Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Watch His Lips

The book, launched on January 21, was based on a series of interviews conducted between December 2008 and October 2009. It includes a DVD of edited video clips.

In the aftermath of a storm of protests from Singapore’s Malay-Muslim communities, the following statement was issued on  8 March 2011:
"I made this one comment on the Muslims integrating with other communities probably two or three years ago. Ministers and MPs, both Malay and non-Malay, have since told me that Singapore Malays have indeed made special efforts to integrate with the other communities, especially since 9/11, and that my call is out of date. I stand corrected."

The astute among us noted that there was no clear apology. It smacked of Wee Siew Kim's first meek attempt to make amends, and turned out to be taking sides with and justifying his daughter's venom.

The latest interview of 28 March 2011 with Charlie Rose confirms the betrayal of the trust which Singaporeans, of all races and religions, have placed in his words.

LKY: “I said in that book (“Hard Truths”) that I think that Malays, that Muslims should be relaxed and eat together with the others.”
CR: “And it created a firestorm and your son said, the Prime Minister, differed with you.”
LKY: “That’s right.”
CR: “So, were you right or your son?”
LKY: *laughs*; “He has to be right because he is the Prime Minister.”
CR: “But … but?”
LKY: “But you ask the average person in the street whether what I’ve said is true.”
CR: “And they would say?”
LKY: “You ask them.”


  1. Good spot. I saw that interview, and immediately had this respond - he stands NOT corrected. In other words, he was merely saying the politically correct thing because he's asked to, by none other than his son, whose political future is at stake in coming election. I would challenge Razor TV or MSM to go to the street and ask the average person (malays & non-malays). Let's get to the bottom of the hard truths.

  2. Kuan Yew appeals to the worst of us.

    He says these things about malays to tap into the innate fear that chinese have of malays. Its a terrible game of divide and conquer. Kuan Yew like all the colonial masters knows how to play this game. Instead of being a Mandela in bringing the races together, Kuan Yew exploits the fears of the people.

    Really, is he fit to be the "Father of modern Singapore" The evidence of this knuckle duster politician points to the contrary.

    We dont have to wait for revisionist historians to give us an accurate picture of Kuan Yew's place in history. Thanks to the internet and blogs like Singapore Notes we can see through the smoke and mirrors and arrive at a more accurate conclusion.

  3. So in the first place when he said "I stand corrected", he did not really mean it ?

    If he had truly mean it, he wouldn't have said "But you ask the average person in the street whether what I’ve said is true".

    See what a cunning apology it must be, simply no genuine honesty to say the least ?

  4. If it's Ken Kwek asking, he has to provide, on live national tv, the names of literally hundreds of people he interviewed on the street, to justify his claim that people are afraid to vote against the pee air pee.

  5. you all fucking cb idiot, MM lee was half correct.
    Not all malays will eat together, some will, some will not.

  6. My father always says if you cannot convince then confuse them!!!
    I have observed that more non-hala restaurants have converted to hala restaurants. It's due to reason like more profitable or because of government policy? I strongly believe that either reason has force us to seat together and eat. Nevertheless, it's benefited our neighbouring country when the taste of our local food has change from bad to worst!!!

  7. @anon 10.05am,
    ask yourself, where did LKY get this idea about malays not wanting to eat with others?
    is'nt it crystal clear LKY is not a person who rubs shoulders with ordinary sporeans and therefore has to rely on his stooges for this kind of feedback?

    do you think LKY knows the ground better than ordinary sporeans like myself, who takes public transport, have most of the meals in hawker centres or staff canteens, have umpteen years working in an org of 20,000+ employees that includes a large number of malays?

    the hard truth is, i have yet to meet any malay, colleague or otherwise, who will not eat together with me.

    one serious drawback for MM Lee is to rely entirely on info and feedback from stooges who are "fucking cb idiots", in your own words.

    ps: one or two malays out of ten does not give LKY the right to draw his conclusion.

  8. Anon 10:05 can't even do a proper inductive or deductive reasoning, let alone understand what he rants..
    Some marbles are white, some marbles are black, so all marbles are black.
    Some chinese will work, some will not work, so all chinese will not work so must put spurs in their hides.
    Enough said. Enough dafts!

  9. With such carelessness Kuan Yew makes sweeping statements about Malays.

    Has he considered the rudeness of some chinese who speak endlessly in mandarin in the midst of non mandarin speakers? Why doesnt he view this a problem to integration?

    An immature and careless remark by Kuan Yew has unnecessarily put to risk race relations in Spore.

  10. Get rid of the PAP and LKY at the General Election.

    Come on Singaporeans It's time you tasted what true democracy is!!!!

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