Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Squirrel Gate

"Go and check up the views of ex-NMP like Siew Kum Hong, Calvin Cheng, Paulin Straughan, Eugene Tan, who's now in parliament, and even bloggers like Mr Brown, Kin Mun, they do not have allegiance to specific political parties. But they, together with other Singaporeans who have minds of their own, they are the real check on the PAP. They are the real check on the PAP." - Denise Phua, Hougang By-Election Rally, Sunday 20 May 2012.

Wah lau! Minister not happy, ah?
Before independent minded bloggers like aforementioned Mr Brown a.k.a. Lee Kin Mun (no relation of the Singapore  princeling), get all puffed up and start petting themselves on the back, here's what DPM Teo Chee Hean has to say about "wild accusations making the rounds on the Internet that were made in order to anger voters just to get a few more votes":

"I am ashamed, really, that people are doing this kind of thing on the Net." (TODAY, page 6, 23 May 2012)

Well, if like minded Singaporeans are really the check on the PAP, one of them will have to shut up. Sylvia Lim of the Workers' Party (WP) has her doubts: "Let me ask Denise one thing - if she receives an instruction from the PAP leaders to keep quiet, is she not going to shut up?"

Blogger turned Member of Parliament Gerald Giam confirms the obvious: "If I had heard her speech back then, I wouldn't have bothered going through all the trouble of joining the WP and contesting in elections.  I would have stayed at home and blogged the way to real change in Singapore."

If Teo is worried about wild accusations, he should tread cautiously when commenting on the purloined minutes of a WP central executive council (CEC) meeting which were mysteriously emailed to the mainstream media. In 1972, five burglars broke into the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate Complex in Washington, in search of politically damaging material.  The "Watergate Seven", former aides of President Nixon, were indicted by a grand jury. If the "Secret Squirrel" turns out to be a planted mole, all hell will break loose. Nobody in his right independent mind will want to go there.


  1. Vote more Opposition MPs into parliament.
    Opposition MPs are the real checks and balance on the Pro Alien Party.

    Opposition MPs can ask questions and make statements in parliament without being sued.
    It's called "parliamentary privilege."

    Why do taxpayers have to pay Pro Alien MPs a world class salary;
    And then still continue to work for free blogging about their government in the name of checks & balance;
    And risk getting sued in the process;

    Why not just vote Opposition MPs into parliament;
    And let the Opposition MPs do the job for all Singaporeans.
    Be the voice for all Singaporeans.
    Be the check & balance on the government.

    Together, we can slap our sleeping driver until he wakes up.

  2. I am of the view that 'secrete squirrel' could have been an 'anonymous hacker'. In this day and age and plenty of moolah to throw about, any party with the strongest backing (of means) can do a sinkileak. They are already very good at monitoring and surveillance. WP should do a CSI scan to protect themselves from nasty virus. Or, could also be a real squirrel with its nuts ready to be cracked.

  3. Its like David and Goliath. One is very big and powerful while the other just started to walk. The advantage is obvious in terms of manpower and resources.

    In the process of handling emerging issues, some decisions are made based on the best available info and under a circumstance at that point of time. The decision to let GG represent WP as NMP was the best choice at that pont of time but as WP explained a due process must go on and results recorded. This does not mean GG is better than Png. Just that the party decided he is the best choice since Png has expressed that he does not believe in the NMP scheme.

    1. All the more proves that Png is a principled man. Impressed.

    2. @anon 2:16pm

      my sentiments too.

  4. LOL ...that's the biggest logic flaw I've ever heard that night by Denise Phua.
    Quite honestly, is very laughable.
    And I wonder why a more critical but brilliant blogger like Alex Au is conveniently not mentioned!!

    Not sure what 'grandmother stories" DPM Teo is referring here (actually confused) but he's very quick in laying blame on netizens when it didn't suit him, but his party member (DP) is quick to support when it does.
    Goes to show - NOT all bloggers are for sale.

    1. A grandmother was asked to vote for DC in exchange for gifts.
      PAP denied it. The case is dropped it seems.
      All becoz maybe granny has no hearing aids lah...?
      Plenty of misunderstandings all round.

    2. "no hearing aids" ....... LOL

    3. Hear what another granny said last night :-



  5. Phua's comments looked at from another angle could mean mainstream media like ST /Today are not a real check of government!!

  6. Aunt Phua is really funny. If what she say is true, all the more we should vote in opp party because opp party MP can check on govt on parliament, and on the other hand can blog to make change to govt ! Double jeopardy for PAP.

  7. Another obvious logic flaw of "Always here for you".
    Remember Eric Low who contested against LTK in 2001, 2006 and lost on both counts? So why is he not here now?
    HG voters should test out Desmond Choo too. If he lose twice, see if he will still be here.
    3rd time could be a charm..just look at Sitoh YiPin...

    1. Aiya, Desmond is also not the best man lah.
      If he was, then how come during GE2011 PM Lee decide to choose an "unknown" doctor at 11th hour to put into Tanjong Pagar GRC? Why not put Desmond if he is the best candidate?
      Prove teochew boy is the best man for the worst constituency to win!
      Even TPL is better than him.

  8. Some folks from the fabrications team has a lot of time to make powerpoint slide and pick bones in the egg. If a wrong typing spelling is such a big deal, imagine the PM on national tv who can't even get our national dish 'mee siam mai hum' correct - what does it say about him?

    Lost touch with the ground? - You bet!!

  9. They SACKED him remember.

    It seems that this Penise Phua must gave forgotten the fact that Mr. Brown was unceremoniously booted out of some daily by whoever it was who was unhappy with Mr. Brown for writing an article about being fed up about rising costs in Singapore.

    They can't even tolerate that article he wrote and now this idiot wants us now to believe that Mr. Brown will be much respected for his views by the establishment.

    Good gracioius, this time they forgotten they SACKED him. Aren't policians of this kind worst than prostitutes ?

    1. Yes..Totally ironic..
      But that's how presstitutes and politicians behave.
      When you become an instrument of importance, you suddenly become instrumentally important to them.
      Just like how Tony Tan tries to flirt with the new media. But after election, his twitter account is closed and you didn't hear his engagement anymore.
      They are doing the same to Hougang once again. If only the voters know how to keep wielding the same power they always have.

    2. Mdm Denise has done some good for Special needs children.
      Wonder had she not been an MP, would she have been able to blog her way to getting special school built by PAP?

  10. I just read the newspaper today. Disgusted at how ST is playing the slime ball gutter politics again. Why is DPM Teo still attacking Png when he remains silent on Chen Show Mao's speech last night. Is Teo being dishonest as exposed by WP? How come the press didn't go after DPM Teo on what those CCC people have been doing to derail the upgrading grants for HG residents? Just like Denise Phua is saying, the real media is not doing the check anymore, the social media is.

    The game plan is getting very clear by days.
    DC plays the squeaky clean,innocent, energetic young man to contest on a clean campaign. But leave the bad cops dirty mudslinging politics to his party elders and the state media. Meantime, he hide behind the party's machinery while claiming he is his own man...tsk tsk. Another coward sheltered young rookie in the same cut mold.

    This BE campaign by PAP is paved with lies and deceits indeed.

  11. please stop calling the pap cheats.
    they are not.
    please also stop calling pap liars.
    they are not too.


      Then ask them to explain this to the 3m citizens.

    2. then call them pap bullies lor.
      wear white yet play dirty.

  12. TCH has lost the plot.
    This BE is about selecting MP for HG.
    And he kept banging on why Png is not an NCMP.

  13. Hypothesis - "the selection of NCMP lies solely with the CEC" therefore "the decision is not his"; So, Mr Png "did not want it" means the hypothesis is false? Mr Teo, with all due respect, while CEC has the final rights to make the selection, Mr Png has the rights to voice his position whether if he is interested to be an NCMP or not BUT the CEC may take his interest into consideration on top of all other considerations. The CEC still holds the final say. That is how things work in the real world. IMO, this is NOT an integrity issue. Please correct me if I am wrong. Oh, if I may add, smearing campaign is an integrity issue, especially if it is not substantiated with facts and the intention is to bring people down by twisting facts. Agree?

  14. I cannot believe Denise Phua can utter this type of nonsense. If blogging can check the PAP, then squirrel can fly.

  15. CSM tell TCH that the worker position on ministerial salary is quite different from PAP ie 18 months vs 26.5 months. Is TCH going to avoid answering this question and claiming it is same same?

  16. Teo has missed the point.
    Read explanation carefully, it boils down to GG vs ET for NCMP post.
    And for BE, is between PEH vs ET.
    CEC chose PEH and how that led to ET's resignation.
    So NCMP has nothing to do with Png at all!!

  17. "So NCMP has nothing to do with Png at all"

    it is about create red herring and smokescreen so to obstruct election from talking about national issues by PAP. What can they talk about except slander, lies and character assasination ?

    Pity Desmond Choo been making a fool by PAP, and he doesn't even know it !

    1. why pity the DC ??
      are u sure he doesn't know it?
      there's got to be one sacrificial lamb and he'll be duly rewarded.
      ha ha

  18. Teochew boy said all his money comes from his handwork of raising funds on his own, and they are not from PAP.
    Funnily, the rotary club donation was only dated 22 May (very recently) after source of his fundings were questioned.
    Chairman of RC is Mr Tapan Rao is also on friendly terms with (ahem) Mr Teo Chee Hean.
    So once again, be honest Desmond Choo. ARe you really your own man?

    1. thank you for the information !

  19. Give it a rest, Mdm Phua. Who are you trying to kid? Don't treat us like idiots - we know the difference between a blogger and an MP.

    Has the PAP emptied it's bag of tricks already? As if on cue, it is dredging up personal attacks. Are we surprised? Defamation suits next?

    So what if Png Eng Huat was not selected as an NCMP? Big deal. Why don't talk about housing prices,cost of living, income gap, wealth gap, healthcare costs, Ministers' salaries, social welfare, retirement prospects, foreigner influx, overcrowding, CPF, elder care, education, defence spending, social justice, freedom of expression, rights of assembly, ISA, COE, ERP, taxes, utility costs....

    As for DPM Teo, he sounds more ludicrous every time he opens his mouth.

    " Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

    1. even the dumb chic infamous for "I don't know what to say" appears not so dumb in comparison.

  20. If you're not in Parliament, how can you check against ruling party's abuses and mistakes? In fact, the more the merrier !

    This is what this by-election is all about!