Monday, April 25, 2011

A Test Of MM's Standing

Is that my MP allowance in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?
No, the guy in the picture is not trying to pick MM Lee's pocket while PAP newbie Chan Chun Sing distracts him with an extended hand. Rather, he was helping the 87 year old to stand steadily on his own two feet. There's another on the octogenarian's left rear, waiting to catch the world's oldest candidate running for office, in case he should topple on that side. So much about keeping fit by running (treadmill), cycling (stationary bike) and swimming (private pool).

Chan may need to rephrase his statement when he said, "I don't think we need an election to test MM's standing." He was responding to Socialist Front chief Ng Teck Siong explanation that he had formed a team to contest the Tanjong Pagar GRC to give the residents a chance to vote and "find out the standing of our MM there". MM as in Minister Mentor and not the multi-coloured chocolate candy - latter's popularity is indisputable. This GE 2011 will be the GRC's first contest since it was formed 20 years ago in 1991. Before the series of walkovers that followed the formation of the GRC, in 1988 Lee polled 81.6% against an Independent candidate Gnaguru Thamboo Mylvaganam. Anything less will be a indication of how his fan base has meandered.

Chan was also off the mark when he said elections are not a popularity contest. The guy still thinks he is on the parade ground, where the troops have to salute him even though they are cussing him with expletives like one 24 year old lady caught in an unmoving traffic jam. He should listen real hard to an older and wiser veteran who has been in the trenches. In a moment of candour, Lim Hng Khiang let out, "if the electorate don't vote for us, it's not because we've been lazy or not doing our job, it's because they don't like us. And if they don't like us, then so be it." Give the man a Heineken for his honesty.

Lee himself was seemingly detached from reality when he mumbled, as if his mouth was filled with chocolaty M&Ms, that the 900,000 foreign workers doing jobs that Singaporeans are not willing to do are causing much discomfit. No siree! The real unhappiness is with nice paying jobs that go to foreigners instead of equally qualified local born and bred Singaporeans, for a plethora of lame excuses such as they are handicapped with the demands of reservist training. Ask any recruiting outfit that is honest about their hiring practice. The types that are not afraid to tell the emperor he is not wearing clothes.


  1. I hope the UK bookies are betting on this election. For MM, my bet is that His popularity will dip below 70%. As for His party, 55% is probably in the ballpark. For the first time ever, we will send perhaps 20 voting opposition members into the parliament.

    The Hard Truth is that the MM is viewed more negatively than positively by the young. This is perhaps His greatest regret.

  2. I actually LOL while reading some parts, :)
    Ya, noticed that helping hand too. Come nomination day, he's going to regurgitate same old threats plus those limpeh-know-best that'll make most sgrean shit in pants again. Xian...

  3. Any pic of his golf cart in sight?

  4. not really a test of MM's standing but the true measure of PM Lee.
    name me any PM or leader on the planet who is more shameless, who still needs his elderly father to stand for election when it's so obvious the oldman can barely stand on his feet?

    what a bloody useless son for a PM! where is the custom built sedan chair for the emperor ?

  5. The truth always hurt. He can step (sit) down gracefully but he chose to stand. All for just one word - greed.

  6. Pinky loony still needs his baby sitter around to help changing the diapers and setting the boundaries of the play pen to prevent the usual infantile screw ups by the department store dummies or is it kiddies in PAP's parliament...

    No brainer.

  7. Read :-

    Election Watch Part II - Concepts About Aging - Nanjing YY Li vs Singapore MM Lee

  8. If your own father is well past 80 years, would you rather have him enjoy his twilight years in peace or fight another contest in the political battlefield out there and in the process quicken his pace to meet his Maker sooner rather than later ? And our PM is not concerned for him, no ?

    Is there really any reasonable & acceptable reason for such an old man like him to contest the coming election when much younger ones are already shelved away to obscurity ?

    Or does it mean that our PM can't even stand on his own feet to be his own man yet despite all the mentoring years by his father ?

    And when he does disappears from this planet altogether, will PAP also meet its own fate ?

    So many questions will be left unanswered in many people's minds ?

  9. Many would say its a waste of people's money. Our PM is true to the government campaign to hire older workers. He even keeps in employment an old man who can hardly walk and needs three others to support him. We all know that it's not because he is his father or because the PM cannot stand on his own feet but its because of the old man uncanny ability to forecast (remember Golden Years) and make some controversial comments (Remember Finland, Holland and Malays). He gets paid close to 4 million for this, money which could save lots of young people but we need to hire oldies.

  10. on monday tv news i noticed they only showed a quick shot of the old man speaking and then quickly panned back to the news guy. it's never happened before.

  11. It's a walkover for Tanjong Pagar GRC where he was allegedly going to contest...this speaks volumes......Whatever it is, his salary will continue to be in the annual range of a few millions, and this is honestly something which I still do not get. Is Singapore, despite its small size and relatively lower population numbers compared to the USA and UK, really "so complex" that we need mentors to ministers and senior ministers to help the younger leaders govern the country?