Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The New Sheriff In Town

Engaging the public via the new media will be difficult, said PM Lee, because it is "given to circulating many negative views and ridiculous truths". He referred to the growing cyber communities derisively as "cowboy towns". The way he tells it, five years ago, the only challenge to the sheriff was "only the popular blogger Mr Brown."

In "China Inside Out" (Wiley & Sons, 2011), author Bill Dodson narrates how daring cyber citizens took down a government official from Shandong Province. The man tried to force a little 11-year-old girl into the washroom of Plum Garden Seafood Restaurant on October 28, 2008. After she narrowly escaped to the safety of her outraged parents, a CCTV clip recorded the audacity of the abuser, "I did it. So what? How much money do you want? Give me a price! I will pay it!" He boasted of his connections, "Do you know who I am? My level is the same as your mayor!"

But he failed to reckoned with the power of the Chinese social networks. With the video clip online, Chinese Internet users mobilised a Human Flesh Search Engine  (Chinese: 人肉搜索; pinyin: rénròu sōusuǒ) to identify the potential child molester's name, address, position and current workplace. Soon, the Search announced his name as Lin Jiaxiang, party secretary of the Shenzhen marine affairs bureau. The angry posts in online forums echoed sentiments like this one, "Dammit Shenzhen Nanshan District Police!!! The entire country's masses will be watching how you handle this!!!"

A post on popular China web portal Netease.com explained why Human Flesh Searches appealed to the Chinese:
"Human Flesh Searches is an embodiment of the common people's right of expression and right of supervision. One reason this kind of embodiment has big impact upon some people in society is because the common people do not have a better channel embodying these two rights."

Recently our own cyber sleuths uncovered the preferential treatment meted to an ex-Minister's son and a molly-coddled female politician. Plus details of a disturbed racist-in-the-making who was dumb enough to publish his mobile phone online. We definitely have need for better channels than the mainstream media who refused to print a word of the ugly truth. Now's a good time to make friends with your PRC classmate or colleague - he may teach us a thing or two about how to use the Human Flesh Search Engine vigilante tool. Aren't you just dying to find out if the mysterious "Denise" character is a "he" or a "her"?


  1. PM forgets that ST is the longest cowboy town in singapore, and still is judging by how they want to ram TT down our throats again. They get to print what they want to hear, and want you to hear. That's why they are struggling so hard to find the meaning of "accountability" again. So hard that they are labeling everything that aren't printed on MSM as untruths. Foolmehar?

  2. I have stopped subscribing MSM 20 years ago but still read them to see what BS they have. Some one said you can only trust 50% what reported in MSM. It is quite true since so many years of reading them. This is a cyber age that government cannot cover up wrong doing. Government may try but at the end when the hard truth reveals, it is the time the government will collapse. Be warned.

  3. Anyway MSM's journalists are all rather young and many a time only symptoms or the tips of the ice burg are reported. There wasn't much critical thinking or analysis. I find the internet news and blogs much more resourceful and balance.

    Anyway, many a time, i buy MSM paper just to support the newspaper vendor, they worked very hard and many a time are bullied by the big news paper company.

    Thanks Tattler, enjoyed your blog very much :)

    Just feel that the lesser mortals are very very overlooked in this little red dot ...

  4. the mysterious Dennis He character could turn out to be the PPS hubby himself...same as the idiot who came forth to take the rap for the pinay wife posting on Penny Low's FB.

    somehow i am inclined to think the PRCs are getting better each day, using the internet to help themselves.
    about time some of our social media connect with theirs, exchange ideas, expose the hard truths about our MSM being ranked 140th, expose why LKY should never be a role model for PRC leadership, not when he served the Japs like a traitor, created a system to put his spineless son and stooges in place to run SinCity.

  5. For MSM...i always read between the lines of the BS/crap they put out and what they did not put in...

    Interesting no...these people who put out the rubbish actually in the end believing their very own rubbish.

    How silly is that!

  6. Thought I saw someone mentioned on TPL's Facebook that she knows Denise He.. But whoever she is, that's not important. The fact is TPL lied when submitting the nomination form stating that she is the sole administrator. This act of dishonesty should be brought up to the election department.

  7. One Line : The only victims of the repression is no other than the Singaporeans. Enough said.

    They want you to read all the feel-good news in their controlled media. It only goes to show one thing - they are all divorced from reality. It numbs and dumb down people's ability to think critically and asking the ask questions, and doing their research for alternative views. That's exactly what they want. The cowboys and cow gals should strap on their boots and go on a rodeo ride. The truths will emerge, somewhere in between.


  8. Let them lie ... let them say what they want to say. Because 5 years later, we will air their dirty laundry and bring out the skeletons in their closet. And who knows, it might just hurt them more then than now.