Monday, May 14, 2012

What Really Matters

Her previous blog entry was dated 15 May, 2011, one week after celebrity Returning Officer Yam Ah Mee announced in his robotic monotone that Aljunied voters had decidedly returned the mandate to the Workers’ Party. The Chairman recalled one supporter had bellowed out: “I want to REPE-N-N-T-T-T”, which should tickle your funny bone.

Unlike the joker who flooded you with a tsunami of words, and a decades old graveyard will still be paved over for a new property development - you read that correctly, the pathetic road widening excuse was just a lame cover up - Sylvia Lim Swee Lian ( 林瑞莲) is one of those rare types who says what she means, and means what she say. No one can express her strength and conviction better than herself, unfettered of mainstream editorial bias:


  1. So why cant everyone else in Spore think and act like the brave people of Hougang and Mdm Vellemah?

    1. Not in my backard syndrome. Ironically when it's such a new town with ALL the modern amenities, river and malls you can ask for, taking an opposition party risks not getting any upgrading. Is sad & hilarious at the same time. Coz all they need is an upgrading of their internal software - value system. So all they can do every year is to pin their hopes on the few contesting wards and urge these residents to do their parts for them. That's the least part they are only prepared to do. They either don't have the political will/maturity to do it for their estate, or they are just happy playing hypocrites.

    2. The trick of upgrading has been played successfully in the past. Only PP and HG have the courage to deny such offer (even though PP gave up eventually). These residents are shinning example democracy at work and dignity at its best. Salute to them!

    3. Yeah...but like the Mountbatten case, plenty of white elephants are around too. These are also the things that cost the residents even if they didn't ask/need it. They may be "doing things" but are they doing the right things?

  2. HG residents will rise up to the challenge. No one can doubt their fighting spirit. PAP can kiss their porridge goodbye.

    If there is a survey to ask how citizens feel about discrimination against opposition wards, many would tell you that is not fair. After all we are all Singaporeans who sing the same song and say the same pledge. We pay the same tax and serve NS. Just because some choose a different party, it does not mean they are disloyal to the country. Instead of punishing them, the government should do their best to win their support the next time. They must be some misunderstanding if the government thinks they do no wrong.

    But to punish them (yet do not want to own up) by giving all sort of excuses make people more angry. The days of bullying are over. People are better educated and more independent. To continue to rule, fair treatment is important.

    I do hope the government can change their heart and stop discriminating non PAP wards. Let us be one nation, one people again.

  3. Of course it matters a lot more to WP and to the future of opposition parties than to the PAP which is not going to lose any sleep if it can't regain Hougang.

    Hope to see WP retains its seat in Hougang!

    1. Oh, I think they will absolutely lose sleep if they lose 70% or more this time round - because they think they have done SO, SOOOOOO MUCH already during this past year!


    The best quote of the week to start must be from Lim Biow Chuan " I have absolutely no idea who authorized this"...and was duly retorted "Without your consent , people are doing this. So what you doing?!"

    They even went on to cite two white elephants - the Katong CC & the Water fountain. LOL. There are many of such things around the estates when money flows like champagne since nobody is really holding the single party to accountability. Much like the SMRT fiasco, maybe there are other areas such as some purportedly missing GIC billion dollars that can't be accounted for.

    Bottomline, just like that BBC graveyard issue, people are just pissed they are not consulted - both before and properly - until all is too late.

  5. Desmond claimed no matter who gets elected, HG remains a SMC and will not be absorbed into GRC. Errrh...Who really matters here?

    Does this wanna-be MP has the say or his boss, the PM has the unfettered decision? I think he is acting like he can make independent moves.. wonder why he didn't run as independent?

  6. DC " residents like to see it remains SMC..."

    Wow..haven't win yet already say is his residents, confident much sia?

  7. Hougang Voters will set a new
    NATIONAL RECORD to give the WP
    more than 78% of their votes.

  8. Desmond Choo thinks he's going to win or shave some % off from WP becoz

    1) Of Yawgate
    2) He's a teochew & an underdog ..tsk tsk
    3) He's been giving all the freebies starting last 2 months
    4) He's been here last 15 months...yes, months, not years
    5) He's his own man..his umbilical cord was cut off from his party
    6) He has full support behind him -strangely from his independent party
    7) He is no longer sexist by being married
    8) He has unfettered decision to keep HG as SMC
    9) He is making real differences in "some" people's lives or so he claims
    10) He thinks HG voters will put him into Parliament by speaking out on local issues only...and you wonder why bother?!

    oh boy...judging by his long list of successful track record overhyped within such short time, I would indeed be very disappointed if he didn't get 100% of the votes.


  9. The Law Society says the free legal clinic in Hougang has nothing to do with politics but who are they kidding ? Then pray tell us why in Hougang only ? And why was it initially announced by Desmond Choo and now needed the Law Society to clarify matters ?

    I think our brave Madam of Hougang should approach this free legal clinic to prove to us whether they are really above politics or merely another bunch of opportunists ?

    1. Another one trying to insult the intelligence of hougangers.

  10. Anonymous 5/14/2012 2:03 PM above talked about white elephant projects.

    I think a better question to ask is;
    a.How much do these white elephant project cost?
    b.What are the names of the companies that completed these projects?
    c.Who owns these companies?
    d.What are their political affiliations if any?

    Anonymous 5/14/2012 2:03 PM

    The best quote of the week to start must be from Lim Biow Chuan " I have absolutely no idea who authorized this"...and was duly retorted "Without your consent , people are doing this. So what you doing?!"

    They even went on to cite two white elephants - the Katong CC & the Water fountain. LOL. There are many of such things around the estates when ...