't know." Goh also said the Government allowed the Singapore dollar to strengthen, "despite knowing full well that it would affect the country's export industries and growth." Enough already, which side is he on anyway?


  1. The Lees know that GCT is a more popular PM than themselves. It is also clear GCT has his own strong support base. Keen observers have also noted LHL's unease and attempts to dilute GCT's power or popularity, E.g. GE 2006 where LHL instructed GCT to go to Potong Pasir and Hougang to "win them back". A tall order of course.

  2. it is still not too late for Goh CT to redeem himself. rather than go down in history as a seat warmer for LHL to become PM, Goh should score one final own goal, i.e make LHL fall off his seat spectacularly...this is the kind of legacy i will appreciate!

  3. "process the ruling party employs in selecting candidates." == how hard you can suck and kiss??

    You can see that PAPies are in it for themselves. That's why you see so many internal cliques and backhanded comments and own goals by PAPies during this GE. Each of them are now jostling for power. Woody may have sensed that people are sick of the same old crap from PAP and trying to make himself appear "different". Don't be surprise that on Nomination Day, Woody will kick Empty Tin out of his Marine Parade team --- to show people that he is not typical PAP and he is willing to listen to people. Of course the main aim is to get re-elected and enjoy big bucks.

    Why is this happening?? Simple. Becoz old fart is dying and getting weaker. PAP all along has many factions and different outlooks among themselves. Only the ironfist of old fart kept all the PAPies toeing his line. Now that he is getting weaker, the cracks are beginning to show. Even old fart, during a US interview a few years ago, admitted that PAP may split after he dies.

  4. They say a picture tells a thousand words and that's a good one.

    You can see the spin, the Pied Pipers and Pinochio, if the nose can be further extended instead of the eyes.

    Actually by saying that he is inviting trouble, you know. Maybe he was not happy that his boon was booted out just like that.

  5. Who cares! GCT making tons of money on MAS. Yet, the average singaporean now own 7 credit cards, up from 5 from the pre crisis year. Who's the real daddy? ..err i mean Master!?

  6. While woody may still be popular and that the new general seems to be one of the very rare credible new PAP candidate. It is quite political suicide to try to put TPL in Marine Parade GRC, jeopardising the entire team. Do they have any inkling that the entire team MIGHT be voted out of frustration?? The office "ah huay" in the cubicle next to me might be able to pull in more votes.

  7. As usual, he over-rates himself. He regards himself as the 'heavy weight'. But I think he is the real weakest link. He likes to critize and belittle Sporeans giving us names like 'quitters'; and has difficulty hiding his contempt for us.

    Thus, even if he removes TPL from his team - I hope he does, he may still lose and then he will have no excuse.

  8. Removing TPL from his team would show the split publicly so it is not going to happen. The Lees are still in charge so Goh will have to accept TPL in his team or retire.

    On inflation, how can a strong dollar help when local rent and fees are big components of business expenses? Just ask a hawker about his renting cost in the past 5 years.

  9. Woody is an angel compared to Old Man Lee. But on his own standing, he has just as little credibility. He has left us with his legacy of Swiss cost of living. Sad.