Thursday, October 6, 2011

Exit Plans

When the boss asks you to surrender the key to the executive toilet, you have to be real daft not to get the hint. The euphemism used for Lee Kuan Yew was "to facilitate leadership renewal in the party", a tad prettier than the "make room for personal priorities" excuse for Hsieh Fu Hua's departure as President of Temasek Holdings. Hsieh, rumoured to succeed PM Lee's wife as chief honcho, was in office for only 17 months. Lee has been at the Central Executive Committee for donkey years.

Also stepping down from the PAP CEC are Goh Chok Tong, Lim Boon Heng, Wong Kan Seng, George Yeo and Lim Hwee Hua. Former Potong Pasir MP Chiam See commented, "These are all very senior ministers who are stepping down. This marks the end of the Lee Kuan Yew era." Well, not exactly.  The lady has yet to collect her CPF. Lim Hwee Hua slided into Parliament via the Marine Parade GRC route in 1997 and joined the CEC in 2003. She was obviously the collateral damage for George Yeo's Waterloo at Aljunied. Lim become woman minister on 1 April 2009, when she was made Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Finance and Second Minister for Transport. Lim is not the first woman minister to be booted out by the electorate. That dubious honour goes to Dr. Seet Ai Mee, Minister of State at the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Community Development, who was defeated by Ling How Doong at the 1991 polls. Some said she was brought down by the handshake with a fishmonger. Dr Seet said it was a pork seller. Whatever.

No tears will be shed for Lim Boon Heng (the original cry baby), Wong Kan Seng, Goh Chok Tong or George Yeo. Lim Kim San once told a young banker during a moment of candour, "One thing about the PAP, they take care of their own. If not for them, I'll be sleeping on the streets."

But who's taking care of the people of Singapore? Among the names tossed up to fill the vacancies, one of them is none other than the "kee chiu" general Chan Chun Seng. Yup, the guy who said our country won't last longer than the Lanfang Republic ("states of Singapore’s size rarely survived beyond 100 years"). Which means those who signed up for the overpriced HDB BTO flats might never get to see the end of the 99-year lease. Which way to the exit door?


  1. whatever the PAP do, be it positive or negative, doesn't please you. lol. Even if one day lao lee drop dead, you would complain that his one death is not enough.

    dunno wat u guys want.

  2. There is nothing remotely pleasing about the PAP. Just look at the slew of inept and deadbeats in white occupying the parliament soon. The PAP is a party in decline, period.

  3. Some are way past official retirement age, the Rest were defeated by Voters Of Aljunied Constituency.
    It is only right that these people should relinquish their offices.


  4. Out of the six who resigned, 3 are related to PM Lee.

    88 then give way for leadership renewal ?! Shouldn't he give up much earlier.

    Whatever its is, the 88 will be yakadiyak and control the steering wheel until he drop. The rest of the team are just "back up" singers and extra.

    Ha Ha !

  5. Take a leaf out from Steve Job, these MIW.

    "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose."

    They don't believe in "real talents". They only want their "own kinds". Just look at who occupy the 4 top most important roles within the familee. His 88year lease is about to run out too.

  6. Don't forget eugenics - talent runs in the same familee - meritocracy as faithfully practiced in Singapore. With these resignations, does it indicate that it is late autumn with winter approaching for the PAP? When the Spring rains come, clearing away the filth, we can enjoy watching the rotten flotsam washed out by the floods.


  7. "They don't believe in "real talents". They only want their "own kinds"."
    Perhaps you are right. Could that be the reason our second PM Goh Chok Tong, widely perceived to be a seat warmer and hence not a 'real talent', does not have his family members in the privileged talents' class having some multi-million $ sinecures.


    And now their 'renewal' brainwashing will start from insidious that is.
    People/Parents - please wake up. What does PA have anything to do with Educating your children?

  9. Perhaps the WP can teach the MIW a few things; such as you don't need big fat salaries to serve the people. Chen Sao Mao and Sylvia Lim both gave up their jobs to be full time MPs.
    LKY needs to pay so much for mediocre talents!!!

  10. the above comment is actually false. Sylvia Lim is not a full time MP, she started her own practice after resigning as a lecturer.

  11. "Retired" my foot. "Re"cycling "Tired" Generals more like it.

    Two above still have PA & PPS serving them and keeping their side portfolios. One is returning as Economic Czar in PMO office. One is reappearing in LKYPPS (Personal Parachute School) as guest fellowship. Two defeated ones are still recycled as GROs hidden and crouching in cowboys town. All are still receiving their retirement pensions that does not exist in this no-welfare state. The President is reinvented as steady hand.

    Give whatever fanciful names they want..people are not blind. Social mobility cannot happen as long as MIW runs it behind the form of Communist Party in the guise of meritocracy. Singaporeans will pay for the price one day, to realize why their society is so corrupted because they have let them get away with Non-Accountability all these years. The tacit approval at the elections are endorsement to their next generation - is ok to censor and not be accountable. Great values Mr Heng wants to pass onto your children.

  12. Hi Tattler, can I check with you the veracity of the quote by Lim Kin San. I am going to quote this for my paper and it would be good if I can confirm the source. Thanks!

  13. @11:07AM

    No point talking about things that please oneself. Must talk about things that are not good enough, so change for the better can take praise.

    Anyway, the 136th is praising you-know-who intensively everyday. We need some balance.

  14. Let me guess, the 154th is praising kee chiu man aka Lanfang Republic paper general? LOl

  15. The Ex General is not interested in what Singaporeans say, he is only asking if Singaporeans can contribute. If You cannot,
    then he expects You to keep the mouth shut.