Friday, January 4, 2013

Now We Know

So her name is Chantelle.

The cyber sleuths were spot on. In unmasking the man behind the online vice ring, the mainstream media confirmed the identity of the under aged slut who "went by the online moniker of Chantelle".

The real news is that Tang made only $185,000 in two years with his stable of 17 women. The vice-operators and their girls at designated redlight areas (DRA) like Geylang must be shocked. They don't get to charge rates like $350 to 2,800 for a booking. Either Tang was a real slacker, or the Geylang pimps have been working their charges too hard to turbo-charge the economy. Yes, Virginia, prostitution is legal in Singapore, and contributes to the national GDP growth.

The other shocker is that Tang had held "respectable" day-jobs. After graduating from Hull University, he was a strategic planner with Shell, manager at Motorola, general manager at Virgin Mobile, and divisional head for Yahoo! South East Asia. Apparently none of those appointments netted more than $100,000 a year. The court revealed that Tang had over 700 bookings for escorts alone - hookers charge extra. Like the accounting at Chandra Das' AIM, the math don't add up. Maybe the street smart girls fleeced the UK university trained graduate, using layers of middle men and the like.

Bottom line, the moral of the story is that if you want a side income to supplement your day job, there are better alternatives. Like getting into parliament via a GRC. Heck, guys like Baey and Foo don't even need the day job no more, their MP allowances are much more lucrative. And even when they finally decide to retire from politics, there's the string of directorships to look forward to. The Japanese have a special term for these "retirement jobs". Amakudari (天下り , literally “descent from heaven”) is the institutionalised practice where Japanese senior bureaucrats retire to high-profile positions in the private and public sectors. Just ask George Yeo, Raymond Lim, etc.


  1. If Chantelle is a $500 whore;
    what do you call Singapore voters who voted PAP after a $200 CPF account top up?

    1. thats terrible...............but sadly true.....

  2. Is there any real difference between Tang and any of our current PAP leaders? None in particular but there seems to be one striking similarity ie one depends on prostitutes to increase his income while the other had to depend on the gambling dens to increase our revenue.

    In short, greed justify the ends in both cases.

  3. The Key Question is;
    Who authorized the sale of Singapore state assets to AIM?
    Does PM Lee support the sale of these assets?

  4. "Who authorized the sale of Singapore state assets to AIM?
    Does PM Lee support the sale of these assets?"

    How can they not be supporting when making such major decision especially all the ministers are MPs as well. They cannot claim not knowing this as they are the final decision maker.

    1. PAP-MIW Joke

      All it takes is for PM Lee to say;
      "I was not aware of Teo Ho Pin's actions in this saga. Furthermore, I do not approve of his handling of this matter."

      Then Teo Ho Pin will be left holding the bag.
      And he will have to defend himself not only to Singaporeans but also to his fellow PAP members.

      See. Problem solved.
      Not difficult to be Prime Minister lah.

  5. I like your style and your tone. It is somewhat unsueable. Otherwise, since you've been blogging for 3 years, should/would have received the letter from Drew and Nap.

    1. Are you trying to imply something?

  6. This is the best law from PAP. Prosecuting lots of lao tico. I hope to see this more often in the newspaper.

  7. How many more cheekos will we see fleeing courts with pails on their heads and masks covering their faces ?

    Disgraceful b@st@rds these men are but they are just as disgraceful as adulterous couples conducting affairs in the course of their work. Maybe there are a lot more of these just waiting to be exposed.

    Singapore is just a disgraceful nation.

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