Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Foreigner Bashing

At a dialogue during “The Singapore Summit” conference on 20 Sep 2014 Lee Hsien Loong was reported as saying, “If we just open our doors and say everybody can come, free movement of labour, tomorrow, there will be one million people on their way here, maybe more. Some will fly, maybe more will come by boat, and I think it will be a very different Singapore. So, you can’t do that.”

That's a taiji move right there. Somebody else let in the barbarians, not him. Never mind if Yang Yin, MP Intan's grassroots Integration Champion, is feeling the heat right now. The new headache is how to handle the aliens who have settled within the city gates.

We were unfortunate to be seated at the same table as one of those new citizens at a clan dinner, partially funded by the $10 million budget for making foreigners feel welcomed. Husband and wife have been in country for more than 5 years, but they still weren't prepared to converse in English or Singlish, each attempt at polite discourse was responded to in Mandarin. We had to speak their mother tongue. On learning that the guy was a music teacher at a local primary school, the obvious thought that came to mind was whether that was a rare talent not found among Singaporeans. When a quartet of senior ladies took to the stage, he volunteered to lead the impromptu choir, but proceeded to drown out all the female voices with his show-off baritone. Yang Yin is not the only one warming up to the support of fans like Intan and the like.

Fortunately, Singaporeans are not about to start a bash a foreigner a day campaign. Unlike the extremist call by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group to kill all citizens of Western countries taking part in the US-led anti-extremist coalition by any means - with or without military equipment, using rocks or knives, or by running people over. “If you can kill a disbelieving American or European - especially the spiteful and filthy French - or an Australian, or a Canadian or any other disbeliever... including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him,” declared Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, the group’s spokesman. (AFP, 23 Sep 2014)

Singaporeans are not that xenophobic. Still, it would be nice if the authorities hurry up and deal with the tour guide cum con artiste before it all turns ugly.


  1. Just take a look at the People's Park hawker centre at Chinatown stinking with PRC food smell, as opposed to the fragrant Indian curry smell we have been smelling all these years. The majority hawker stalls seemed to have been taken over by PRC aliens, making one wonder how these aliens managed to take over the running of hawkers stalls which we are told by the Authorities are only meant for locals. Again the PAP Govt is presumably not going to provide any anwers how these come about ?

    Or does it not mean to say the NEA officers are all blind as to how PRC aliens can almost take over half the hawker stalls whether by legal or illegal means ?

    While our PM continues to play dumb how this type of quality immigrants can be approved, I just wonder whether his father is so more than happy with those quality of immigrants who shit around our MRT stations as long as his son remain as Pee Man?

    1. The row of hawker stalls near to KFC outlet and opposite Mcdonald outlet are all selling smelly china food. I think they are managed by new shitizens or PR. The stall used to sell local food like chi zha and desserts. Even the shops and stalls at the People Park Complex are selling smelling china food like animal intestines, sausages, fried food. The air there is unbearable. Those stalls used to sell our local food like kueh tutu, sweet corns. Miss the old days. sigh.

    2. well fed already....9/23/2014 7:04 PM

      They are hungrier than you.. spurs in the hide you know. Everlasting batteries... goes on and on and on

  2. This IS NOT a story about our president;

  3. /// “If we just open our doors and say everybody can come, free movement of labour, tomorrow, there will be one million people on their way here, maybe more. ///

    What one million people? You have already let in more than two million people.

  4. The Words really came out from the mouth of a member of the Ang Mo kio GRC where Yang Yin was a grassroots leader?
    Is Yang still a grassroots leader there?

  5. Come on, Tattler. It was one of his famous jokes. You are beginning to lose your sense of humour. Even the 35% President tells jokes about that "amazing" Temasek.

  6. The world highest paid politician, walking in Singapore they called the safest country in the world, still have security guards surrounding him, when he shook hands with frail elder folks, What else is LHL afraid of? I suspect, he didn't want to antagonise the muslim voters by being seen to anti-ISIS. Political victory is more important than Singapore safety.

  7. What is PAP Millionaire Gan Kim Yong's plan for the Ebola virus?

    CDC "Taking Precautions In US", Fears 1.4 Million Africa Ebola Cases By January


  8. Can something be done about the AMDK (Ang Mo Tua Ki) problem urgently first? Its getting out of hand...