Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Same Old, Same Old

Apology not withstanding, PM Lee has reiterated that his Government will remain open to investments and talents. Whatever mistakes he was referring to at Boat Quay in May ("Well, we’re sorry we didn’t get it exactly right, but I hope you’ll understand and bear with us"), it sure wasn't about jobs going to foreigners, be it operating a fish soup stall or running a national bank. Maddox, Murdoch, and even Gaddafi, will certainly be given the key to the city, so long as they fly in with suitcases of cash.

Astute investors who saw the writing on the wall at the last General Elections had asked whether the Government will be changing direction because of the political realities on the ground. If PM Lee didn't spell out what he "didn’t get (it) exactly right" at the election rally, the occasion of the Economic Development Board's 50th anniversary dinner would have been a good platform to flesh out his real intent. He made it crystal clear, "We will continue to make ourselves an international hub, open to global investments and talent." So much for his oratory about distancing from his father's "spurs are not stuck into the hide" attitude. The apple indeed does not fall far from the tree. It looks like a dismal future of more years of subjugating ourselves as second class citizens, squeezed out of the job market, school places, affordable housing. No wonder the flags are not fluttering in the wind, with August 9 just round the corner.

They say the extensive fat marbling in slices of high-grade wagyū beef is attributed to massaging the cattle or adding beer or sake to their feeding regimen. Those animals get a better deal than us human fodder for the economic machine of Singapore Inc. Since nothing much can be done about the current status quo, we might laugh about it.


  1. Poor Singaporean8/03/2011 10:36 AM

    Good reason to hope that a two party system will happen in 2016.

  2. LOL! Full marks to the video for giving an alternative view!

  3. I swear i could have seen crocodile tears then at Boat Quay. We shd have got 1 more GRC and their tone would be alot different. Now it's back to screwing the peasants and welcoming of new blood/foreign trash to make up for lost votes.

  4. They don't depend on trust to win vote. Their grand propaganda machineries have so far been successful in manipulating human's two fundamental weaknesses - fear and greed. Only when people are no longer cowed by their scare tactics, when they can no longer satisfy people's greed and when they lose the right to govern, will they change. Meanwhile, everything is fine, don't rock the boat, business as usual.

  5. He quoted //Key to this, he said, was Singaporeans' support for 'consistent and rational policies which create jobs and prosperity'. In fact, this buy-in from the people, combined with the ability of government agencies to be aligned and working towards the same goal, was what made the EDB, and Singapore, so successful in the last 50 years.//

    Notice how his speeches are peppered with all the NLP (neuro linguistic programming") hynopsis to sooth the people. But he can only fool some people some of the time. Unfortunately, he fooled that 60% who gave him the "buy-in" to govern and run for another 5yrs..sorry my ass. He's clearly NOT sorry. Status is quo, business as usual (FTs spurs and the whole shebang)

    This is the youngest Leeder who became our BG in SG history, fast-tracked despite he fainted (passed-out) at parade. Two scholarships & he doesn't have the guts for real reform. Why bother flying a National flag for this dynasty. Much better to stay home and watch this brilliant spoof than all the wayang exercise for foreign talents.

  6. Driver still asleep.
    More slaps needed.
    EP elections this August is last chance till 2016.

  7. This time our PM was hardly apologetic, so soon and so fast already short of memory, arh ?

    Are both the father & son now back to their usual selves and up to their usual tricks again? They must be chuckling to themselves that the apology trick was well worth it and it didn't cost them a dime either.

    Just imagine 2 out of 5 Singaporeans are already so fed up with them even when they dished out the goodies. Very soon it will be even more if it is realised that it was just one of his usual tricks at fixing the opposition. That is, he was hardly sorry in the first place.

  8. actually, we shouldn't be grumbling about all these screw-ups by the PAP. the more there are, the better the chances of more people from alternative parties being voted in in 2016.

    the question now is which Other candidate - outside of tony tan - we should vote for. but that may soon be decided for us. it all depends on who - if any - gets the green light to stand, besides tony.

  9. 2 million foreign workers x $300 levy x 12 months = $7,200,000,000 (annual levy).

  10. Wow,,i never thunked of it that way..looks like a better money than casinos leh. only foreign workers got levy..those pmet work in office got meh?