Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Fun Game Of Musical Chairs

It had to be the last straw. Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng was supposed to have updated parliament, and the interested public at large, how Mas Selamat made it across the crocodile infested Johore Straits. After all, his Home Team boys ought to have had sufficient time for a thorough debrief at Whitley Road Detention Centre. But Wong had nothing new to report. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. Kosong.

Everyone was hoping to hear if Mas Selamat actually made the crossing with the assistance of yellow rubber duckies, or stowed away in one of those second hand submarines brought in by Rear-Admiral Lui Tuck Yew. Or teleported into the Malaysian town of Scudai. The way Goh Chok Tong and gang probably did when they got inside the Cheng San GRC polling station in 1997 without physically being within 200 metres of the polling station, also referred to by then Attorney General Chan Sek Keong as the "safety zone which stretches outwards for 200 metres from the polling station".

It's not a bad deal for Wong. He is now DPM only, less responsibility, and collecting same pay. He can even spend more time at those onsens in Japan with his travelling business buddy Ong and his snooty wife. Whether Shanmugam can do a better job keeping Mas Selamat under lock and key, only time will tell. And do we really need another Minister in the already overstaffed cabinet? As full Minister, Lui will be assigned 24 hour Gurkha sentries at his private residence, on top of the other perks. It's good those guys are tall, they can carry the aquaphobic Minister across the flood waters whenever it rains heavily.
The PM must have missed out on musical chairs during his deprived childhood. "This reshuffle is a minor adjustment," he said in typical euphemism.


  1. It's a new form of renewal, all within the PAP Familee.

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Wong being appointed now the Chief Security Guard for our public buildings !

    By the way if GE is just around the corner, why do we need a Cabinet re-shuffle if it is not for show or wayang ?