Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our Very Own Zapruder Clip

November 22 is just round the corner, boon time for "Who Killed JKF" fans to rehash conspiracy theories. Vincent Bugliosi's 1,632 page "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F Kennedy" is the definitive volume to consult. Especially the details about the 26.6 second Zapruder film sequence shot by private citizen Abraham Zapruder with a home-movie camera. We have a grassy knoll too, ours is at the Hong Lim Green.

The Zapruder clip was an important part of the Warren Commission hearings and all subsequent investigations of the assassination, and is one of the most studied pieces of film in history. The 68 seconds captured on Saturday 27 may earn its place in our own history, it also deserves close scrutiny.

0:00/1:08: There's no time stamp, so we don't know when the march actually started but the EXIF metadata should still be available, embedded in the original video file. The gem of an idea for the walkabout must be traceable to one man's boast from the past, "People support CPF cuts because there are no protest (sic) outside parliament."

0:09/1:08: The marchers stop in front of an empty stage. Only one female is sighted, and she does not look, or move, like a Special Needs Child (SNC). A break in the event program begging to be filled.

0:20/1.08: This is the crucial start of the "heckle" video. The patriotic flag waving and the boisterous chant of "Return our CPF" dominate, and builds to a crescendo.

0:28/1.08: Watch the yellow T-shirt guy hustling the SNCs on stage, and exposing the vulnerable kids to the gathered crowd. He could have done better, choose instead to keep them off stage until the marchers have moved on, and save the SNCs from the NAR-rated spectacle. But E.Q. was never their strong point. Then again, he could have been performing to script. Nope, the cute baby can't be the traumatised kid Teo Ser Luck told the Straits Times about.

0:41/1:08: The SNCs get into the swing of their dance routine. Note the John Travolta wannabe waving his arms like it was Saturday Night Fever. His dance partner is jiving away happily, trying to keep pace with his vigorous lead. Still no sign of the traumatised kid. MP Teo really lucked out this time, he should be made to take a polygraph test. Maybe he was the kid who needed to be consoled, after one white haired senior citizen sat down next to him on the lawn, and gave him some fatherly advice, "limpeh kah loo kong, hor....."

0:57/1:08: This is it, this must be the epiphany. Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Why the YMCA event was rescheduled to start later (from 10am to 4pm). Why the NParks director insisted the protest be limited to an obscure corner (the "grassy knoll"). Why the nameless mata-mata made a veiled threat about maintaining the peace. Why the YMCA Master of Ceremonies urged his supporters to taunt, "We love our CPF" - Yang Yin's "Come on, money, I love you" (来吧,钱,我爱你!) would not be out of place here. Why the SNCs are fronted on stage as Human Shields. That's when the marchers wisely moved on, before the rubber bullets are let fly and tear gas canisters lobbed.

Do we really care who shot JFK? Not really, all we are looking forward to is just desserts for Yang Yin and his foreign talent kind. And a good explanation why the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is now turning on an 87 year old Singaporean and acting in favour of the tour guide from China. Why question Madam Chung's mental capacity to revoke the Lasting Power of Attorney? But that's another conspiracy theory in the making.


  1. Why didn't you include the photo/s of luckless Teo merrily taking selfies with YMCA supporters whilst the SNCs were performing. They would be worth a thousand words to describe the pretence that the kids were 'heckled' and that he cared about them.

    1. The very fact that Teo do nothing at that time when the kid is led by the yellow ymca people only tell you that someone could have ordered the staff to led the children on the stage to give the illusion that heckling is taking place. Definitely we know better who is the main culprit. In PAP, the one that often the most vocal about their righteous moral is also the greatest culprit against human moral. So your guess as good as mine.

      You will see PAP IB talk about YMCA register for the event first, what they really censor is that registration is different from approval. You can register all you want but whether the event is approved is another thing. The very fact is that YMCA's approval is 9 September (one of the post in therealsingapore cover that date approval), in other words, someone has put the YMCA event to crash against the protest CPF event, whether intentional or not.

      And best of all , for those who did not know that the npark director is former LTC who somehow become Npark director just like PAP love to shove high ranking military into GLC to prevent them from going against the regime in the future.

      People watching the video can see the npark director don't see to know what is going on with his role, with his park, and yet receive high pay from taxpayer money.

      just google "ltc chia" and you will see the picture in the google image tab.

  2. Thank you, Tattler, for this blow-by-blow expose of miws heinous and despicable behaviour.

  3. As usual, a masterpiece of blog writing and analysis.

    This make one who calls himself Mr. Red+Green, a dumber ass than I thought. He is just a comedian good for a laugh now and then.

    Keep your posts coming.

    It makes my day. Thanks.

  4. Why OPG take so long to revoke Yang Yin power of Attorney? Why let him withdraw $3,000 per week from his frozen bank a/cs? From all evidence, the money belong to the old lady and how can he spent her money like they are his, isn't he being charged for criminal breach of trust and employment pass, immigration offence? How can he use the old lady's money to fight court case against him? If the court case drag for years, that mean old lady's money will be used up?

  5. Why are we not surprised at the MIWs twisting and turning of facts to gain brownie points? Raising their own heckles like a pack of hunting hounds at the slightest smell of blood. See how they maintain a deafening silence when they miss a step, like the Yang Yin case? How vile in opportunistically making use of vulnerable kids for their own political agenda, and then crying foul like true hypocrites. This ploy has backfired, like so many others when they tried to play dirty, as in the AIM and other sagas. Thanks Tattler, for exposing once again their duplicity.

  6. Roy & HHH chants/shouts of 'Return our CPF"
    - This one can frighten children
    - this is heckling

    PAP supporters chants/shouts of "We Love Our CPF"
    - This cannot frighten children meh?
    - this is not heckling meh?

    One law for slaves?
    Another law for PAPigs?

    Did Teo Ser Luck stand up on stage to tell everybody "Please be quiet. You are ALL scaring the children"
    This also cannot do.
    Do you think Teo Ser Luck can protect our CPF money from a rogue government?

    1. he is one of the rogues in the rogue govt . They are all pack of man=eating rogues

  7. There are many shouldn't in this incident.

    1. NParks shouldn't approve 2 events to take place at the same time. Even if there is no clashes, it's still disruptive to one another.

    2. YMCA shouldn't, of all places, choose HLP for their charity event when protesters only have HLP to organise their events.

    3. Roy and Hui Hui shouldn't have disrupted other's event. It's basic courtesy, special needs children or not.

    4, The public shouldn't be too quick to pass judgement based on the lopsided view disseminated by the MSM.

    5. PAP MPs shouldn't exploit the incident to target dissidents whilst taking cover behind "special needs children".

    In my view, this incident is neither a trap nor conspiracy. It all boils down to poor co-ordination and judgement. Roy and Hui Hui might have gone slightly overboard with their actions, but they are not mean people. As I know, mean people usually appear caring, friendly and righteous.

    1. I, too, believe in fairy tales.

    Blind in left eye
    Missing right ear
    Tail broken
    Recently castrated
    Very obedient to his master
    Answers to the name LUCKY

  9. PAP Are Champion Complainers
    Small little protest in Hong Lim Park.
    A little bit of noise.
    And all the PAP MPs and Ministers kpkb in the internet and Straits Times.

    Stunning Drone Footage Shows Just How Enormous The Hong Kong Protests Really Are:


    Those Hongkies can really protest.
    Compared to Hong Kong, what is Hong Lim Square?

    I guess we will now have to increase the pay of our PAP Millionaires to compensate them for their "sacrifices" at managing the unruly Singaporean population.
    And Teo Ser Luck gets an extra month bonus for his hazardous job at Hong Lim Park.

    Are PAP politicians overpaid?

  10. I was there at the #ReturnOurCPF protest at Hong Lim Park on 27 Sep, 4pm.I was one of the participants within the protest march, you could almost see me there in one of the videos, but I can't point out to you because I'm really afraid of some people sticking labels all over me and my fellow protesters within Hong Lim Park and getting arrested without losings my balls while trying to maintain my composure, haha.

    On a more serious note, I'm a Catholic and a WP supporter and writes terribly with alot of difficulty,I'm sure some of you know this .
    Although I may not be a scholar and writes terribly, I'll not be a coward when PAP and it's apologist viciously and wrongly frames and label us (protester) without showing proof, I have to fight back and defend our honour as citizens who dares to come forward and stand up for our rights, we will be wronged, may God be our witness.

    I demand an apology from the PAP MPs who malign us the protesters at Hong Lim Park(unlikely).
    I also demand an apology from WP's Yee Jenn Jong and Chen Jiaxi Bernard if they cannot substantiate their accusation against the protesters present on that day and clear our names.

    Help me to circulate this message and clear our names.

    (Singapore Notes: Our Very Own Zapruder Clip)
    (Singapore Notes: A Lament For Education)

    Thank you.

    Ps, @5starmoon, I think it was wise of you to know that you'll find a
    sympathetic ear in this page, may God bless you.
    September 29, 2014 at 6:41 pm (Quote)

    I am still curious to know is that long-hair dirty looking chap?
    Rating: +14 (from 14 votes)

    My ans: I believe he's from HHH and Roy's camp, cheers.
    Leong S H and Redbean with a camera was there , Leong S H looked terribly distressed.

    ps, to look at my oth postings,input(enter) Joshua Chiang into the "Search This Blog" search function at, http://singaporedesk.blogspot.sg/
    The other will be at Yahoo sg site using my moniker, by way of clicking on my moniker or @See Toh Hiap Seng's, you will be able to look at our postings,go to this link for a start,

    Joshua Chiang

  11. You know what kids are like.... when you let them into the sandbox... they play, kick up the sand. Parents will soon take them home.

    1. so when are your parents arriving?

  12. Looks more like they really are a bunch of hypocrites ?

    This is the 1st time I hear so many PAP MPs are so concerned about the welfare of special needs children. Remember, the handicapped children couldn't even get their application for special concession travel on public transport approved for so many years ?

    In short, is this not another event orchestrated or manipulated by PAP to give the impression that the protesters are just a buncy of unruly gang even out to bully can special needs children ?

    Just like the manner they once insisted that those bicycle charity events organised by the opposition parties can lead to disorder to national security ?

  13. hope the writer have a good night sleep.

  14. To write five good, witty blog entry every week, the writer surely have to sleep well every night.

    Are you worried that your masters may turn on you when enough disgruntled citizens boot them out?


  15. Are you worried that your masters may turn on you when enough disgruntled citizens BOO

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