Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dangerous Thoughts

It must have been hellish for Dr Lim Hock Siew to be detained for 19 years without trial under the infernal Internal Security Act, but it had to be the absolute pits to be called a terrorist as well. “I heard on the internet Dr Tony Tan trying to relate terrorism with all those who are arrested. I challenge Dr Tony Tan to categorically state that we are terrorists so that we have the opportunity to bring him to court and sue him for slander.”

In the wake of calls for a Commission of Inquiry to look into the gross injustice of 25 years past, a peek inside the paranoid mind of the "main culprit" may yield useful input:
"A small group of English-educated pro-Marxist activists made use of the Workers' Party's in 1985, writing articles for the party paper, the Hammer, and helping to produce it from behind the scenes.

The group included some University of Singapore graduates associated with Tan Wah Piow. a pro-communist student activist who had fled to London in 1976. Others in Tan's group had gone to China to work for the CPM clandestine radio. The ISD considered these pro-Marxist English-educated activists an incipient security problem, and in 1987 recommended that they be detained. I accepted the recommendation." (LKY, "From Third World To First", pg 137)

A Tan Wah Piow Collectible
What? Tan Wah Piow a commie? Contemporaries of that era swear he was just another excitable undergrad taking up the cause of the down trodden American Marine workers. His misfortune was to run into PAP MP Phey Yew Kok, the blue-eyed boy of the day, and protege of S R Nathan who groomed him for the union powerhouses of SILO and PIEU. While under investigation for pilfering union funds, Phey was conveniently allowed to keep his passport and fly out of Changi Airport. Maybe he wasn't prepared to do the honourable Chinese gentleman bit and swallow a poison pill like PAP Minister Teh Cheang Wan did.

Notice the "incipient security problem" allegation. Surely apprehension of criminals based on foreknowledge was the realm of fanciful movie making like Steven Spielberg's "Minority Report"? If you haven't read the Philip K. Dick short story, this system is called "Precrime", where 3 guys can predict crimes before they actually happen. And you thought "A Few Good Men" was a stinker.


  1. Come to think about it, who is the culprit who coined the word "Marxist conspirators", can anyone confirm ?

    To me, puting christianity and marxism together is like mixing oil with water. How can they click together, when one truly believes in God while the other doesn't ?

    I stand corrected if I am wrong in my opinion.

  2. Dear Alan,

    Vincent Cheng one of the so called marxist conspirators was characterised as the brain behind the catholic workers who were detained with him. Vincent and his followers were influenced by Liberation Theology which used marxist analysis as a tool to describe the gulf between the rich and the poor and the oppression of latter by the former. Liberation theology use marxist philosophy to better understand man's predicament without taking on board the atheism of marxism.

    Yes Christianity and Marxism dont mix because of the latter's disavowal of God. The use of Marxist analysis in Liberation Theology however does not make christian adherents of liberation theology atheists.

  3. What is the problem?
    I thought LKY himself recently said that Singapore (PAP) culture is quite similar to that of PRC Communist Party. In fact, Minister Khow has even led a PAP team to visit PRC communist party not too long ago (presumably on the expenses of public fund). It seems the 2 parties are very 'close' rather than 'similar'. I also thought Marxism is the core ideology of PRC Communist Party. I am therefore confused by LKY's pragmatic principle in governing Singapore.

  4. Yes. We need to have open public inquiry to the past cases that have been classified as top secret. Why are they so secretive to the people? Are there wrong doings that the public cannot know?

    Perhaps, until the real change in GE2016 when PAP is no longer a majority in parliament, it is impossible for this unaccountable and opaque government to disclose its past secrets to its people. This is indeed the very reason that Singapore needs to change the government to remove these secret covers so as to prove to the people what justice we have in the past 46 years. There will be the day. The soonest will be after GE2016.