Friday, August 12, 2011

Shrewd Observation By A Filipina

For reasons best known to her, filipina Rachelle Ann Beguia Riko put in her two centavos' worth to lend support to the beleaguered MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Penny Low, of Malaysia origin. Ms Low was seen on national television totally engrossed with her mobile phone while loyal Singaporeans were solemnly singing the national anthem. Low has apologised, saying she was carried away with "sharing that moment of pride" on Facebook with her residents.

The filipina's post may be disturbing, and some may conclude her diatribe is downright divisive:
“These moronic ‘Singaporeans’, their code, their morals, their ‘loyalty’ and ‘patriotism’… all dropped at the first sign of trouble… just ask any of them if they want to be excused from serving NS and they will be the first to raise their hands… Require any of them to serve an extra month of NS and they will riot in Singapore… Ask them to fight a war, almost all will declare they are ready to pack up and run."
"… But when foreigners like Bangladeshi, Thais and Indians come and provide labour for building flats and roads, you didn’t seem to have complained about it…. if tomorrow the government decides to hire foreigners to become soldiers and no more serving of NS for all men let’s see if you will make the same comment… By the way, if foreigners can come and snatch your jobs and flats it only shows one thing…. how incompetent you are."

For a newcomer Rachelle has pretty strong opinions about the natives. She got that part about NS right - who wants to defend the country if 1/3 has been handed over to aliens like her on a silver platter? But she fingered the wrong incompetent party. A competent government would have ejected mercenary misfits like her at the port of entry. Rachalle said of herself, "yes I like to bootlick it benefits me what are you going to do about it?" The "population czar" who made entry for a clerk like her so easy has already been kicked out of office. More should be following his exit route - those allowing them to snatch away jobs and flats - unless they plan to populate the country only with bootlickers and sycophants. Fortunately for Rachelle, Singaporeans are not a vengeful people, we just aspire for wisdom of true leaders like Abraham Lincoln to prevail,
"We are not enemies, but friends.
We must not be enemies.
Though passion may have strained,
it must not break our bonds of affection."


  1. This is what happens when the country is like a cheap budget hotel. The likes of Rachelle shd be the ones getting scre**d rather than S'poreans who ironically just celebrated their independence. To have such comments from a 3rd world dweller, is to cut very deep. I will not blame Rachelle too much, though I will spit at her if I do see her face. I blame those MIWs, for selling out this country that our fore fathers have created with their blood and sweat, not by 1 man alone. Rachelle is not even fit to be my maid and that is what that 3rd world country is made for.

  2. Who is the population czar you're referring to here?
    Always thot it was Gan who now heads up the health..not exactly boot out.
    He could well boot our old folks to JB already happening anyway.

    Very sad lah..goes to show.
    If the Govt makes the entry so easy, you think these people treasure it?
    They use the same excuse that the govt been sprouting..talents like these are so damn naively daft. No wonder our NS men don't want to die for these lot. Vote for another Tony Tan, nothing lagi will change. All that reform talk is just wayang as we've seen the last 2 mths.

  3. TODAY, "The General Election may be over, but Mr Lim noted that netizens were still "stuck in the mode of blaming others". He said: "Everything about the Government is viewed negatively, (netizens) are not giving credit where it is due, while feedback offline and on the ground is that the Prime Minister is hearing the people. We can't forever be taking feedback, we need to move ahead and work together."

    With mentality like that how to move on. They blame you for being stuck and negative. They want everybody to sing them praises. People should not put on their critical thinking hat..they only want to hear good things, and that's called "harmony" and "unity"..your confucians or some say confusing teachings from the bygone era. Maybe they prefer people to go on the streets like the london crowd. Didn't an MP say to focus on the 60% who voted happily with them? Maybe that's a good strategy instead.

  4. Clueless Lee likes to call them talents. Hard truth is they are nothing more than economic refugees.

  5. Why so surprised? This is what this country is today. Not even sure it is a country yet. Failure of 46 years nation building is a fact. Whose fault? Definitely, not the 3 good mens according to those elites.

  6. Quite frankly, Penny Low incident is a non-issue. The curry mediation and these new talents behaviors are really bothersome. What exactly are the Integration & Assimilation Program that're in place that the Ministry have in order to do an effective social transition? If things go wrong, they're going to point a finger at the citizens again (for their intolerance). Does the right hand of the Govt even know what the left hand is doing? They want these GDPs numbers contributed by these digit new migrants but unwilling to spend a cent to educate them. If they want the locals to do it for them, more cases like these will come up.

    And people should stop bashing whether they are filipino white collar or malaysian etc..look at their actions/behavior/words and judge them from there. Be fair and not flame.

  7. PM Lee has a chance during NDP rally to issue a stern "code of conduct" to these new foreigners who are guests here. If they are still unrepentant, they are free to go to middle east or european states where they will be welcomed as 3rd class citizens to be rampaged by the Anders Behring Breivik of the likes.

  8. I guess when this government opened up opportunity for foreigner like her to earn a living in Singapore they thought they have every right to criticize Singaporean also. If we Singaporean living in Philippines does that over there my gosh I don't even want to think what will happen. Remember the Flor Contemplacion case, how the Filipino people reacted when they did not like the verdict? Sometimes you wondered why Filipinos like her don't stay back in their own country to work and live their lives the way they wants.

  9. Keep voting wisely until you get get what you want.

    No point debating with deaf frogs. They can't hear you.

  10. I was at Manila airport clearing immigration the day after Contemplacion was hanged. The customs officer processing my passport spoke loudly for all in the vicinity to hear, "You Singaporeans don't respect international law!" I shouted back at him, "My prime minister is visiting your country next month, why don't you take it up with him?" I could sense the queue behind me was afraid for my safety, but I never back off from ignorant cowards. Never have, never will.

  11. OVerheard a Sembawang MP sharing about her MP job responsibility over the radio :

    With comments as such:

    1. there is no need to quit my day job and work as a full time MP, as my grass roots are working in the day time, hence we can only meet after office hour.

    2. yes, i do get to meet the residents during occasions such as residents functions, school functions, etc.

    3. During the MPS, I can not meet all residents as there are just too many of them. That's why, many of them meet our grass roots instead. This will ensure more efficiency.

    4. The $15000 MP allowance is not much as sometime i need to use it to foot some functions bills, etc.

    5. Its not easy to find people willing to serve as MP.

    With the above comments, I can deduce that PAP recruit potential MP, with a certain job descriptions, if they are willing to do it, then they join ?

    I am neutral towards this MP, but I just feel that their approach is very condescending, top down model. Is this good enough. If the MP do not use bottom up approach and really feel the ground. I am afraid, nothing is going to change these 5 years...

    To serve the people or country, put them first !!

    Very sad indeed.

  12. Well, can't blame them since PAP call these people "foreign talents". But I'll remember incidents like these each time I vote, that's the only recourse I have until PAP does something concrete other than talk.

  13. Rachelle Ann Beguia Riko, that's a mouthful.

    This dumbass pinoy whore must have too much time on her hand while waiting for 'johns' to post such obvious crap! As if anyone in his/her right mind (from any country) wants to serve NS if they don't need to, like going to the toilet, no one wants to take a dump if they don't have too! (We don't need no pinoy whores to tell us that!)

    As for MIWs, reduce foreign workers? Fat chance, here's why...

    2M workers x $300 levy/month = $7.2B/a year!!!

  14. I recall just not too long ago the whole world (yes i mean the whole world & esp in HK) watched a horrifying police "elite swat team" in Manila trying to take down ONE (1) terrorist who killed EIGHT (8) HK tourists in a bus siege The end result? We saw how incompetent their SWAT team means = Sorry, We Are not Trained" ..Then Aquino the President has to apologize to HK Governor & People. The day these foreign talents become our national service men, no need to defend SG liao...

    Ms Rachelle should remember from whence she came from, as my Senior MM like to say.

  15. My words to this Rachelle, this joke of a Pinay, is this, "This is OUR COUNTRY,OUR LAND and OUR LIFESTYLE and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this.But once you are done complaining about Our Flag, Our Pledge or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom,THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE.We didn’t force you to come here.You asked to be here.So accept the country YOU accepted.” – Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, 2010″
    We are no Australia, but she surely has the right and freedom to leave after complaining so much about us, our lifestyle, our people, and our country.

  16. So, everyone miss the sarcasm.
    Seems that Singaporeans can let an FT turned MP get away with that incredulous apology that even a pinay knows it's just a stupid excuse. This proves that Singaporeans are really daft.

    An MP can get away with not showing sufficient respect for our National Anthem only when we have been pledging to aspire for democracy, equality and justice, etc...

  17. No one miss the sarcasm here. We know is about how Penny Low failed to stand up as a role model. But what're you going to do? Lock her for violation of a lapse of loyalty? Just look across ms TPL case, and the govt is quick to remind you that they also just let the other" candidate free (for something not on same scale). Accept it or accept change. Your choice. Your vote.

  18. i am a filipino.. and i read some flames about my country after the uncalled comments of rachel and i can't blame the singaporeans for these backlashes. everyone of you is correct. she doesn't have the right to criticize singapore the way she did. if singapore is so bad, why is she there to make a living instead of staying in the "competent" philippines? the situation is bad enough that locals view the filipinos as job grabbers and this moron makes it even worse by those comments.

  19. While she made some uncalled for remarks, the fact is we the Singaporeans allow so many FT in without resistance. Something must be done to stop this flow. Otherwise what is our NS defending? Our country or thses FT?

  20. Pinoy Rachelle is a free-loading shameless blood-sucking parasite. All you pinoys - are you willing to do paid(same low pay) NS and reservists which can result in your death to protect Singapore? I dare Pinoys to state that you are willing to do paid NS and reservist which can result in your death. No? What cowardly, selfish, ungrateful hypocrites you pinoys are. Let the PAP govt employ you as a NS men and reservists if your are willing to die for Singapore and willing to lose the jobs you stole from Singaporeans. Singaporeans can then do undisrupted work and be there for the customers without taking long stretch of mandatory time off for reservist duty and NS. Singaporeans can take back the jobs pinoys shamelessly stole from us.

    PINOYS how can you ever have the guts or the courage and moral to do NS and reservists when you are just a bunch of shameless free-loaders. Pinoys will be the first to run at the first sign of trouble because the last thing you want is to make any sacrifice for anybody including your own country. NO WONDER YOU ARE A NATION OF SERVANTS. A NATION IS ONLY AS GREAT OR LOUSY AS ITS PEOPLE. Rachelle you behave and think like an ungrateful shameless free-loading servant. Singaporeans despise you. How dare you insult Singaporeans- you ungrateful,selfish, free-loading parasite. Go home and join your fellow servants to be free-loading parasites servants in your own country.

  21. I suspect Racheal’s husband came forward to say that he used his wife’s blog because his is afraid that his wife will be sent back to the Philippines for breaking immigration rules. Rachel’s statements in her blog shows blatant disrespect and insults all Singapore citizens including the President and the ministers. As such she is being extremely disrespectful and her behaviours warrants her to be kicked out of the country. Most countries, Australia, UK, Europe, America, Thailand, Malaysia.. have similar immigration rule. Foreigners must respect the people and country they visit or worked in. The police and the government should investigate if Racheal’s husband is telling the truth. If not, Racheal has committed an immigration offence and should be sent back to the Philippines. This should send a “deterrent”(government’s favourite punishment for Singaporeans) message to all foreigners who shows disrespect for Singapore and Singaporeans.

    Immigration dept and the MFA must investigate throughly. And let justice been and seen to be done.

  22. Communicate regularly

    Perhaps more than any other group of Asian women, it’s very important for Filipino women that you communicate with them often – through email, through text, etc. If you don’t do this, the typical Filipina woman would think that you’re not into her or are cheating on her.

  23. I am a Filipino and whenever I visit my country I tell my loved ones of how good Singapore is, in many ways, like its beauty, cleanliness, security, and discipline of the people in general. Whenever I meet Singaporean locals who seem to be confused of some government policies or actions, w/ sincerity in my heart I tell them, if my country could be as efficient and dedicated as SG government even just 50% of it, it will be more than a dream come true for me. The religious and racial harmony in SG is one thing I really admire and the world knows about it. Rachelle is just one of some people whose tactfulness in some occasions slips from their minds and should apologize. And harsh words can come out not because of her race but because of her own nature or character. Rest assured there are a lot more Filipinos who knows how great SG is. We shouldn't let her destroy what SG has stood for in Asia and in the World, a model of harmony regardless of race, color, or religion.

  24. I am pinay and had work in SG for 2 years. To SG, We pinoys in generals even our leaders look up upon you on how you made your country great.We thank you for giving us jobs and opportunities to see the difference between your country and our country, that awakens us. I thank singapore for giving me the best training proffessionaly and a personal growth.