Saturday, April 23, 2011

Close Encounter Of The Nasty Kind

The Economist (April 23rd-29th 2011) wrote that "the usual triumph of the PAP does not disguise the fact that Singaporeans do feel dissatisfied." The author ventured to say that the PAP may have to revisit some of their long standing policies, "Otherwise the rift between the aspirations of the electorate and the composition of their representatives in parliament may become too wide."

We know too well of the bad policies that cause so much pain and distress, and we suspect PM Lee is cognizant of same. “I think 66 per cent is a very high number. Whether we’ll reach that I can’t say,” lamented the once gung-ho BG, no longer riding on cloud number nine. The Economist predicted the number could dip below 60%. Grasping at straws Lee lashed at the unconverted, "Are you carried away by somebody who’s got a silver tongue but is unsound?"

The reality is that his own Ministers are as much to blame. Silver tongue soothes, acid tongue bites. Read how Lui Tuck Yew single handedly orchestrated an epic fail when he was supposed to work the ground for support.

A Moulmein resident was merely asking why the Minister deserved his vote, when Lui inexplicably flew off the handle, "shot me a look of pure anger, waved his hand about in the air", and "then swung round and stormed off". The worried resident wrote Lui a follow-up in email in case it was a matter of miscommunication, the irony being that the short tempered fellow is actually appointed Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.

Read what the Minister wrote in reply:
Dear [Name Redacted] ,

i am sure this may not apply to you given that you have now taken the trouble to write this note but unfortunately I encounter some people whose minds are made up and whose main intent seem to be to slow us down in our outreach. And nothing, we say, no explanation we give whether to do with cost of living, etc will ever be good enough.
The pragmatic way to deal with this is simply to disengage at an opportune moment.
Dont worry, it didnt leave a sour note with me nor a poor impression of you.


Lui Tuck Yew

Notice there's enough evidence in the missive to suggest that the belligerent rear Admiral is still on the war-path with anyone who refuses to be cowed by his omnipresence. Note also his strategy when confronted by an adversary, "The pragmatic way to deal with this is simply to disengage at an opportune moment." Which reminds one of the Italian joke: Why do Italian tanks have 5 reverse gears and 1 forward gear. Answer: The forward gear is for when the enemy attacks from behind. Guess Lui bought those submarines for the Navy so that he can hide underwater while the war is raging on above.


  1. Me likes to repeat that no one in the military can be expected to be a good political leader. Any country will be lucky if it is not headed by a military dictator and that's the best a military man could be.


  2. I would have pose a different question for him like :

    "Are you sure you have never watched a single porn movie in your entire life, even during your university days ? And don't you know that university students share porn movies just like primary students like to share their comics ?

    Are you sure you are not lying ?

  3. Well,sadly no matter what is expressed online abt the coming elections and how angry Singaporeans are, it wont be enough to oust these PAPies...there are still a very large number of apathetic Singaporeans esp those from the Civil Service who blindly support(out of fear or blind faith) PAP, & who can even say such things like 'why have elections?, just a waste of time/money'. And deride anyone who supports the opposition. Real sad that these ppl still not interested in their kids future! So come 7th May, most of the places will still be under PAP. Like some say, Singaporeans just love getting screwed by the PAP & thus deserve the govt they vote for.

  4. Well, Lui Tuck Yew got used to get everyone saying YES to him while in the navy and in MICA...that's why he think that no one should disgaree or oppose him...this means he has pretty low EQ! But let's not forget that he did get into the parliament through the backdoor (GRC), and not through a direct fight!

  5. Lui Tuck Yew forgot what LHL had said recently in a PAP event..."We are here to serve, not to lord over Singaporeans!". Looks like Lui Tuck Yew totally disagree in complete definace with LHL through his actions!

  6. Tattler,
    in reply to the Moulmein resident during his walk about, Lui Tuck Yew should have used the moment to demonstrate out of the box response like saying, "i definitely deserve your vote because unlike Mah, i will help to ensure HDB flats become affordable, unlike Vivian, i will help to ensure budget for events like YOG do not exceed by 4 fold, unlike Khaw, i will help to ensure health care for the general public is always affordable, unlike Raymond, i will help to ensure travelling by public transport becomes a wonderful experience, unlike Lim SS and the other ministers, i will be very persistent with PM Lee, bugging him till he starts to reduce the number of foreigners, putting sporeans first."
    "and of course, you can trust me! i Lui Tuck Yew will not fall asleep in parliament like the other navy bloke and i shall remain the only one in spore with no vice, such as watching porn!"

  7. Talking about Raymond Lim, where is he in this election. He is extremely quiet, has he stepped down. Transport has been made a non issue

  8. Raymond is out of touch with the people. When was the last time he took public transport?

  9. Has Raymond Lim anything to comment on the frequent breakdown of SMRT trains? Overcrowding? Transport fares are far too high.