Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Tin Pei Ling Defence

Or is it the Richard Nixon defence? Tricky Dicky made Haldeman and Erlichman take the fall for paying the hush money to the Watergate burglars through Colson. Was "Denise He" the sacrificial pawn for the MarineParadeGate cover up, and was any MP allowance used as hush fund? Whoa! We don't want to go there! And if we do go that route, the CPID would have to be called in, not just the Elections Department. The British police can also help by teaching the daft SPF how to use the hard coded IMEI numbers to track down the real culprit, the way they caught the looters in London. Would "Denise He" still be prepared to serve jail time like Colson?

No less dramatic, Joachim Gay Chao Hui has come forth to be the sacrificial lamb for his filipino wife, claiming it was he who posted the derogatory remarks under the name of Rachelle Ann Beguia. Viva la romance! Such gallantry, truly rare in today's modern age. Rarer still in the species which was recently labelled by the tutor at Tampines Junior College as "moronic", with questionable codes of "loyalty" and "patriotism". This is a guy who took the MIW's advice to heart to embrace the foreigners - maybe too literally - and even produced a cute little tyke to address the nation's declining birthrate. From the break in his scholastic resume, between 1995-1996 (NJC) and 1999-2000 (NUS), one assumes Gay did fulfil his NS obligations. Or he was training with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Zamboanga, Philippines. Latter is not so far fetched when you read some of his milder postings:
"Singaporeans are the ugliest human species ever to graze God’s green earth…..really. I am a Singaporean myself but I am an exception. Everyone I see on the streets of Singapore are so damn ugly and out of shape!!"
“Those of you who had viewed the Miss Singapore Universe competition on television who have been amazed…. yes, amazed by the depressing standards of the contest. All the contestants look so……. ‘deformed’ and the eventual winner Jessica Tan looks like my autistic friend.”
“I am Chinese Singaporean but I despise Chinese Singaporeans the most….really KIASU and a bunch of maid abuses. Hail the Filipinos screw all you SINGAPOREANS! From what you described, as a Singaporean (am very embarassed to be one and have disavowed any association with this nationality).”

During the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, US Marines were shocked to come across John Phillip Walker Lindh as an enemy combatant on the Taliban side. Born in Washington and raised a Catholic, Lindh was captured by Afghan Northern Alliance forces after his Al-Qaeda foreign fighters unit surrendered at Kunduz. Do we have a similar Benedict Arnold in our ranks? If we do, blame it on the "kee chiu" generals who can't tell where their men are pointing the SARs. Hey, we even have elected MPs who don't give a hoot about the national anthem. Soon, we will be finding out if the National Heart Center has been compromised too.


  1. Looks like the husband is simply trying to do damage control, but did he really utter those words ?

    If he did, he must really be a moron because it meant he doesn't even have have the slightest respect for his own parents, siblings and even his Singaporean colleagues & friends ?

  2. A tight slap on his own face, and maybe, body.....what was he thinking to do this attack on Singaporeans, calling them ugly but claiming he is REALLY GOODLOOKING???? I don't think so. He's the ugliest to pull a Taliban on us!

  3. Thanks to Ms TPL as a role model,which the SPF has already set a precedent. Mr Gay and his wife will also get a "stern warning", tight slap on their hands and walk scot free. Since there was no Code of Conduct to our FT guests at PM's ndr , everything is permissible. To quote him, you must learn "to stick together". wink wink...feathers of the same kind, please group together.

  4. he looked down on autistic people and he is a teacher? !

    MOE need to comment.

  5. Such irony, a tutor who looks down and discrimate.. He himself needs to get in shape instead.. Gosh! Physically & attitude-wise.

    And Jessica can sue him if that statement really comes from him. What's wrong with him?

  6. He should GIVE UP his nationality, as he avowed. No one is forcing him to keep it, if he hates Singapore so much.

  7. This Joachim Gay Chao Hui is such a lowlife scum, I doubt the Taliban wants him, make that it.

    And I agree with Alan Wong, it is trying to do damage control, since it is afraid its wife will be kicked out of SG, since it can't get a local woman to marry it.

  8. Seriously I don't know what to say.
    What's he thinking? Clearly he is emotionally unstable and schizophrenic to be a caring teacher in the broad day light and a cursing country-bashing comrade in the moonlight. This poor sod now have to face punishment not only for himself , but his wife. Let's just hope this doesn't turn out to be witch-hunt. Make your sincerest apologies to singaporeans and move on. It would be very sad if singapore has to lose another son over silly incident triggered by Penny Unwise, Found Foolish. Daft

  9. If it is possible, send the scumbag to the Philippines. But I am not sure the authorities want him there as well.

  10. This Mr. Joachim Gay Chao Hui, does not seem to like Singaporeans. I really doubt he is in the right mindset to educate the students (which majority are Singaporeans)

    Likewise, Penny Low, has no respect for Singapore, should not be serving the nation at all, as there is no way she could do so wholeheartedly. She even lied to say she was posting on Facebook and lecture others of dividing the nation. Shameless woman.

  11. I feel sad that a fellow Singaporean has so much hatred for his country and his own ethnic race. Perhaps the honorable thing for him is to resign from his job and migrate to the country of his choice, if that country wants him.