Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rename Temasek Review As.... Temasek Review

First, a clarification of the cast of characters is in order, given that so many Ongs have been in the news recently. Dr Ong (not the ACS(I) principal who deserted his staff and students in the midst of the final year exams) is the medical doctor who was hauled up by police for reputedly putting up posters of the toilet-mouth MP Lee Bee Wah. Better expressed in her own colorful vernacular, Lee heads for the "jamban" only when the ugly stuff is about to exit the nether region. Goh Yong Siang is the Temasek Holdings representative who is asking a website to change its name, supposedly because his employer uses same for its annual report. His company employs lots of imported high fliers and intelligent talents who execute esoteric deals like buying BOA shares at its high (US$13.7), and selling low (US$6.8). These people are just too clever to call their yearly financial publication "Temasek Holdings Annual Report".

All the brainpower amassed there never seemed to doubt for a moment that TNP was mistaken in identifying Dr Ong as the owner/founder of Temasek Review. Failing miserably in her feckless attempt at fishing, TNP's Ms Ng Wan Ching is now requesting (quickly changed to "asking") to meet with the persons named “Eugene, me (admin04), Amanda and Damon”. Kudos to Dr Ong for fending off the pesky journalist. As an encore, please offer her a lobotomy at discounted price.

Temasek Review is so well recognised that Australian Broadcasting Corporation invited it to be featured in an upcoming radio documentary jointly produced by Australian Broadcasting Corporation and BBC World Service. From the remote country of Netherlands, a Master of Arts in Media Culture student from Maastricht University wants to include it in an academic paper entitled “Transformations in Media Culture” which focuses on Socio-Political Blogs in Singapore. Even the Wall Street Journal (12 Jan 2010) quotes from it: "On Temasek Review, a Web site dedicated to Singaporean affairs, one writer recently warned Singaporeans would be "replaced" as "3rd class citizens" by foreigners, while another said that immigration "will emerge as the single most important issue" in Singapore's next general election, due by 2011." Temasek Review is now ranked 63,930 in a websites of the world survey and 162 in Singapore, moving up the charts to surpass TodayOnline who is now ranked 203 in Singapore.

Goh maintained that Temasek Review had been the name of Temasek Holdings' annual report since 2004 and was "well-known and indisputably associated with Temasek". Earlier this year, the company renamed its annual report Temasek Report, but denied that it had anything to do with the website. Maybe Goh wasn't important enough to be updated. Maybe he went overboard by including these lines in his written request: "Temasek has no issue with the desire to foster and facilitate serious debate and discourse and to provide news of socio-political affairs of Singapore. That is the right of every Singaporean."


  1. Any infringement of copyright and any rights can be settled in any country with Rule of Laws.

  2. Goh Yong Siang, Managing Director, International and Strategic Relations, is one of those mindef mafia types who don't have the qualification or experience for the apppointment. This is what was written of him:

    "The former chief of the Singapore Air Force, Mr Goh retired in 1998 and went to work in the United States, first as president of ST Engineering and then in private equity. He was a partner in and chief executive of a Dallas, Texas-based charter airline, Patriot Air, which filed for bankruptcy less than two years after it was formed. Mr Goh joined Temasek in 2006 and was asked to head the Thai office that Temasek opened following the Shin Corp debacle."

    See his mugshot here:

  3. So what happens to

  4. Having YOUNG EX MILITARY SENIOR COMMANDERS placed at many of the State-owned commercial houses is one damn good strategy of the Rulers.

  5. It's really sad that despite many Singaporeans' pertinent questions and doubts about the PAP's economic policies as well as Temasek Holdings' investment outcomes, our local media chooses to remain in cahoots with the PAP govt. Rather than ask probing questions to serve the interests of our country, they choose to jump on the PAP bandwagon of demonising political opponents instead. I hope that our journalists can reflect on this, and realise their true professional calling for the sake of our country.

  6. It is damn good strategy for the Rulers, maybe so but, definitely bad for the country and the people. The Chinese say no (quality)good man(hou-nan) joins the army. There is wisdom in the saying.