Thursday, August 11, 2011

One System, Two Justices

Wait a minute, who's under investigation here? The caption implies that the Parliamentary Elections Act was breached not only by Marine Parade MP Tin Pei Ling, but also by her target of abuse. Is the police even acting on the report filed?

It is now abundantly clear why the Singapore Police Force took so long to come to a conclusion about the "Wow, I think tears in parliament is worse than ANYTHING ELSE!" post on the Kate Spade MP's Facebook page. They were going over Nicole Seah's own Facebook account with an electron microscope to dig up anything, anything at all, remotely incriminating. This must be the first time anyone comes across their "smoking gun": that "Scrutinise the PAP manifesto one more time! Cooling off period starts now!" comment. You got to have an IQ less than 75 to deem that "election advertising". It sounds more like a public service announcement. Maybe the cops took it that the mere mention of "Cooling off period" is grounds for prosecution. Perhaps a scrutiny of the police report about this particular post may be more enlightening? If one exists at all?

So Denise He exists, it wasn't a figment of Ms Tin's tinsel imagination, or so we are told. So why not let us see her ugly mugshot? After all, they simply took Tin's word for the gospel truth. They quoted no proof in the electronic signatures, in the mobile phone record (from which the offending post was supposedly made) or in the log of the Facebook account. One doubts if any cyber forensic investigation was done at all.

The whole charade reminds one of the Chan Sek Keong ruling about Goh Chok Tong and company not breaching any election law by being inside the Cheng San polling area, but not within 200 meters of it. But does the bo-chap PM care? He didn't even bother to speak to the people live for the National Day message. Instead, he pre-recorded it one-week in advance. Now wonder it sounded so hollow, so unreal, so utterly disconnected with the turmoil that saw STI tumbling by 110.78 points and $18 billion wiped off the 30 blue chip components stocks. With such blinkers on, no wonder he is deaf to the protestation about the SMRT fare hike. Come next year, we may see a body double showing up for at the parade. Why even bother?


  1. Wow, such minutiae profoundness. Whether it is 1 minute or how many minutes or hours, once the law is set, well all are affected. Since, you wish to go by the letter of the law, both deserve to be investigated.


  2. Tattler,
    not surprised if the PM's body double is more convincing as a leader, walks without the trademark gait and speaks with more conviction.

    can't help thinking TinPL, Penny Low and the rest have no qualms treating the incumbent PM as a pushover, piece of cake to deal with.

    sadly, the dumbass 60% just don't seem to see this, a spineless PM begets the likes of TinPL and mobile Penny.

  3. What crime did Nicole Seah commit ? As usual of modus operandi of PAP, they will just find anything to smear the opp party so that they can get away with their own crime.

    I hate to say this. We have kangaroo court, kangaroo judge, and we now have kangaroo police. The Singapore Police please don't expect any respect from lesser mortals from now on. Patience has its limit, and you as public servants of Singapore has become the lackeys of PAP.

  4. What are the checks and balances against an incompetent judiciary, or against the chief justice?

    It's high time citizens realize that we cannot let elites walk over us, be it in enforcement, politics or judiciary!

  5. what about tin tin's people handing out election material on cooling-off day?
    tak pakai as well?

  6. Hahaha......

    Doomsday is only months away, said some.

    Though I do not believe the above, I just feel that Sin does seem like heading for doom of some kind human created.

    The Political Leaders are much despise at, the Judiciary is said to give little or no comfort.

    Law Enforcement is perceived to be less than competent and the crooks are found to be not crooked enough to warrant corrections.

    Hey, but Singaporeans are by and large fine with such condition! Is it not???

  7. What you expect the police to do with this case? Do not forget we have such an unaccountable and opaque government? Whatever happens is not based on justice and equality. Who in police force dare to go against the ruler? All heroes have been buried and now left only 3 good men for this country. There is no point to complain the police did not act accordingly if you still believe in voting this alienated party. It is time to change.

  8. This cooling-off day rule is really take lan kok tau. Design some stupid regulation and yet don't follow.

  9. Anyone still doubts Singapore is ruled by despotic dictatorship? Security service is the goons of the ruling party. Judiciary totally bent to the wishes to the power that be. I feel sick.

  10. Smell a fish ? It stinks, isn't it ?

    Why even mention Nicole when no report was ever made and it wasn't even her who send out the SMS ?

    Now let's wait for our PM to say whether it's OK for one of his MPs to made a false declaration ? Maybe he doesn't even have the balls to say it in public ? Or he rather bochap when it comes to fairness and equality ?

  11. In Nicole Seah’s case the message was posted to her FB wall by a volunteer almost on the stroke of midnight, arriving on Seah’s FB wall, just A MINUTE after 12 mid night on 6 May 2011 BEING DELAYED BY UNDISPUTED HIGH ONLINE TRAFFIC THEN.

  12. Rotting into the Core!!!

  13. Can we get someone to investigate the police action? In other countries, police abuse and corruption are investigated and prosecuted all the time. (E.g. the recent British leaks.) Be TRANSPARENT. This is not a THIRD WORLD country.