Friday, October 7, 2011

Remembering Steve Jobs

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While the world mourns the passing away of Steve Jobs (1955-2011), the man who put together the breadboard for the Apple computer was Steve Wozniak. Wozniak teamed up with Jobs, whom he met in the early 1970s, with Wozniak playing the role of the tech wiz and Jobs the marketing guru.

Their first product, the Apple I computer, had no provision for internal expansion cards. The Apple I was purely a hobbyist machine, a US$25 microprocessor (MOS 6502) on a single-circuit board with 256 bytes of ROM, 4K or 8K bytes of RAM and a 40-character by 24-row display controller. It was similar to the Altair 8800, the world's first commercially available microcomputer, except that the Altair's expansion cards enabled it to be attached to a computer terminal and be programmed in BASIC.

One could argue that the Apple story is a triumph of marketing over technology. John Sculley had the Newton, the first-ever Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) in 1992, but it was Steve Jobs' genius who made iPhone the product of choice. Even Wintel diehards will have to admit Steve is a hard act to follow.

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  1. Like someone else posted in Lucky Tan' s blog, only the USA could Steve Job rose to what he was. A bastard, college dropout, drug experimenter...... No wonder the US US still a land of opportunity.
    By the way, I have yet to own & use a iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac. You know why ? Scared that I will be hooked......,
    That is how migjty Job's Apple branding has become.