Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Bard Was Right

The four horsemen galloping to the finishing post are eminently qualified, if compared to the clueless individual squatting in the Istana - the clod actually titled his memoir "Why Am I Here?" But the way they are scrambling for the top slot brings to mind the lament of a Filipino friend.

Sipping a latte at Shangrila Makati, he reflected on how an American colleague accurately described the failings of his countrymen. The American had said they behave like crabs in a basket. The moment one manages to climb to the top of the pile, the others pull him down. The analogy is not lost here, seeing how the Tans sling mud at their own clansmen.

The joke is on them.

The elected president's "powerful" veto, be it exercised in connection with reserves or key appointments, can be easily be neutered by the non-elected 6-member Council of Presidential Advisers (CPA). Each and every one appointed by the sitting Government, waiting to twist in the dagger it with a mere two-thirds vote in Parliament. Even if the president has the heart to save a soul from the death row, the Constitution, as it still stands, stipulates he must act in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet. They want only the battery operated pacemaker, not the flesh and blood version.

The rare instance of where the president has some semblance of power is when he gets to over rule the Cabinet should it disagree with an ISA decision to release a detainee. Dr Lim Hock Siew must be ROTFL on this one. Hell will surely freeze over before the ISA advisory board unlocks the cell door without first eliciting an induced confession to the satisfaction of the "main culprit". Just ask Dr Lim.

In the end, the elected president's...
.... but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.


  1. EP is a totally rubbish position and waste of public fund and time. It is the freak democracy created to perpetuate PAP's rule. It is unconstitutional because it has never been approved by the people in referendum. It is a private play of the few elites in the ruling PAP. Just to ask a basic question: The EP must act according to the advice from the 6-member presidential advisory committee, and the members are appointed by the ruling party. What logic is this that the EP can safe guide the reserve or do his duty independently? Do you trust the 6-member presidential advisory committee who are appointed by the elites in ruling PAP? Do you trust the PAP elites who appoint the presidential advisors? What accountability, transparency, check and balance? My foot.

  2. I thought at least 3 of the members in CPA can be appointed by the President.

    Oh well, is farce. But just play totheir farce lor..put in a real opposition donkey to see how they will play this one out..nothing to lose..the govt is already selected. no downside at all

  3. Tattler,
    even if the EP (hoping it is TanJS) may not be able to do much except try his damnest to convince those numbskulls around him,(especially the idiot of a PM that we have)
    and even if he achieved little, there is the positive side to it. at least he will be privy to alot of info and shenanigan that is ongoing...relaying all this by engaging citizens through the EP's facebook.

    ps: the idiotic PM and his stooges will get to taste the repercussion in 2016

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  5. //Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing//

    Reminds me of TCB in his rally hahaha.

  6. Hahaha. You just quoted my favourite verses fm W Shakespeare! How aptly it depicts our current EP! True in every sense of the word! But then don't forget like someone mentioned earlier the EP has access and privy to all cabinet papers. He knows what is going on. I'm sure the ruling party won't want an EP to keep langgar them at every foreseeable event or policy matter! I say let them langgar by getting an outsider ! It won't be easy to have another OTC. There was and will be only one OTC !

  7. Money influenced people since time immemorial.Heads of public institutions,statutory boards,semi-govt entities,GLCs are clamoring to do favours
    for the ruling party.
    The whole damned country is corrupted as hell.

  8. When I fetched my grandma for the polls, she said the residents in her nursing home told her not to vote for the one with the spectacles - after the election, he'll raise prices. It took me a few seconds to realize what they meant - the one with the spectacles LOGO!!

  9. In name the elected President is supposed to protect the interests of all Singaporeans. But in reality it will only benefit the political interests of those in power.

    Otherwise why in hell is the President paid a salary higher than the PM but authority wise, it is almost powerless ? It just doesn't really make sense, isn't it ? Until one suspect it is for keeping one of the President's eyes shut and do the politically right thing when that special need arises ?

  10. In many ways, we need someone to be the "ball" for people to squeeze when things get wrong. EP being the one who appoint and make the fnal decision on important issues is the one. That's why he get to be paid so much. Ha Ha