Thursday, January 17, 2013

And Then There Were Four

Before nomination day, he was like, "I'm my own man. I run my own campaign". After nomination day, he's visibly propped up from the behind by - and this is the fun part - the "keechiu" general, the "whaddya think" guy, and the weird Michael Palmer pal who likes to hear his own name yelled out in triplicate at political rallies.

Flanked by ex-rear admiral Teo Chee Hean, architect of the Hougang rout, the colorectal doctor said, "My strategy is the same: listen more, empathise more, interact more." Same of what? The doc doesn't exactly have much of a track record to recall. Dr Francis Seow-Choen, of the same Fortis Colorectal Hospital, said  Koh told his colleagues "about three weeks to a month back" that he had been called up by the Prime Minister  for a "tea session". Someone should read the tea leaves in that cup.

Support will definitely be forthcoming from other traditional sources too. Look out for extra traffic wardens posted at carparks adjacent to opposition party rally sites. Parking lots will be mysteriously "reserved", but the signs will not indicate for who or for what.  Squads of mobile policemen will be at their vigilant best, ever ready to book the slightest parking infringement. Don't expect the opposition party MPs to accomplish what MP Seah Kian Peng (Marine Parade GRC) did, which was to ask the officer to "apply a light touch and not issue any summons". Even if, as LTA claims, "the vehicles were parked in an orderly manner and did not cause any obstructions."

Relax. The people who attend opposition parties are extra nice.  There's a perceptible gotong-royong spirit in the air. Looking after each other's backs. Extend to you the shade of their umbrella, offer a sitting space on their ground sheets. During those magic moments, you get a glimpse of what a caring society Singapore could be like. Without those invasive foreign elements, and rid of those posturing politicians in white.


  1. Well said.

  2. Khaja. nazim1/17/2013 2:33 PM

    "My strategy is the same: listen more, empathise more, interact more." and do nothing!!!!!!!!

  3. "My strategy is the same: listen more, empathize more, interact more and vote for WP!"

  4. As it stands, we must recognize that the Workers Party is the strongest contender next to the PAP.
    I'm a Workers Party supporter as long as it is for the well-being of the common people.
    The Workers Party is but one of the vehicles, ultimately the people is the supreme power, for it to be effective, the people must rally behind and come together as one and we shall overcome and prevail.
    A victory for the Workers Party is a victory for the well-being of the common people as well as a psychological victory for all other opposition parties. A victory for Workers Party may materialise to become the beachhead and catalyst that

    will forever change the political landscape to return power back to the people. There is a urgent need for a leap of faith and foresight, the time has come and we must stake a position of either strength against a common foe or total disarray and annihilation.. This ancient maxim holds true to this day, United we stand, divided we fall.
    Lastly, let us not forget the selfless dedication and solidarity of the Singapore People's Party and National Solidarity Party to further a united front for the people. The PAP is falling and on the way out when the people says so at the ballot box!.
    "Do not stop him, for the one who is not against you is for you."

    "Between being loved and being feared, I have always believed Machiavelli was right. If nobody is afraid of me, I'm
    meaningless." (Lee Kuan Yew (1998) The Singapore Story)

    (01 - Socrates on Self-Confidence)
    (04 - Montaigne on Self-Esteem)
    (Disinformation, Propaganda, Paid Trolls, and Control of Information)

    Joshua Chiang

  5. makan & transport ride for some old folks

  6. Same old bullshit. During elections you see them everyday, after that you better get an appointment. Our Transport Minister go about taking train when he was appointed, now you are lucky if the trains operate on time. Come on people, talk is cheap. Never believe in them. PAP said we will work with opposition more so that they can contribute to nation building during elections, anyone see such activity?

  7. "the colorectal doctor... visibly propped up from the behind... by ex-rear admirer Teo Chee Hean"

    LOL, I like your writing style. Hope to learn more from you.

  8. Rear admirers are always rear admirers. They never change even though they are ex. So, the propping from behind is the only position that they are familiar with.

  9. I see three generals out of four. Wow, has the army invaded whole of Singapore?

    1. If they are not voted out in the Next GE, they wil be giving Orders From Parliament.
      Something not impossible.


  10. For me I'm really curious, these cabinet ministers do not need to work during office hours? By the way, this is a BE and not a GE. It is not as if the Parliament has been dissolved.

    1. Agree. But because the Parliament is in their control, there is really no work to do. All papers had been cleared and so go there for what? May as well walk around lim kopi.

    2. When Ah Tiong bus drivers in red's strike.
      When 3 men in white's ?

  11. "Between being loved and being feared, I have always believed Machiavelli was right. If nobody is afraid of me, I'm
    meaningless." (Lee Kuan Yew (1998) The Singapore Story)

    I know I won't be crying for him when that day finally comes.
    You think he has a lot of meaning right now?

  12. Vote out the white clones.

  13. Is Keechiu again responsible for bringing busloads of aunties & uncles from other constituencies to attend Punggol East by-election rallies to shore up the fake support ?

    And then provide them with free meal packet as remuneration ? Is this what Keechiu is only good for ?

    1. Time for mobilisation, army style. So, keechiu is obviously the man for the job.

      I wonder whether the aunties & uncles have to go through a selection process to qualify for the free meal and ovaltine at 1.5 times normal salary.

  14. Caption for the Photo of the arsehole doctor and the 3 Ministers

    1. Odds & Ends
    2. Minds & Behinds
    3. Freaks & Cheeks
    4. Nuts & Butts

  15. PAP MIW Joke
    It seems the previous MIW at Punggol East was fond of making a booty call every Monday night. Not very professional.

    Now PAP has replaced him with a candidate who will answer anybody's booty call ... professionally.

  16. Give us back our town council assets.
    How many town council assets have been sold to $2 companies?

  17. PAP MIW Joke
    Q: Doctor. Do you find it difficult to make the adjustment from being a doctor to being a PAP politician?

    A: No, not really. My medical expertise is working ON arse holes.
    Being a PAP politician means that I will be working with my PAP colleagues.

    The core competency is still the same. Lots of face time with Arse Holes.

  18. Dr Koh said he will go about helping residents if elected. Hello, did he realise who created the problems in the first place? So, if not elected, does it mean he will not lift a finger to help? What a typical loser. Why vote him? You tell me.

    1. The previous PAP MP was a Speaker of Parliament.
      And if Michael Palmer cannot solve the problem, you think a newbie PAP politician can solve the problem?